Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 19, Aug 31, 2009: WOW....such a super day of doing nothing!!!!!! was another wonderful day of doing nothing. And....what better place than right here in the Star Valley of western Wyoming....just a couple of miles from Idaho....which is within easy view from here.

What did we do???? Nothing.....just visiting, just discussing, just enjoying the life of a retired band director and science teacher in the mountains of this wonderful Wyoming. And....that is the complete truth.....nothing/nada!!!!!!! did feel great to lay around on the patio, reading a novel, sipping some wine during our own little Happy Hour, and then talking with two of our granddaughters on Skype later this evening. Next....we must talk with Rachel on Skype.....ok, Rachel??? How about tomorrow night????

No pictures taken today.......the only activity was our friends Stan and Pat leaving for Idaho with their motorhome and belongings, with Casa Grande, AZ, as their final destination for the winter. They have a lovely Park Model there, just a few steps from where our friends Mac and Gail have their Park Model. In fact......there are others who also have their winter home there.

Soooo.....tomorrow we are day tripping up to Jackson (Hole) for the day. I always enjoy going there.....lots of cool western stores, a wonderful cafe/bakery where we ALWAYS love to go eat, and other places to enjoy. Sooooo....some pictures tomorrow night, with luck!!!!

OK.....even though it was a day of always......

LIFE IS JUST REALLY, REALLY GREAT!!!!!!!!!......And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pictures Mac took on our day trip a few days ago.

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The first, and the smallest, trout of the day for me.

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One of several cutthroat trout I caught

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My cutthroat from Friday, along with our guide, Tom.

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Day 18, August 30, 2009: A great day of relaxation.....

Ahhhhh....another day in wonderful Wyoming!!!! After breakfast.....I took my coffee out onto the patio...and what a glorious Sunday morning here in the Star Valley!!!!! Sitting there, looking out to the mountains and across the Valley to Idaho......such a wonderful way to begin the day!!!!

A bit later, Mac came over and we visited for awhile......and then we walked down the street to another couple whom we have known since we spent time in Arizona in 2007......and they also spend the summers here in this rv resort. Before long all of our friends here were sitting there on Stan and Pat's patio laughing, telling stories, and discussing the upcoming winter and where everyone was going to spend this winter. The 1st Lady and I are the only ones that we know from here that will be returning to the Rio Grande Valley in Llano Grande RV Resort where we have been before.

The afternoon went quickly...... we rode our bikes around the resort looking at the sites and/or park models that are for sale. I would love to have a place that has one of those great views of the mountains on the east.......and they have a couple of new sites that are available, but............?????? I spent a couple of hours under the awning on the patio reading, laying in the lounge chair....and dozing once or twice......a great afternoon!!!!!

This evening we grilled some burgers, slices of zucchini, red pepper slices, and fresh mushrooms....and the 1st Lady made a new casserole of potatoes, onions, and a crumbled cracker crust. REALLY GOOD!!!!!!!

Tonight, again.....we are at Mac and Gail's to use their Wifi........and I did get to Skype Doug and Diane who are in Nova Scotia for a few minutes!!!!! Soooo good to visit with him.....and anxious to see them in the RGV in a few short months.

And so.....a rather short post this nothing really newsy occurred....but, it was soooo good to just relax, read, eat, relax, relax, relax!!!!! always.....

LIFE IS JUST REALLY, REALLY WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!......And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

ALWAYS wildlife to see and enjoy here in Wyoming!!!

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The sagging hulk of me.....

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The beauty of Wyoming....and the Grey's River

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1st Lady relaxes and reads after fishing most of the day.

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I'm the tiny spot in the center on the far side of the river.

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SURELY there is a fish in there??!!!!

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Time to EAT!!!!

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Not their wine bottle.....but mine!!!!

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Gail ready to eat dinner....

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Day 17, Aug. 28-29, 2009: Two days of fishing and fun.......

Yesterday, Friday......the 1st Lady and I were up and going rather early for us.....and by 9am, we were on our way to Alpine for our fishing licenses......which we quickly received for one day for $14 each. Then......up the Grey's River Road....which very, very quickly turned to gravel.......and the remainder of the trip was on gravel.....albeit various grades of rough and smooth packed gravel!!!! We drove for over 60 miles on gravel during the day before returning to pavement as we came down from the mountains and back into the little town of Alpine.

We stopped frequently.......tied on some flies on our fishing rods....and enjoyed walking along the rugged sides of the Little Grey's River......and then later in the day returning to the regular Grey's River and fishing in many "choice" holes and slower water, riffles, etc., etc......and we caught several trout, but all were in the smaller range than we could, or wanted to, keep. The last spot where we stopped was the confluence of the two rivers and there I did catch a 12" cutthroat trout. I didn't keep it as we had decided to "catch and release" all of them as we did not need any fish at this point in time.

The beauty of this area is almost beyond description!!! We stopped, got out our "bag" chairs, and would sit and just stare/admire the sparkling river as it rushed down the valley with the traditional sounds of a river being interrupted by boulders and stones......that wonderful relaxing sound which I enjoy so much. We had a picnic beside the river, albeit a bit up on a hillside, but the quietness of the surrounding green forest, the rushing river, the occasional bird/crane calls in the sky.......all made for a great place to enjoy some sandwiches. No restaurant can imitate
this ambience!!!!!

We returned to TheHowserHouse around 8pm.....tired, but still relaxed and content from such a fabulous day.......a day that we will keep in our memories...perhaps forever!! We hope to make another day or two up into the "hills" while we are in this part of the Wyoming.


Up at 6:30 AM this morning.....a quick shower, some toast and jam, plus the usual French Roast coffee. I quickly packed my day pack with some granola bars, a sweatshirt, sun block, hand lotion, and other possible things that I might need while on the river. A quick walk down the street to Mac's.....and then we were off for an exciting day of floating and fishing. We met our guide, Tom of T K Guide Service here in Thayne....and a quick drive to our "put in" spot a few miles north of Thayne. By a bit after 9AM we were in the river and heading down stream on the Salt River. sure wasn't long before we were experience the tugs/hits of some trout on our lines. Mac was in the front of the small float boat...and I was in the rear. the middle, was just a super guide....there is much to recommend about him....MUCH!!!!!! Not sure just how many trout we caught and released during the day.......but it was enough that we were never bored with just floating and casting in the river. Tom was always there to tell us just where to lay our lure/minnow/worm in the water.....and just how to fish it as he knew oh-sooo-well just where those trout would be!!!!

We had some great discussions and conversations as we drifted down stream.....and we did get to know each other very well! Mac and I discussed just how many years we had been fishing together.......and...we began trout fishing as a "team" back in the summer of 1967!!!!!!! 42 years of being together from here in the United States to even meeting for a weekend when we were both stationed in Thailand, but on different AF bases there. Life long friends best describes our relationship!!!!!!

There was a general consensus that might cutthroat trout that I caught early afternoon was the largest. Mac took pictures, however, I am not sure I can get them transferred to my laptop this evening from his camera. It was an easy 15" at the least.....and did put up quite a struggle for his freedom. And.......I did release him unharmed back into the very clear and cold Salt River for someone else to catch and enjoy....and, hopefully, release!!!!

If you have never experienced this.......well, all I can say is that you have missed something that can be a life-changing experience. How??? Well......the thrill of the "hit" as the trout attacks your lure or bait or fly, the intense high of those furious seconds as you struggle to maintain control of your rod as it bends into quite an arch, watching as the trout rises to the air as it jumps to throw out that hook from it's mouth, and then plunges just as quickly back into the stream to begin the fight again on it's own territory...the deep, cold river. And then......the excitement inside you as your finally "win" this battle of the river.......and manage to get it into the net and onboard the boat, yet....knowing that it could slip out of your hands as you try to grasp it for that wonderful picture that you MUST have.....and then the final feeling of a bit of power as you lean down to lower it gently into the cold stream to regain it's freedom.....and to live to strike again for someone else. doesn't get much better than this!!!!!!!

Our guide....what a friendly and helpful fellow of 70 years!!!!! And what a change to know that he is rigging your pole, changing the lures, hooks, minnows,....and taking the fish off of the hook for you to hold, very briefly. I can't recommend Tom and his guide service enough.......please look him up in Thayne, Wyoming, if you want to enjoy a wonderful day of fishing and floating with a great guide!!!!! You will not be sorry for hiring him!!!!!!!!!

Dinner this evening was at Mac and Gail's home...on their patio. All of their friends who are still here in the resort were there....and we had such a wonderful dinner with everyone pitching in and bringing food to share and enjoy. Jill's spaghetti was excellent!!!!!! THANKS, Jill!!!!!! And the rest of the meal was just outstanding from the various breads from the broiler to the salads to the dessert which Gail made. WOW......I am gaining weight just writing about it!!!

And sooooo, another two days....and what delightful days they were!!!!! And, you know what I am going to say, don't you?????? As always........

LIFE IS JUST INCREDIBLY GREAT!!!!!!!!!!.......And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!!!