Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The sun goes down as the game gets going!

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The number and the man....Pujols!!

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The Family enjoying the game....very much so!!!

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Bad pictures.....but, it may have been me not being toooooo steady?? Paddy O's Bar and party area following the Cardinal game!

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Sun,Mon,Tue; June 27-29, 2010: A busy three days......

With Jeremy and Anne-marie here......all sense of any daily schedule has totally disappeared!!!! They have had a schedule of places to go and people to see......and we have been here to open the door and shut it when they leave.

I can't begin to go through the daily happenings around here.....the place has been busy.....and inpossible to remember. They have been to a party in the Park Hills area with friends....and to a party in Cape G......and another party tomorrow evening in Park Hills again. We had intended to have an open house cocktail party.....but it was impossible to get it squeezed in with the schedule they arrived here with.

We did go to a Cardinal game last night in STL......almost ashamed to say, but it was my first time in the new stadium!! I was at Dr. Jeni's Dental Offices yesterday for the fitting for the crown on the root canal tooth.......and then she also filled the three cavities that she had found. Sooo, one more trip back to have the REAL crown put on.....and this ordeal will be completed!!!

It was a great game.....with the Cards coming from behind and winning in the bottom of the 9th inning.....WHAT way to end the evening.!!! We then walked down to Paddy O's and partied for an hour.....a great place to have fun!!!

Jeremy and Anne-marie are leaving on Thursday for Columbus, Ohio, where they have their apartment. But, then are going to NYC this coming weekend as they fly over to Rome for 8 days next Tuesday.....just a short trip over for a few days. They are excited....and, I am green with envy!! They have made a list and I have checked it for the "must see" places in Rome.....Jeremy has been there with me a few years ago, but Anne-marie, in all of her travels, has never been to Italy!!! GOD FORBID!!! A few years ago, she spent a year traveling around the world, mostly on her own......but, she missed Italy, spending a lot of time in Asia!

Tomorrow.....I have some things to get done in town......and then on Thursday, not only are Jeremy and Anne-marie leaving but the 1st Lady is leaving to go to Branson with Dr. Jeni/Darrel and kids, and she is bringing Rachel with her.

Soooo, three days in TheHowserHouse have flown by.....with only a few minutes to sit and try to remember just what we did during that time........sorry!!! However, as always.....

LIFE IS JUST INCREDIBLY GREAT!!!!!.....And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sat, June 26, 2010: Hanging out at the sticknbrick......making plans for travel

Ahhhh.......soooo nice to have Jeremy and Anne-marie around the sticknbrick!!!!! They just are sooo relaxed and everyone just takes care of him/herself.....no need to entertain.

We did just that...hang out this morning, sitting on the patio having our coffee/tea and discussing any topic that morphed from another topic. As it became hotter...and as the sun slipped over the roofline, we decided to return to the a/c....and spent most of the time inside.

During the afternoon, of course, we watched the World Cup and saw the USA team lose to Ghana. Always hard to see them have their "last game", but we have enjoyed watching them play these games.

Jeremy and Anne-marie went over to the Osborn family' home.......Kessie and Chad Hinkle were there....and think they spent some time swimming in their pool. They returned back here and got ready to go to Farmington to have dinner at 12 West....where the 1st Lady and I ate this past Tuesday(remember the bad review I wrote?).

This afternoon and I am continuing this evening......the reading/researching/looking/note-taking for our trip to New Zealand sometime around March and April We would like to be gone for six weeks, but this will all depend on our budget and how well we can plan this trip. We do plan to rent a car for the time that we are there......soooo much to plan and research!!!! We are now discussing the possibility that we will NOT leave Misery for Jan and Feb, as we will try to save a few coins for this lengthy trip......still in the thinking stages this is, though!!!

Jeremy and Anne-marie are trying to convince all of us to spend Thanksgiving week in Puerto Rico. Sounds great to me....as they have been there several times and know some places to stay on the beach that will not break the bank. We'll see....we'll see......

They are going to hop over to Rome week after next for about 8 days. Anne-marie has not been to Italy, but I did take Jeremy over there with me the summer before his senior year in high school......so, he does remember the places he loved and would like to show her around. She is getting excited about going over there, well....both of them are getting excited about this little trip. I have been giving them pointers on what to visit and see....and how MUCH there is to do just in Rome, without going anywhere else. I have spent sooooooooooo much time in Rome, having been there 13 times over the last 30 years....and each time I go, I love it even more than the previous time!!!

And sooooo, our Saturday was a day like I said at the top of this little post......we just hung out here and made travel plans.....theirs, the 1st Lady's and mine, and then perhaps all of us if we do decide to take that short hop over to San Juan, Puerto Rico for Thanksgiving.

And sooooo, as always......

LIFE IS JUST REALLY, REALLY INCREDIBLY GREAT!!!!!.....And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!

(Politics is just like driving a car: Put the car in D and it goes forward, Put the car in R and it goes backward!!)

Friday, June 25, 2010

GREAT times at Vance Vineyards!!!

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Fri, June 25, 2010: The Return of hot weather and Jeremy/Anne-marie

French Roast managed to help get me going this morning......I just needed that dark, rich coffee to flow through my blood stream!

About 11am........Jay and Anne-marie arrived, having spent the night in Cape G. It was certainly great to see them again....the last time we had been together was when they left the reception dance the night of their wedding in Mobile, March 6...perhaps by that time it was the 7th.

Sooooo, we had lots of talking to do.....and before long, after a quick trip to the wonderful Walmart grocery section, we decided to go out to the winery here in F'town......Vance Vineyards. We did a tasting.....about 7 wines if I remember correctly.....and then we purchased a bottle and went out on the patio. We were drinking a very crisp and cool Chardonel.....and it was just the right wine to drink.....ALL afternoon(more than a bottle or two...haha!!!).

We enjoyed a few minutes with the Chef of the restaurant at the winery as he stopped by our table out on the deck......Trent Wiggins.....and it was great to see him again. He had been a non-music student of mine in a Gen. Music class which I taught....and we had some laughs about his non-ability to play the piano....haha. I'll keep that one secret.......

Returning to the sticknbrick, I grilled some burgers, red and yellow peppers, asparagus, chicken brats, and some fresh green beans. The 1st Lady put together a tossed salad....and before dinner was served...inside. Toooooo damn hot to enjoy the patio since the sun cannot be blocked due to the inland hurricane last year when all the trees in the area went down with the storm......in OUR yard and on OUR fence!!

This evening....we watched a movie...and then just a few minutes ago, we watched the video that the photographers made of the wedding guests and their advice and best wishes the day before the wedding. Great fun....and a great video!!

Tomorrow.....who the hell knows???? But, no matter.....

LIFE IS JUST REALLY INCREDIBLY GREAT!!!!!.....And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Anne-marie's family's summer home on the Bay of Mobile(taken the week of their wedding in March)

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Thurs, June 24, 2010: An EARLY beginning to a nicer day!!

Yesterday just slipped by me without even noticing it was here.....I don't know why, but it just did. Soooo, if I didn't notice it, then you surely will not be upset that I have nothing to write about....eh??? (perhaps you didn't notice it either??)

Oh yeah....I guess I did do something.....I mowed the lawn, beginning around 7pm....and hurrying to do as much as I could, I managed to finish all but the north end by 8:45pm, drenched, stinky, slippery, and exhausted!!!! A quick COLD shower helped all of that considerably.

Last night about 11pm, just as I was going to bed, still tired from the mow job,(that's with an "m").....the 1st Lady mentioned that we WERE going to go pick blueberries early today. OK....I thought, she will probably change her mind....WRONG!!! I got up and 6:30, made my coffee, and settled in to do my morning reading of the NY Times, the Washington Post, STL Post-Dispatch, and a few others, and there she appeared all ready to go!!! Soooo, I managed to paste my 67 hairs down to the top of my head....no time for a shower....and off we went.

There is a blueberry farm about 10 miles north of here and about three years ago we picked a lot of berries and they were quite good. Soooo, we drove up there and we were definitely NOT the first pickers to arrive.....there must have been 20 vehicles already there....and as I looked out across the berry bushes, I could see people in the rows of bushes doing what they came there to do....picking blueberries.

Well, we picked up our pails.....the owner told us that they each would hold about 8 lbs. of berries....and off we went up the paths between the rows and rows and rows and rows of blueberry bushes. And, finally we decided to stop and begin to pick for ourselves. WELL......it certainly did not take very long for each of us to have a bucket full of the tasty berries. About an hour.....and we were finished. Returning to the little berry building, our blueberries together weighed between 15 and 16 pounds!!!! That is a LOT of blueberries!!!! And...the total bill was $30 and a bit of change.....$2 and change per pound. MUCH better than purchasing them in the local Walmart....and these are fresh and delicious.

Soooo, returning to the sticknbrick, the 1st Lady spent most of the very nice day freezing the berries and then sealing with the vacuum sealer and putting them in the freezer. Me???? I watched for awhile and then I spent most of the day cleaning the sticknbrick. Except.......

The rubber band thingy on the vacuum.....the name escapes me right now......broke and so, off to Walmart I went. WELL....wouldn't you know it!!!!!! A couple of months ago, even though they sell many various kinds of vacuum cleaners, they QUIT stocking and selling the filters and the rubber thingys that turn the brush on the vacuum. NOW WHAT IN THE DAMN WORLD MADE THEM DECIDE TO DO THAT?????????????????????? What kind of a stupid, dumb ass kind of person would not have the replacement parts.....two little items.....for the vacuum cleaners that they KNOW have to have replaced frequently?????????????????? WHAT kind of a managerial decision was that???????????????????? I was soooooo flankety-flank angry..and, for that matter, I still am flankety-flank mad!!!!!! (Can you tell???)

Today....guess what? It never reached 90 degrees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW.....how long has it been since it has not done that here in F'town?????? But, tomorrow is a different day with high temps once again forecast so that we cannot enjoy the outside. This evening the 1st Lady and I actually had a nice cup of tea.....and some wonderfully warm and just made FRESH blueberry scones.....while we sat out on the patio and watched the beautiful colors as the sun set behind the trees.....a wonderful evening.

Tonight....LATE.....or, sometime in the morning, Jeremy and Anne-marie are coming to visit for a few days. They have been in Mobile, AL for a week or so as this is the week her Dad's side of the family gets the beautiful southern home on the Bay of Mobile for their entire family. It is a shared summer home for each member of the family and with their children/spouses,and grandchildren. Soooo, I know they have had a great time there as it is such a lovely, lovely old southern styled home on the waterfront. We were there to see it during the social activities the week Jeremy and Anne-marie were married.......just lovely!!!

And, soooo just as always.......

LIFE IS JUST INCREDIBLY GREAT!!!!!.....And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Michael, in the best spot, between two lovely ladies at the "12 West" restaurant

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Spanning the divide of generations, we ALWAYS soooo enjoy spending an evening with the Goldsmiths!

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Tues, June 23, 2010: And the heat wave continues....

WOW......will this hot and steamy weather ever end????? Yep....I KNOW that I complain about this daily.....if you were here, you would here me bitch about it hourly......but, this is just unreal for this time of the summer for it to be sooooo miserable, soooo unbearably hot and humid!!!! And, the forecast is for no relief in sight for at least another week......and, damn it, but that is no guarantee that it will be over then.

After writing yesterday morning.......our day slipped by without any change in our lives.....didn't expect any, who the hell ever knows for sure......eh??? We are now keeping our draperies closed on the sides of the house where the sun is shining as we have soooo many large windows, NO trees for shade thanks to last year's horrendous storm......and this is keeping the heat down inside a bit more. Of course, the a/c is so far doing a great job during this heat wave, but I have had it freeze up in other years when this type of heat wave has happened.....not good, not good.

Yesterday evening......we picked up Michael and Melissa Goldsmith and took them to dinner. There is nothing here in F'town that is anything more than just a "cafe".......so we went up to Farmington. Melissa is on a special diet and so her choices are a bit more limited now......and so we went to a well known restaurant in the city center of Farmington......"12 West".

OK.....we have eaten there a few times over the years.....and it has always been really quite good. However, tonight my choice for dinner was.....well, just not very good. They have changed their menu since we have been there last......and while it seems to be a bit enlarged, I actually had difficulty selecting something that read like it would be what I was looking for last night. AND......what I did select turned out to be the wrong choice, too..........Seafood Ravioli. First of all when Michael ordered the soup to go with his meal, they were already "out" of the nightly special soup....and he had to go with a "mushy" potato soup. Then the Caesar Salad that I ordered was a disappointment to me.....why??? The dressing tasted, quite frankly, like it had been watered down.......just...runny and blah. I had to keep putting sald and pepper on it to enhance the flavor.....and that really did not make much of a difference. Then my entree.....well, my large 4 or 5 ravioli were not just swimming in this tomato-based sauce, but they had drowned and were laying flat and dead on the bottom of the flat, shallow bowl they were served in. And.....they were sooooo drowned in this sauce that I could never taste any "seafood" flavors, never mind discovering any different textures with what was supposed to be shrimp, lobster, and scallops. It was just terrible, to be quite honest!!!!!

No bread was served or even offered by the server. AND....that was another thing........he was not a great server.....in fact, a bit below average. I was still working on the last bit of my salad, still trying to find a bite that had some flavor to it....and he started to take my plate away....which I promptly stopped him from doing. NOT the way to please a customer, to say the least. It was like during the entire evening....."hurry up" and get out of here.....that was the attitude that came across. It was not late....we arrived there at 8pm....NOT a late time to be arriving for dinner.....and yet, they didn't have any tables ready. When we arrived we had to wait to be seated, although the room we were taken to had many empty tables. Just very poor service overall. Last item??? I ordered coffee....and it was just "luke-warm" at best......so when the server brought the bill, I told him to remove the coffee from it, because it was undrinkable at the temperature.

The prices are ok there.....for the four of us, the bill was only $98 and change.....a wee bit less than $25 per person......but, even at that.....I will certainly think twice, or perhaps three times, before I will return there again.

NOW on the positive side......we had great fun visiting with the Goldsmiths.......!!!!!! Always such great friends, such warm and wonderful young people whom have been in our lives since they were in sutdents of mine in middle school in Eldon!!!! They have a permanent key to our home and without them being the caretakers while we are traveling around the country and the world, we could never be gone like that!!!!! We just love being with them.....as they are sooooo warm and such incredible friends....just part of our family as they always have been for sooooo long. Love them sooo much!!!!

And sooooo, that was our day and evening yesterday..........and even though this heat wave continues....

LIFE IS JUST REALLY, REALLY GREAT!!!!!.....And, I hope it is for all of of you, also!!!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tues, June 22, 2010: Update.....

OK.....I waited until today to write because.....wellllll, yesterday I had the strangest damn thing occur....and since it was ANOTHER health issue, I decided to wait until this morning to see how this issue was going, sooooo.......

Yesterday morning, I climbed, dragged myself out of bed because I had not slept since 2AM.....the reason??? I went to bed night before last with a really painful "hurt" on the front of the shin of my right leg. When I went to bed I tried to think backwards ....wondering if I had hit it somewhere during the afternoon/evening. Couldn't really remember anything I had to done to bring on this "hurt". THEN.....I awoke at 2am.....and not only was that same hurt there, but behind my knee those muscles/tendons were soooo tight I couldn't straighten out my leg. Sooooo.....no sleep, except those hazy periods when you almost drift off, but your mind keeps thinking.....soooo, by morning I was exhausted and just knew that I probably had a blood clot. Yep......one always thinks the worst things possible in the darkness of the night!

Sooo, I could barely walk when I did drag myself out of the bed.....I hobbled around, could not stretch out my leg....and the spot on my shin was still hurting. Got into the shower and stood there trying to stretch out my leg........and heat and "steam" seemed to help that problem. Then the spot on my leg that was hurting sent away...............???

Talking with the 1st Lady, she suggested getting my leg elevated and putting an ice pack under the back of the knee......which is did for.........5 five hours, replacing the melted ice, of course. When I would get up......it seemed a bit better, and the spot.....not visible at all.....that hurt would just come and go with the hurting part. STRANGE???!!!!

The 1st Lady returned to the sticknbrick.....and I continued to keep the ice under it. By evening......the "stiffness" was pretty much gone, but the "spot" hurt....now and then.....??? I took some ibuprofen before going to bed last night......and VOILA!!!!! This morning, my leg is just like it should be.....dry skin, wrinkled skin, hairy, and NO pain or stiffness!!!!!!!

Did I dream all of this all day yesterday?????? Is this Tuesday????? What the hell??????!!!!!

However, if you can ignore the horredous heat and humidity and steamy, no breeze, weather we are having today.......I am just as I have always been....a sagging hulk of Me!!!! No pain!!!

Soooo, coffee and newspapers and draperies pulled to keep out the sun/heat today. All is well with my aging body, or at least as well as it will ever be at this age!!!

LIFE IS JUST REALLY GREAT!!!!!......And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sun/Mon, June 20/21, 2010: All is good.......

Outside of the horrendous heat and himudity......the 1st Lady returned to the sticknbrick today.......and, even though I have some things to discuss, I am REALLY tired this evening....so, more in the morning......

LIFE IS REALLY GREAT!!!!....And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

FRI/SAT, July 18/19, 2010: And this ungodly hot/steamy weather continues.....

Nothing much to write about tonight........but, I wanted to let all of you faithful readers know that I am just fine......even though I have not been outside much. Today wasn't as bad as yesterday, and so, for a period of time, I drank my Fr. Roast coffee on the patio this morning. However, once that sun came up and over the house.....the heat came down quickly upon my 67 hairs and I made a decision to go back inside where it is always cooler.

Just got off of the phone with my USAF long-time friend, Bill Needy,.....whose son's wedding we attended last fall in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.......well, any way, Bill's wife is having severe heart problems and will under go heart surgery next week. Soooo, we talked for about 30 minutes as he explained the problems she has had in the past week......one, perhaps two heart attacks and so no more stents can be put inside her arteries as they are in such poor condition.....so, surgery is required. Not good news......to say the least.

The 1st Lady will return back here to the sticknbrick tomorrow after being gone for a week. I know she is ready to come back......and she will be here for a few weeks and then feel the need to return to spend some time with her 86 year old mother, who is never very well.

I checked with the Weather Channel .....and for the next ten days this ungodly heat and humidity is to be in place over SE Misery.....with the daily temps in the middle to upper 90's which will raise the head index to 105-110 degrees each day. WHEW........and this is still SPRING......still the month of June. This type of weather is usually in late July and August around here......sure as hell NOT in June!!!!

And soooooo, even with this HOT weather....

LIFE IS REALLY GREAT!!!!!!.....And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thurs, June 17, 2010: HOT, Sticky, Humidity HIGH!!!!

Hmmmm.......I had several emails and calls about my wee bit of a post yesterday. Oh yeah....I am OK....just seems that a few things have interrupted my Life in the past few weeks.....and the sagging hulk of Me is just not used to these types of things happening......at least not all within a few short days of each other.

I just sort of hung out here at the sticknbrick yesterday. I still had some degree of soreness from the root canal...not just the tooth but also my entire jaw from having to keep it open for such a long time. I did get out and mow most of the lawn yesterday, beginning about 7pm and mowing until 8:45pm. I felt the need to get it done before the predicted rains might arrive, as the grass was deep and thick....and it retains moisture sooooo easily which then presents some major difficulties in getting it cut properly.

This morning.....TODAY....I was exhausted. I kept waking up in the middle of the night with the deep rumbles of thunder and the flash of the lightning slipping past our bedroom draperies.....not the rest I desperately needed. Soooo, it took me a few hours to come alive, sipping my French Roast coffee as I sat and read the newspapers online, as well as catching up with some letter writing.

As for the rest of today.......nothing really occurred in my Life. The 1st Lady is still up in NE Misery at her mother's home....probably will return this weekend. I did some reading, called our dental insurance company to get some forms mailed to me so I can send in the bills for my dental appointments/xrays/procedure while I was up in Canada, and then called my urologist office to see if the PSA results were back. They later returned my call and gave me the very good news that nothing has changed......and it is completely normal!! THAT is good!

After a quick bite of supper, following a couple of glasses of my dark red medicine......I went back out to the lawn and finished the bit that I didn't do last night do to the darkness which descended on the sticknbrick with the cloud cover. It only took about 20 minutes, quite a bit less than the 2.5 hours I sweat and cursed and silently thought about selling the sticknbrick and buying a condo where I wouldn't have to mow the lawn on such god-awful hot days as it was yesterday evening.

Tomorrow.....our posponed meeting of the sagging hulk of Me and Michael Goldsmith. We will be having lunch together.......and then at 2pm, a former F'town student who is now a band director in north STL is going to drop by to chat for awhile. Don't think I have seen him since before Christmas, so I am anxious to spend some time and to hear how Life is going for him and his family!!!

Sooooo, my tooth appears to be fine now...no soreness....not need to swallow some pain killers every few hours.......now just the problem of trying to see clearly......because I cannot "see forever on a clear day", never mind a cloudy/foggy one! But....as usual......

LIFE IS JUST REALLY GREAT!!!!!.....And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010



(Tooth from root canal is still VERY sore, no sleep; eyes having problems reading...cataracts(?); morning headache (tooth?); heat/humidity renders me totally useless when I step outside; continue to take meds for proper evacuation of internal plumbing pipe; is this what OLD AGE is all about?)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mon/Tue, June 14/15, 2010: Been a couple of difficult days......

Yesterday morning.....I was up and had a cup of coffee...and by 8:10, I was on my way to Dr. Jeni's dental facilities....as my appointment for xrays and to have my teeth cleaned was set for 8:30am. As often happens.....last week a lightning strike hit the dental building and caused some computer issues......so, when I arrived the computers were down again. However......they were soon up and going....I filled out the necessary paperwork...and soon, I was ushered into the room for the above mentioned procedues.

Two hours later......I was finished........for the morning!!!! It took quite a bit of time for my teeth to be cleaned....and to get more xrays taken for their records and for the upcoming procedure that had been scheduled at 3:30pm. Sooooo, I headed by out to Dr. Jeni's home and spent the next few hours playing with the grandkids, and just kicking back and not doing much of anything. My teeth were a bit on edge after the intense cleaning that I had.....and my real problem tooth in the lower left rear of my mouth was starting to ache a bit.

Returning to her offices about 3:15.....I was soon ushered back into the room for this continuation of the root canal which was started in Invernmere, British Columbia two weeks ago. Well.........as Dr. Jeni and her assistant got into my mouth, they soon discovered that the work that was begun in Canada was good, but there was much more to do. And.....the ordeal than began......ugh. Shots, and many pieces of equipement went into my mouth, not to exit until a bit more than two hours later. It was a much more complicated procedure than is usually needed for a root canal........a unique tooth I have.....and, I suppose it just goes along with my evolving body. To say the least.........I was totally wiped out by the time I returned to Dr. Jeni's home!!!!!!! Four hours with people crawling around in my mouth with tons of equipment during the two sessions today.....well, my bad tooth was really sore.....REALLY sore.

And.....after an early time for my falling into bed.......this morning...my tooth and jaw were really hurting!!!!!! Dr. Jeni said that it would be sore and hurting since she had to go in so deep and at such odd angles to get the job done.........and she was certainly right. Ibuprofen I swallowed every three hours all day today......and this evening it does seem to be a bit better.

I left Dr. Jeni's home about 10:30 this morning, and with only a coffee stop.....and some REALLY slow crawling on I-55 south where they are resurfacing the highway......I arrived home about 1:45 this afternoon.....much longer than usual. HOT....HUMID.....STEAMY......bests describes the weather here in F'town today!!

The storms rolled through all afternoon......heavy rain and hot sun shortly after the storm clouds moved east.......and, then it would come again with more dark clouds and shortly afterwards...the hot sun!!! And......I never left the inside of TheHowserHouse all afternoon. I napped, rested, and this evening I am beginning to feel more like myself. The problem tooth is not giving me fits any more, even though there IS more work to be done on it......it needs to be capped, and perhaps filed a bit more?!

Tomorrow morning.....Goldie will be coming over for coffee and a discussion about many topics, I'm sure. The predictions for days in the 90's for the next week or more does not sound enticing, to say the least.

However, as always.....

LIFE IS REALLY GREAT!!!!!.....And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Meghan......quite the swimmer!

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Max....LOVES the pool....he will be 2 years old the 1st week of August

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Sat/Sun, June 12/13, 2010: Two days of.....not much.

Yesterday,the 1st Lady and went down to Cape G.......visited with Becky and Rachel and then we went to see Mike during the morning. Returning to Cape, the 1st Lady and I did some shopping in the mall......Old Navy had some incredible bargains for fleece-lined hooded jackets for UNDER $5.00!!!!!! We bought a couple as well as a couple of hooded sweatshirts for only $3.00 each.

To Sam's we went.....and came out with tons more than we actually needed......but, isn't that always the case when you go there or to Walmart??? Something about their marketing techniques which pushes your mind to buyng just what you really do not need.......

Home again, it was about 7pm.........and so, the evening went quickly.

Today, we were up and left the house....a wee bit later than we had planned.....for Dr. Jeni and Darrel's home in the Washington-New Haven, MO area.......a very wooded 5 acres within a wooded subdivision. We arrived about 1pm.........and it wasn't long before everyone was in their large pool....enjoying the grandchildren, including Max.....who dearly loves the water!!!!

This afternoon, as do all afternoons and days.....disappeared really quickly. Darrel grilled some pork chops, a grilled some asparagus and mushrooms.....and Dr. Jeni had purchased some incredible very sweet fresh corn on the cob......and we really did enjoy that......really, really good.

Tomorrow, I have an appt at 8:15AM to have my teeth cleaned at Dr. Jeni's dental building......and then at 4pm, she will continue the work that was begun in Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia, on my root canal. I have been having some "stirrings" in the tooth....it is not completely "dead", and from time to time I have had to take some pain killers.....THANK GOD, it is not the horredous pain that I experienced in Fairmont!!!!! THAT was unbearable!!!!

IF I feel OK when she is finished with me, then I will probably return to F'town.....the 1st Lady is remaining her with her car and will then go on to her mother's home tomorrow afternoon and be there for the rest of the week. (I brought my truck up here today).

Speaking of driving.....I neglected to relay to you the cost of fuel in Alberta and British Columbia........in Edmonton, Alberta.....the average cost that we saw on the signs was about 87 cents per litre.....or, about $3.48 Canadian for a gallon of gas. In British Columbia, in the resort area where Doug/Diane's condo is located, the average price we saw was about $1.10 per litre!!!!! $4.40 Canadian per gallon!!!! A wee bit on the pricey side, to say the least.

I REALLY appreciate all of you who have made comments on here, public and private.....and all of you who have written emails and those of you who have called me.....to discuss your experiences with cataract surgery. And........each one tells a different story, with the exception that each of you have had great success with this procedure and can see much, much better from what you have told me....GREAT!!!!! And.....each one has had different lengths of time when you were not allowed to lift and, in some case, to travel very soon. Different stories from all of you.....and that is just super, as it gives me a some perspective as to what I can expect. THANK YOU....THANK YOU....THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

And so..........tomorrow is that dreaded dental day......but, the end of the road with this root canal might be visible by 5pm tomorrow.......sure it won't get done tomorrow completely. And.....as always.......

LIFE IS REALLY GREAT!!!!!!......And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!