Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday: Alone at the stick/brick....relaxing...

Well.....nothing of any worth occurred yesterday and since I fell asleep on the sofa in front of the tellie last night, I didn't get my post to this blog made.

The 1st Lady left yesterday morning to go to Dr. Jeni's, as she and Dr. Jeni, Meghan, Ava, and Max were going to go up to Monroe City to visit the 1st Lady's mother. They all left after Meghan got home from school to drive on up there yesterday evening....

Here at the stick and brick....we had a problem. With the 1st Lady, Dr. Jeni, Darrell, and children they are all planning on being here on Sunday afternoon and Monday......soooo, as almost always happens(probably in every household), the sewer somewhere out in the yard became clogged in the line!!!!!!'s coming, so the sewer line is clogged!!! HAHAHA.....I can't think of the number of times that this has happened to us over the long years of our lives......ALWAYS when company is to arrive!!

Luckily, I was able to reach our former plumber....who now is the head maintenance man at the F'town School District.....and he did arrive yesterday afternoon, and in a brief period of time, things were flowing smoothly from house to city sewer lines under the street. AHHHH,.....what a relief!!!

Today.....well, it was a gorgeous morning and I spent as much time outside as possible. And...since there wasn't really anything on my "honey do" list, I enjoyed my Fr. Roast coffee on the patio, again plucking off the dead flowers on our bushes and plants, and then having a robust conversation with our next-door neighbor, Earl. At 80 years plus, he is an amazing fellow, having worn many hats during hit lifetime......from an injured soldier in WWII in Europe, to a State Representative, to postmaster, to........the man who knows more people and things than most people in town. A very unique man, I thoroughly enjoy every minute that I can spend with him in discussing the events of the day, not those in town, but the events of the country and the world! And somehow.......we always move into the political scene with our talks.....can't imagine why???!!!

Then this afternoon, I relaxed on the patio.......reading the novel that I have been doing for way too long, and then I went inside and took a small power nap. Later, it was Happy Hour time....and so I had my normal two doses of that dark red medicine that is soooo good for my health as an aging and evolving man! Following that, I grilled three small hot dogs on the patio.....and enjoyed them having used a BBQ sauce that we picked up in Eureka Springs last fall, but which had remained unopened in the pantry until this time. It is spicy, but also a degree of sweetness with a base of pomegranate......REALLY good!!

And soooo, it has been two VERY interesting days, hasn't it???? No rv trips, no rv problems to solve, nothing of interest other than just living Life in a relaxed mode. It is always quiet around the stick and brick when the 1st Lady isn't here.......soooo quiet that when the phone rings...I almost have a heart attack at the disturbing sound that rings in four different rooms where the phones are located. On the patio......which is is dire need of updating.....the only sounds are from the few cars that pass by the front and side of the house....we live on a corner with a "lot and a half lot" for our stick and brick to rest upon. I do have several bird feeders hung on the side of the patio.....and there are some lovely bird songs and "chirps" that are so pleasant to anyone's ears on beautiful mornings out there. A GREAT place to sit, sip my coffee, and think...and think...and think. Ahhh....what more can you ask for when you have the house to yourself!!

This is almost 10pm and I am having my evening cup of hot tea......a very good way of relaxing before putting myself into the horizontal position. Tomorrow.....the stick and brick will be rocking with the sound of small children dashing through the house, yelling and having great fun.....and that, too, is wonderful!! Our house is one to be lived in.....not to be a "showcase" for all to see.........and that is why the grandchildren are sooooo welcomed and enjoyed. They help to make each day they are here so great.......which makes it certain that.....

LIFE IS REALLY, REALLY GREAT!!!!!.....And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Time Is NOW!

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OMG......AMAZING......STUNNING....INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am almost speechless with Obama's speech.........!! 45 plus years ago......I carried signs of protest because of segregated businesses, bowling alleys, cafes, rest rooms, water fountains, lunch counters, and Life......and I am soooo damn proud to be an American tonight!!!!!!!! SOOO DAMNED PROUD!!!!! How well I remember MLK's speech 45 years ago today......and what a way to celebrate it. This man did it all tonight......he touched all bases, not touched them, but covered all the necessary bases. WOW!

LIFE IS JUST INCREDIBLY.....ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLY GREAT!!!!!.......And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday: A rather lazy day......

After my continental breakfast this morning with French Roast coffee.....the 1st Lady was up and we decided to take a power walk for two miles. It was good to begin this type of exercise once again......haven't done this as a routine for several months and I am getting out of shape....I can tell...HAHA!

After another cup of coffee after my morning rituals, following our walk, I enjoyed sitting on the patio while sipping that great cup of dark and rich coffee. Another great morning, albeit a bit on the humid side.....but enjoyable nevertheless.

This afternoon.....some more minor work in the yard......and then I found myself some shade on the patio....and WOW.....I spent a couple of hours just reading a novel! And....that is something I have not done for months and felt damn good!!

This was great to have a front row seat at the Convention in Denver tonight!!!! Finally realized that on PBS it is shown in HD.....and DAMN!!! It makes soooo much difference in the sharpness and quality of the picture.......WOW!!! A really good evening...........

My youngest son called after it was over and then we discussed the approaching hurricane. He is packing his New Orleans offices.......has a staff of 100 people throughout the state.......and will move to Baton Rouge on Saturday IF the path of Gustav continues to barrel down on N Orleans. They have announced that the four lane highways will be reversed on the incoming lanes so that all lanes will be going away from N.O. I told him to make certain his apt on one of the upper floors of a large building in downtown N make certain that his brand new LCD tv is covered and moved away from any windows. Several years ago when Dr. Jeni and Darrel were living in Biloxi while she was a dentist in the USAF, they had to evacuate to escape a hurricane.....can't remember which one.

And so.......another day has gone away.....and I have to admit that for me it was a very relaxing one and one that I wouldn't mind replaying!!! Ahhhh,.....retirement just seems to get better and better.........

LIFE IS REALLY REALLY GREAT!!!!!.....And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday: Energy expended......and ENERGY RENEWED!!!

My morning was taken leisurely......Fr. Roast Coffee on the patio watching the many, many yellow finches replenishing themselves at one of the bird feeders.....and just enjoying the cool and clear morning. Later on.......I did some more trimming and "deadheading" the spent blooms on my huge butterfly bush......and then I decided as the breeze came up that I would begin the mammoth task of waxing TheHowserHouse.

Dragging out the tall ladder, changing clothes, and then climbing up and beginning the task with the end "cap".....trying to get it finished before the sun reached that backside. And.....I did!!!! Then, after a quick bite of lunch I began on the shady side of the RV.....and about three hours later, I had completed that side. that time, my shoulders and arms were starting to complain to me....rather strongly....that it was time not to overdo the job today...not to stretch my luck with the tendonitis which I have suffered with since January, but which has dissipated during the summer....Thank God!! Soooo, I put away the waxing items and called it a day as the energy I began with....simply faded away after several hours of rubbing and polishing and rubbing and polishing.

The remainder of the afternoon I just enjoyed Life.....both inside and outside.....and by Happy Hour time, I was enjoying my dark red medicine and decided to take a couple of doses. Supper was on our own.....and I enjoyed some warmed-up brats which I had grilled last night.

I then decided to watch the Democratic Convention on the tellie.......and by the time Hillary was finished with her stunning speech, my energy which had been totally expended.......well, it was totally renewed and I am now pumped and may not sleep. was the best speech I have heard her give......and it certainly brought her supporters into the Obama camp and they are now supporting him, it seems certain. She was outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is the anniversary of the law that gave women the right to vote.....88 years ago today!!!! WHAT a way to celebrate that tremendous victory for all women in this country!!!!!! I can remember my mother talking about her mother not being allowed to vote until that year...1920....and what it meant to my grandmother when she was finally able to do so. My mother's sister was ALWAYS into working for campaigns and was sooooo active in Colorado Democratic politics. When she passed away in 1995, I remember so well when the Governor of Colorado called me in my school office to offer his condolences.....and talked for several minutes about how important she had been to the state of Colorado. youngest son is a political consultant on the national level....and more on that at a later date......after the election.
My activities? Well, I spent many days and nights carrying signs in protest of various places in Jefferson City to integrate their facilities......which eventually opened up to everyone. Many tales to tell about these experiences......................

And so.........on this 88th anniversary of women's rights to is soooo true that......

LIFE IS REALLY INCREDIBLY GREAT!!!!!!......And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday: I'm a bit behind again........

Yesterday......well, we went to visit our son Mike, and then spent sometime with our granddaughter, Rachel. We haven't seen her since I put her on the plane in Cleveland, OH to fly back to STL after our week in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Soooo, it was late when we returned last night......and I was way to exhausted to be thoughtful and creative enough to write anything.

Today???? Well....a very relaxing day, a very pretty and comfortable day outside....and so, I spent as much time outside as I could manage to do. I had some trimming to do again.....and many other little things, such as washing some windows that had tons of crap on them....literally!!! HAHAHA....we have several very large windows and there is never a day that goes by without at least one or two birds that attempt to fly right through them and into our stick and brick.....but all they do is leave their calling card on the windows.....and then I have to get out the cleanser and wash all of their calling cards off. day has been rather busy....but, I always say that if I don't get it done today, there is always tomorrow to get it done.........ahhhh, the joys of retirement!

I grilled some burgers this evening and we had some corn on the cob to accompany I had a couple of doses of my dark red medicine. This evening.......I have been watching off and on the Democratic National Convention, listening to a few of the speeches and hearing some terrible ones.......and then hearing a few that were just outstanding. I must admit that I got pretty emotional when Sen. Ted Kennedy spoke.........whew.....what memories were triggered from the past 40+ years!!!! A great family that has dedicated their lives to assisting sooooo many others of lesser means, working to make things better for our country.

And.....Michelle Obama's speech was an incredible speech about her life, their life, their values.....perhaps she should run for public office....after she has raised her girls. It was a very moving, very open and honest view into their lives as a couple, a family, and as great Americans who really care about those in was a really great speech! An incredible way to end the evening!!!!!

As always.........

LIFE IS REALLY GREAT!!!!!......And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ahhhh....please don't disturb me!

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A little blurry....but, Ava enjoys being beside Max!!!

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"HEY...I'm AWAKE!!!!!"

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Dr. Jeni enjoying Max with Ava looking on!

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Max with a "mouthful"!

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Dave/Sue Hanner and the 1st Lady....

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Enjoying the wine and friends at Vance Vineyards.....

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The Saxy Jazz.....but, more than a quartet!

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Eddie.....always enjoying a joke!!!!

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The Eddie Sikes' and friends/relatives....

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Kyle and Audra Hanner Bastie

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Eddie and Terri Sikes blurring the lense of the camera!!!

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Pat Schwent.....the Saxy Jazz leader!

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Feeling the beat as they enjoy the dancing......Dave and Sue Hanner, Eddie and Terri Sikes

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Audra and Kyle Bastie....recently having moved back here from Tucson

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Saturday: Great afternoon at Vance Vineyards!!

WHEW......what a hot and humid day and evening!!!! It is back to Misery instead of Missouri today as it was just difficult to draw a breath outside without panting. I loathe this type of weather and we haven't really had any of it except the couple of days we had in St. Pete, Florida when we were there a couple of weeks ago.

I had received a text message from Obama's campaign during the night about the selection of Sen. Joe Biden as the VP nominee......and upon having my Fr. Roast coffee with this news being shouted from the rooftops of all of the news channels, I was in strong agreement with this choice!! I have always, always liked this man....followed his career, listened to his rather elongated speeches, and enjoyed thoroughly his sense of humor which is so spontaneous. A great complimenting choice for Sen. Obama!

I cleaned the house, did some laundry, and then the 1st Lady arrived about 2:30 from Dr. Jeni and Darrel's home. We put some items together to take with us to Vance Vineyards and Winery.....for the afternoon gathering out there. And then.....we were off and met the Hanner's there. It is about a block's drive from their home and so it is almost in their backyard.

The Saxy Jazz from Jackson, MO were entertaining..........led by the sax player, Pat Schwent. She was the band director at Jackson High School for several years.....during the time that I was still directing the bands here at F'town. It is a really super group and especially to think they are from southeast Missouri and not from the STL area.........I REALLY enjoy listening to them, as well as dancing to their great music. IF....IF you ever get a chance to hear them.....GO!!!!!!

We met several other couples that are friends of ours and together....well, we REALLY had a great time and sooooo many laughs. Oh was terribly hot and humid out there. There were not enough patio umbrellas to keep the sun off of us.....and this made it just really uncomfortable sitting there in that hot sun with such high humidity. However........being with such great friends, having some fairly good wine, and some nice appetizers that we all brought with us......well, it made for such a wonderful afternoon and evening!!!!!!

It was was a wonderful end to the day......and I am without any uncertainty that.....

LIFE IS INCREDIBLY GREAT!!!!!!....And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday: Hmmmmm.......nothing done...but the day is gone??!!

Another gray day to wake up to......sure hope they don't continue!!! Gray days after gray days after gray days gets depressing after not too long. However, this afternoon the sun finally emerged and helped to make the humidity go higher....haha. Can't win for losing......

This morning I went out to the Bd. of Education Bldg. to take my check for our monthly health insurance.....UGH,,,UGH!!!! I have elected to keep this policy going as a supplemental for my Medicare...perhaps "supplemental" is not the correct term, but it picks up where Medicare leaves off. Amazing the cost of our policies!!!!! $615 per month total for both of us!!!!!! It is no wonder that we have millions of people living on the edge of financial ruin because they can't afford to purchase health insurance!!!!! SOMETHING has to be done........!!!!

This afternoon.....more rain...sun.....and more rain. By late afternoon, the sun was out to stay......and with the lawn quite wet, I didn't go outside to work. I have spent some time today going through pictures that I have taken this summer and beginning to edit out some of those that just don't need to be kept.

I had an interesting email, via Facebook, from another former student of mine who graduated from HS in Eldon in 1983. the time flies by!!! And.......she was quite appreciative of all of the work we did in band......and the discipline that we maintained, which was vital for the success we enjoyed. She also issued an invitation to join her class at their 25th class reunion in September. That would be fun........I was at the 25th reunion for the class of '85 three years ago and it was really enjoyable!!

This afternoon I also had a former student drop by to discuss his first week in Univ of Missouri - St. Louis. We had a great talk......and discussed his major, the classes he is enrolled in for this semester, and the first time he has lived away from home and, more importantly, his close-knit family. Being away from home is not very easy for him......... a point in most of our lives that we have all lived through

Tonight....??? Enjoying the Olympics again.......I'll will miss them when they are finished this weekend.

Tomorrow.......we are joining friends at the Vance Vineyards for a late afternoon at the winery. One of groups that I enjoy are performing from 4pm until 8 tomorrow evening, so hope the weather is good. A few glasses of vino with some good jazz and a nice afternoon.......that's what we need!!! And with that in mind........I realize just how lucky I am to be able to enjoy these types of acitivities........and that ensures that, as always.....

LIFE IS REALLY, REALLY GREAT!!!!!!......And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday: FINALLY...........................!!!!!!!!!!

Another day of clouds, drizzle, rains, and emerging sunshine through the waves of dark clouds. And......amidst all of this varied weather here on Buford Heights.......when it finally did quit with the dripping moisture, I decided that with the pleasant breezes and the sun not showing up for more than a few brief moments, I would get the sagging hulk of Me busy and wash TheHowserHouse on wheels!!!!!!!

WOW......this hasn't been done with any degree of thoroughness for almost a year!!!! Circumstances beyond my control have prevented me from completely washing it.....and there was all kinds of various dirts caked on the sides: Texas dry dirt, long dark spots from the burning of the sugar cane fields in Texas, dirt that blew across the border in the RGV from Mexico, sand and salt spray from Port Aransas, Texas, Missouri dirt, and then all kinds of gunk from this last trip which took us all the way to the northern tip of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Sooooo, there was a huge amount of elbow grease that had to be expended to get down to the gel-coated sides, and the front and rear caps......and it took me about five solid hours to get the job completed. is now DONE!!!!!!! Will it last??? HELL NO!!! However, it does look better and it is now ready for the annual wax job, which will take all day........when there is a day without direct sun shining down on the RV. Soon.....very soon, I hope!

Later this afternoon.......well, I was about done in......and I was a bit concerned about my right shoulder, but at this point in time on Thursday night, everything seems to be OK with the shoulder......hopefully!!!!

This evening, with me living alone until Saturday.....I spent the evening enjoying the Olympics once again. WOW........what will I watch when this is over this weekend?????????? Sure I will find something that will interest me................???

And so, another day has disappeared from my Life......and, with a major task completed and checked off of my "to do" list,.......I feel really sure that.....

LIFE IS REALLY, REALLY GREAT!!!!!!......And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday: OMG.....I am sagging more than ever....!

I thought when I awakened this morning that I was WAY early until I looked at the clock....and then I wondered why it was soooo dark....but, upon opening the drapes, I soon discovered it was cloudy and grey out there. And so the day began for me without the thrill of seeing a blue sky and bright sunlight streaming through the leaves of the trees outside our window.

This morning.....well, it was back to the bank to complete some financial transactions and then a trip to Wal-Mart for some things needed in the kitchen and fridge. Returning home, I answered the phone and it was my good friends who lately have been so badmouthed, as well as banned from their church home, by the powers of this very same church here in F'town......the church where Michael was employed and where he worked his butt off so that the church could grow and modernize it's worship presentations for the good of all of it's members.......and all of this will be continued and discussed in detail in the near future.

They wanted to take me to lunch.....and so a bit later, they arrived on my doorstep....and we were soon on our way to Farmington to the Firehouse for lunch. This was my first opportunity to each in this very small little restaurant......and I was immediately impressed when I stepped inside the door.....impressed with the restaurant's name being completely carried out through the use of many items dealing with firefighters, fire engines, equipment, pictures, etc. The menu was varied and had something to offer for everyone......either for lunch or for dinner. I ordered the catfish nuggets and sweet potato fries....a good choice. However, I feel that the "nuggets" were not nearly large enough.......they were so small that they reminded me of fried dill pickle pieces. There were plenty of it wasn't the quantity but just the size....because the breading on the catfish simply was way tooooo much for the tiny little bites of fish. The fried sweet potato fries were good, crisp on the outside and very tasty on the inside......I would definitely order them again. The coffee???? was almost tasteless, however, not weak.....plenty dark, but there was really no coffee taste. Tasted like it had been brewed long enough, but just not a very good grind or brand of coffee. Some improvements should be made with the coffee!!

Returning home by mid-afternoon, after some lengthy discussions over many topics, I remembered that I was to have dinner at the HannerHouse at 6pm. do I become hungry in just about three hours???? Arriving at their home at the appointed time, we had some wine, some great conversation, and then an excellent always in this house.....and this was followed by a wonderful evening discussing the events of the world and the joys of RVing for extended periods of time. Always a great time at the HannerHouse!!!!!

Returning to Buford Heights and the stick and brick, I am now looking forward to tomorrow....and it appears it will be raining again. We REALLY need the rain......REALLY!!!!!
It has been a good sagging hulk is sagging way tooooo much after today's intake of food.....but, no matter how much I find my hulk sagging more and more, as always.....

LIFE IS REALLY, REALLY GREAT!!!!!....And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday: Hmmmm......what to discuss??? has been just one of those days.........and for me, they happen very infrequently. One of those days when nothing really occurs that is of interest......even to me....haha!! Let's see......I had my regular breakfast followed by my daily cup(s) of French Roast coffee, after I ground the beans very fine.

After reading the online newspapers, checked my email(always at least 25-30 letters from friends/former students each day), went out on the patio and checked the shrubs and plants that I had watered thoroughly yesterday evening, and then returned to get another cup of coffee.

Around 9:30 I made a trip down to the local bank to discuss with one of the employees some ideas on secure risks need be taken at the age of this sagging hulk of Me. And......with some notes made during our discussions (short term memory loss requires note taking)....I returned home and then called the 1st Lady, who is up at her mother's home for a few days. We discussed my notes.....and decided to move forward on one of the discussion points.

And then........I decided to take some pain killers for the right shoulder of mine that was way, way overworked yesterday on top of TheHowserHouse when I was scrubbing the "rubber" roof. Hmmmm.......this has not occurred for several weeks....and I am a bit upset that this aching pain has returned with such a small activity. I thought I had it "cured".....but guess my thoughts were not accurate.....DAMN!!!

Soooooo, that changed my plans for today, which was to begin washing the 5er so that I could wax it later this week. But.......those great plans will now have to be put on hold......CRAP!!! Disgusted with my evolving and aging body, I went back inside the stick and brick and just decided to meditate about all of this for a little while. And soooooo, I just remained inside for most of the day and took care of a bit of cleaning inside......and used my right arm very little.

This evening.....I returned to China, via our plasma in the wall, and have enjoyed being there once again. I have never had too much of a desire to visit there, but seeing the wonderful progress they have made.....well, perhaps we should write a trip to China into our plans for the remainder of our Lives.??????

And sooooo, a day wasted.....a day of plans had to be put aside......and yet, you could be sooooo much worse......which makes me really feel that, as always.....

LIFE IS REALLY GREAT!!!!!!......And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday: Hmmmm......time to catch up on.... many things!!

WOW.....after fighting with that little guy in my head all day yesterday, I slept ALL night through. This is the first time that has happened in a LONG time.....and I really felt great this morning. I took the time for a leisurely breakfast and a couple of tall cups of French Roast coffee out on the patio.....and then.....

I realized that it was not going to get done if I sat on my ass sipping coffee all morning, so I changed into my work clothes, got the brushes, sponges, cleansing liquids, ladder, long hose, etc., etc. and went out to TheHowserHouse sitting in the driveway.....and after getting all of the above on the roof of the RV, I then began the difficult task of getting down on my hands and knees and began the actual hand scrubbing and rinsing and scrubbing and rinsing of the caked-on Texas dirt, ashes from the burning of Texas sugar cane, dirt from the past 7000 miles up to the Maritime Provinces and back.....and other little trips around. has been way toooooo long since I have cleaned up the 5er. I couldn't do it before we left in June because of the tendonitis that I had in my right shoulder....and under doctors orders, I didn't attempt to get up there and scrub it down.

Soooo, it was quite an ordeal, to say the least. After an hour, the sun was bearing down on me with all of it's fury....and the heat was reflecting up off of the dirty white roof....and right into my eyes and through my sagging hulk. So, I gave up after having completed about 1/3 of the job....and leaving all of the cleaning materials on top, I climbed down and after having another cup of coffee, I began working in the yard. Lots of weeds that had grown up between and behind many of my shrubs and plantings.....and that took most of the afternoon. However......I did get most everything done that I wanted to do......

About 4pm, the sun was mostly hidden behind the drifting clouds, so I returned to the top of the 5er....and by 5:45, I had finished the job. WHEW!!!!! A few stains are left....a few gray markings are left from a bit of mildew(I think)....but, it is much better than it has been for over a year!!
Now....tomorrow I will begin to tackle the front, rear, and sides to get them washed and then begin the job of waxing the entire HowserHouse.

This evening.....I fixed a few hot dogs in the microwave, had a dose of my dark red medicine, and then sat myself down in front of the plasma and am now watching the Olympics again.....something I REALLY enjoy!!!!!! And, the tellie makes it sooooo beautiful to watch....WOW!!!!! May have to get one of these for TheHowserHouse on wheels!!!!

And soooo, a good day.....a busy day.....and a tired sagging hulk of me is now sitting here feeling like I did get a great deal accomplished today!!!! THAT makes me certain that, as always......

LIFE IS REALLY, REALLY GREAT!!!!!.....And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday: Whew.......he FINALLY moved out!!!!!

OMG......I was up at 5:30 this morning, in the kitchen hunting without my put-on eyes(glasses) trying to find the pain killer which we have in our little meds basket. OHHHH, there was some damned little guy inside my head with what must have been a HUGE sledge hammer going at it with such ferocity that I didn't think I would win the war with him!!!!!!! was a day-long battle....ALL day. 6pm this evening I began to know that I was winning the war.....and during the past hour, that damned little guy quietly crept away and out of my head.......and at last there was peace inside my head. The battles is over....and I WON!!!!! Of course....I did have some back-up assistance by that little white pill called Excedrin Migraine........and it took a total of six of them during the day's battle to finally run him out of there......HOORAY!!!!!

Soooo, today was a total wipe-out for this sagging hulk of Me. I just laid around all day.....occasionally turning on the tellie....and then turning it off as it was just too noisy even with the audio barely on. A completely lost day.......................

This evening, after that damned guy's departure, I did venture outside for a quiet little walk around the lawn.....surveying all that I own on Buford Heights. Noticing that our "new" grass was a bit wimpy(like me?), I turned on the water for about 30 minutes.....and then switched the 200' hose around to water the large butterfly bush that was wilting again. Hopefully, it isn't too late..........???

Tonight......well, I am still just lazying around this evening......trying to recover from the day's battle......and with each passing hour, I am feeling better. Right now with a cup of hot tea sitting in front of me.......I know that tomorrow will not find that damned guy upstairs in my head again. He seems to only appear about twice a year.......sometimes a bit more....sometimes he doesn't even show up for a year or so......but, he is never upstairs two days in a row. Sooooo, I am optimistic that I can get some things done tomorrow!!!!!!! And.....even with that damned little guy who was upstairs all day.......I know that....

LIFE IS REALLY GREAT!!!!!......And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday: Two days of........hmmmm, not too much!

Yep....the title above says just about all that needs to be said about the past two days!! These two days have seen nothing of much importance in our stick and brick.....nothing that anyone could enjoy hearing about. In fact......yesterday is such a lost memory of a day.....I can barely recall anything that I did do.

Today.......the 1st Lady left for about a week.....going first to her mother's in Monroe City....and then mid-week she will then go to Dr. Jeni's to enjoy being a new Max. Me??? I am holding down the fort here......and it was sooooo damn easy to "hold down the fort" today that I spent most of the day on the patio just enjoying the wonderful weather.......and enjoying the fact that I didn't have to do anything, if I didn't want to do anything......and, I didn't!!

This evening, though, was a different story!! As I had plans to meet Andrew and Laura Gipson for dinner....they came by the stick and brick first.....and then we each drove to Farmington to "12 West" to have dinner. always....the food was very good as well as the wonderful ambience that the facility holds. We haven't been together for some time....and so we were there for almost three hours.....eating, talking, having some wine....and just enjoying each other's company, as the old saying goes. As Andrew and Laura are both band directors, we never lack for anything to talk about, not to mention all of the topics that we have in common besides that particular one. It was a really great evening......and one that I will remember for a long time!!

And so.....two days have passed without anything of real importance to my Life, other than this evening's dinner. Hopefully, tomorrow I will begin cleaning the outside of TheHowserHouse...on wheels.....and then wax it later this week. It is in dire need of getting a good bath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow......two days of evening with good friends......what more can one need to be able to say once again, that......

LIFE IS REALLY, REALLY GREAT!!!!!!......And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thurs, August 14: A busy time today....

I was out of bed and into the morning rituals by 5:45 this morning......and after that, the dark, rich Fr. Roast coffee was soon in my hand. By 6:45 I had the 1st Lady out of bed and we departed by 7:45 this morning to go spend some time with Mike. We left there at 2:30 this afternoon and was home by 4:00pm.

A couple of hours of doing a few things around the house and then we were on our way to the HannerHouse for dinner with them. And once again, Chef Sue outdid herself with a roasted chicken, rice, and a squash/tomato/onion/cheese casserole. The dinner was accompanied by some wonderful, hot home-made bread loaves.....and we devoured them quickly. Wine aided in the digestion of this great meal.......and the crowning glory was the blueberry pie with Breyers Vanilla Ice Cream. WOW!!!!!

We never came to a period......attempting to exhaust one topic before evolving to another one, but we weren't all that successful........especially since we had not been together for almost three months.....and we all had MUCH to say about our separate pathways which we had taken during this time away. We figured that the 1st Lady and I have only been in the stick and brick here for a total of EIGHT weeks since January 1, 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW.......what a year so far!!!

A couple of hours of watching the Olympics with the Hanners and then we departed from their hill and rushed back to our hill....Buford Heights.....and are now watching the Olympics here.

It has been a busy day........but, as always....

LIFE IS REALLY, REALLY GREAT!!!!!......And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wed: A really busy and varied day.....

WOW......this day was one that I haven't had for about three months!!!!!! And what kind of day was that?(you might ask). was definitely a day of work......a day of beginning the catching up that I need to do around the outside and inside of the stick and brick, the inside of TheHowserHouse on wheels. But first........

My very good friends, Mike and Melissa Goldsmith, came over for coffee/tea.....and a wonderful and emotional visit which was full of discussion about this new and unexpected chapter in their lives. I will refrain from discussing any of this in detail for the present time, as there are still some "restrictions" that have been placed upon them.....enough said for now. However, we did discuss their problems in locating another job for Mike.....and the very real possibility of leaving this community of F'town. I feel really bad about all of this turmoil that has been cast upon their lives....and the young lives of their children who are the ones who are silently suffering........especially since I, and I alone, am responsible for this wonderful family moving to F'town in 1999 to assist me as my associate band director. Melissa soon took over the Auxilary Flag Corps and turned those girls into one of the top groups in the state of Missouri. They were both students of mine when I was teaching instrumental music in another school district. What a tremendous team Mike and Melissa talented, so personable, so intelligent, so caring for each and every individual......a winning team that anyone would like to have in their organization.... working for, and with, them.......except for a very few people in a local church where they were working and volunteering for the past few years. As I said on another blog.......WHAT a Travesty!!!!! be continued.

Sooooo, the remainder of the day was spent in cleaning out TheHowserHouse, the basement in it, and storing items that I will not use for the remainder of the summer/fall , and our winter in Texas.....such as a very large beach umbrella which we have had for years, having purchased it years ago at the factory where these large hotel beach/pool umbrellas are made.....and also putting away the low-slung beach chairs, and the salt water fishing rods and reels. Then there were some items inside that needed to be replaced in the kitchen in the stick and brick.....and then just the general cleaning after living in it for almost three months.

Finishing....I hope!.....that task, I began working in the yard.......getting rid of TALL weeds that had crept into my normal plantings and shrubs, cleaning out my herb garden, replenishing the bird seed in the bird feeders, spraying for mosquitos that always give birth to little ones along my fence line where my hostas are growing and in the damp area where the faucet is located for watering these plants, watering my very large butterfly bush...which may soon become a wide tree! All of these things took time.....and then I ran out to Walmart to purchase another 100' water hose(I already have one 100') so that I don't have to change faucets when in the front or the back......and I then watered the area where the 1st Lady had planted new grass in front of the house....which with the apparent drought......the grass was turning brown.....toooo brown for new grass!! All of this broke out the moisture all over my body, as well as some mosquito bites as I was doing all of this.....UGH!!!!

Today was back to REALITY!!!!!!! longer seeing new sights, traveling down new roads to unknown destinations, and not dining in new and different restaurants. I miss this type of Life that has now turned itself back into REALITY???? Yep....I soooo enjoy traveling, as you must have deduced from my writings.....and yes, I am missing it already! Our next planned trip???

We will be attending the Cedar Creek RV Owners Club Region 6 will be held just south of Springfield, Il.....and that should be fun as I have not seen many of the Abraham Lincoln historical places in that area. I'm really looking forward to that to be back with with our friends!!!

Speaking of Texas...(refer to an above paragraph).....I had a phone call from North Dakota this was Ken and Jeanne who were across the street from us at Llano Grande RV Resort and Country Club when we were there last winter. Soooooo damn good to hear from them....and I realize that I should have called them myself. Ken.....I'll do that in a couple of weeks......ok?? We had a lot of fun last winter.....and enjoyed Ken's jokes....and our times in various restaurants around the RGV!!!!!!

And soooo, this varied day of work and cleaning has come to an end....almost. I am still engrossed in the Olympic coverage on NBC....and which looks sooooo wonderful on our plasma, as I mentioned last night. Tomorrow we will go see Michael....and then return in time to enjoy dinner and evening at the HannerHouse. We have missed them over the past three months....and it will be great to visit with them. They ALWAYS have some interesting experiences to tell us.....HAHA!! know, a day like today......a day coming back to Reality......still makes me know sooooo well that.....

LIFE IS REALLY INCREDIBLY GREAT!!!!!!.......And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!