Friday, September 30, 2005

Coffee with a former student......Michael Goldsmith!!! Posted by Picasa

Not much happening for such a beautiful day!!

Hmmmm.....let's see.....I overslept this morning, if that is possible since I don't have any specific time to get my body out of bed!! Nevertheless, it was a bit later than usual when I made the coffee, and then removed myself to the patio to enjoy the morning fall weather.

Read the then did some things in the yard.....a few weeds had sprouted up, and there were many small limbs in the I cleaned it up a bit. Visited with the across the street neighbor who is having a yard sale in the morning.

Finally.....and I DO mean finally.....Goldie found a few minutes to come over and have coffee this afternoon. A BUSY, BUSY man he is he is!!! But, it was a pleasant way to spend an hour and to try to catch up on his activities, however, I believe it seemed to be me who did most of the "telling", as if he couldn't read it on this little blog.....haahaa.

Then off I went to Farmington to get a hair trim....and had the oil changed in the truck. It was long overdue.....last time was out in Worland, WY. Kept wishing I was out there rather than in Farmington.....haha...just not possible this fall.

Came back and decided to wash the truck......a few mud spots on it. Sooo, did that....and the rest of the evening was spent either in my book reading or watching the tellie. REEEEAAALLLLYYYY exciting, huh?????
Soooo, not much exciting here on the blog.....nor in my life.

And soooo, Life remains Good, and I hope your is also!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fall colors arrive! Posted by Picasa

Butterfly aromatic! Posted by Picasa

COVERED in butterflies!! Posted by Picasa

E verywhere you look......they are enjoying THEIR flowering bush. Posted by Picasa

Not to fear....Howser is here!

Yep....I must admit, as much as I dislike doing it, but ......yeah, I just got lazy last night and neglected my "duties" of discussing my daily doings. I got caught up in my reading......and before I knew what was happening, I was fighting a fit of drooping eyelids. So, a few words from me this morning to allay everyone's fears that I have dropped dead or contracted the deadly West Nile virus. I am good to go for the day....

Yesterday? Hmmmm.....let's see. I worked around the house......completed a bit more yard trimming, and then at 3:30 began teaching my private students. The 1st Lady left right after school to go to her mother's house where she and her sister will do a make-over on their mother's living room. This is replacing their annual "exotic" vacation that they have been taking together for the past couple of years........guess it is a "working vacation".

Cool weather has arrived.......and it is about time. The possibility of frost here in the valley is very good......!!! Wow.....what a change!!!

Ok.....enough for now.....need to get some more of my coffee to kick-start my aging body. More later today....

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

WHEW......LOTS of yard work today!

Yep.......spent most of the day in the yard working on the lawn, collecting limbs and sticks from the yard left by local storms including Rita's last hurrah, and just doing some much needed trimming along the edges. The weather was wonderful with workable warmth(notice I didn't say the dreaded word: heat), and beautiful blue skies. This was the kind of day that I love so much.

Oh yeah....I did clean the bathroom today. It was beginning to need some very personal attention.......I heard it whimpering while I took my shower this morning....and so, I gave it the needed TLC with all facilities getting a good scrubbing.

After my yard work, I spent some time on the patio reading my current novel and just watching the breezes play among the various decorative grasses that we have. Some of them are now fully finished with their feathery plumes which were beautiful to observe today......almost like ballet dancers with such graceful movements.

When the 1st Lady arrived home from teaching today, we then paid a visit to the Funeral Home for the visitation of the former band student of mine. I saw many other former students there.......she was a very well-liked young lady who always wore a smile.....ALWAYS.

Then tonight....well, it was the first installment of the fall series of "The Amazing Race". I LOVE this show.......had at one time thought about applying to get on the show, but things happen to fast to me at this age......everything goes sooooo damn fast now. Soooo, it just never worked out.

My body is a bit out of shape........many of my muscles are mad at me and are screaming very loudly with their complaints about how I misused them today in the yard. BUT......the loudest complainer is my right arm and the wrist. Feels like I will have to take some pain killer tonight.........I've already taken my dark red medicine with dinner.

Well.......time to finish up some things and then lay these tired bones down for a few hours of rest. Soooo, .....until tomorow.....Life is Good, and I hope for you, also!!

Monday, September 26, 2005

A Relaxing Do-Nothing Day....

Yep......that is just what I did today.....with NO guilt whatsoever. I spent a very relaxing retired day around the stick and brick. Enjoyed my coffee, watch a bit of the tellie, did some catch-up on my magazine reading, and.......hmmmm, I guess that was about all. Oh yeah........I did put together an Italian tomato and mozzarella cheese salad for supper. Then......I had the monthly Board of Education meeting to attend......which took 2.5 hours of the evening......about average in length for a Bd. meeting.

I am reaaalllly finding it interesting just how many people are reading this little blog. On Saturday, I had over 150 hits.....and yesterday and today there were almost 100 on each day. I do believe that there are alot of Cedar Creek Club members who are enjoying the pictures and the comments on the Central Division Rally that the 1st Lady and I attended in Branson over the weekend. I can tell from my site meter that members of the Club are coming to my blogspot from the CC Club website, so I know that has something to do with the large number of visitors. HOWEVER......there are many, many foreign visitors, also. I wish I had kept track of all of the various hits from over the world.......India, China, Australia, many, many countries in Europe, Africa, and Central and South America. WOW.........I had no idea I would be sooooo well-read.....hahahaa!!!!

Tomorrow.....well, it will have to be a yard mowing day. If not......I will have to cut and bale the is getting soooo tall with all of the rain from Rita and the warm sunshine. Thankfully, cooler weather has arrived and if it does get hot again, I know it will not last tooooo long as we approach the month of October. I also need to do my fall fertilizing as it is much better for the grass than in the spring.

I learned late this afternoon that one of my former high school band students, who graduated in 2003, was killed in an auto accident in St. Louis yesterday. What a terrible tragedy.........she was attending Univ. of Missouri in St. Louis. This only re-enforces my belief that you should enjoy EACH and EVERY day because you/we just do not know what will happen tomorrow......or even later this evening. Life is just tooooo short to wait until "later on" to do what you want to do! Seize the moment.....and enjoy!

Soooo, until tomorrow.........ENJOY YOUR LIFE.......don't wait until it is toooo late (which could come at any time!).

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sunday morning after a rainy night...AND A LATE AFTERNOON UPDATE!

WOW......did it ever rain last night!!! I never wake up during a rain, but last night must have been a real downpour because I WAS awakened by the pounding on the roof of many, many big raindrops. But.....nevertheless, we were soon up and heading over to a pancake breakfast. More laughs, more food, and some live entertainment to keep us going. And, speaking of going, I must close this for now and get TheHowserHouse packed up, umbilical cords detached and stored in the basement, and then hooked up so we can "paddle" across Missouri and get back home this afternoon. Looks like heavy rain all the way back........oh well......Life is always an adventure.

More later.....

And....later it is....let's see....about 5:25pm. The 1st Lady and I backed TheHowserHouse into the stick and brick driveway....just 5 hours after leaving ABC and all the lucky rallyers who get stay together longer!!! I said above, we DID paddle all the way home thru fog, rain, and drizzle all the way across the state. For those of you who don't know, we live 80 miles south of St. Louis......Fredericktown, MO. was SUCH an incredible weekend!!!!!!! Many, Many, Many thanks to all of those who put the weekend Rally together. As the National last April was our very first Rally, we returned this past Friday and felt soooo much at home with everyone. WHAT A GREAT GROUP OF CC CLUB MEMBERS!!!!!!! I am not sure when we had soooo many laughs......soooo much fun......with sooooo many great people/friends!!!

Now, as I sit here and sip a cup of my good ole' French Roast coffee and reflect on the past couple of is nothing but positives that come to my mind. Can't wait until we can do this again.

A final update later this evening.......

Sunday morning breakfast Posted by Picasa

More laughs, more food, and morning music! Posted by Picasa

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NO morning hangover with these St Louis Creekers!! Posted by Picasa

The UGLY sister and Prince Charming......she DID get him afterall !!!!!! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Let's EAT!!! Posted by Picasa

The Creeker Sisters!! Posted by Picasa

A toast to Cedar Creekers! (Whose in the CC T-Shirt???) Posted by Picasa

THIS table has more fun!!! Posted by Picasa

THE TEXACANS and their original production. Posted by Picasa

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CC Central Divison Rally attendees. Posted by Picasa

The Crafty Creekers at work! Posted by Picasa

110% Creeker Concentration Posted by Picasa

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