Thursday, June 30, 2005

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What a beautiful day it has been…….all day long!!!! Usually there has been a late afternoon thunderstorm with rain annd high winds each day, but…..NOT TODAY! Perfect weather..temp about 74 degrees, not one cloud, and soft breezes blowing thru the cottonwood trees.

Did a lot of sitting on my rear and reading a book outside….the best way to heal my arm…..right?? Finished a rather strange Dean Koontz novel…….wasn’t certain I liked it…..and still not sure…..”The Taking”. If any of you have read it…give me your input/thoughts, please.

We have been working on a jigsaw puzzle for a couple of days……got 2 finish by 2morrow as we have guests arriving for BBQ and overnight… USAF buddy and his wife from up the about 60 miles….I mentioned him about 3 weeks ago when we tried 2 get 2gether then.

Decided we would eat in one of the 2 eateries here in Ten Sleep 2night. Went n at 6:30pm, ordered drinks, placed our meal order for steaks……soon we got our salads which were really good. Then……we waited and waited and waited……45 mins past and other tables who came after us got their food…..and the server/cowgirl told us the cook had lost our order… the drinks were on the house. 40 mins later we still didn’t have our food….sooo, we walked out!!!! PISSED……as ALL others got their food….even those who came AFTER the server told us about the lost order!!!!! DAMN!!!!!

Took a couple of pics of “downtown” and will try to them posted……and will get this posted now.


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Not much new.....

Hmmmm, today was one of those rather average, if not below average, days. We drove into Worland this morning to see the orthopedic specialist. I had 2 wait for almost hours AFTER my appt. time before he saw me. He/we looked at the x-rays for more than 10 minutes as he explained in detail to me about the break just above the wrist. He said that right now everything is in good alignment…BUT, it oftentimes will shift and it might be necessary to do surgery and put a pin in if that would occur. Sooooo, he wants 2 see me next Wed. morning!!!! ANOTHER WEEK of doing nothing!!!! Told me I was overusing it right now and 2 not be using it other then to move my fingers to keep them flexible. No more one handed fishing!!

Sooo, we went 2 get some groceries…..and returned to Ten Sleep. Did some reading…..dozed….watched it rain(EXCITING!!!)…….

Didn’t see anything of interest so no pictures today. I will get some of the main street tomorrow… permitting.

Later……(if anything happens this evening)….

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A walk in the forest... Posted by Hello

Big Horns from a firetower. Posted by Hello

Meadowlark Lake from the firetower Posted by Hello

The road less traveled......but we drove it!! Posted by Hello

I can STILL get to the top! Posted by Hello

A fossil mark in the cliff that WE found!! Just r. of center of pic. Posted by Hello

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Two days of TheHowserHouse


MEDICAL UPDATE: I got an appt. w/the orthopedic specialist for Wed. morning…..sure hope he IS a specialist. Been bothering me all during last nite and today…..just a constant aching….and sometimes worse. Will b glad to get it in a tight fitting cast….swelling must be less as I can feel more movement today.

The day went by ok…great weather. The 1st Lady is getting anxious to return home……NOT me!!!! The new granddaughter is on her mind a lot. Soooooo, we’ll see… arm will have to improve a lot before I can prepare TheHowserHouse and feel comfortable towing for 1400 miles.

I think I am getting post-breakage depression! Everything is such a chore to do…..even eaating. I am soooooo damn upset that I can’t fly fish and the trout are really,really hitting the flies….as the neighbors are telling me as they bring all the GREAT fish back here from the streams. I have waited all spring for this …..and now I can’t go and fish when I am only 25 minutes away!!!!!!!!! Yep, I am feeling a bit down……..


And, it is a bit later……..

We went up into the mts. after supper and tried some stream fishing. I had a fly on my spinning rod….tossed it in w/my left hand/arm……and did catch a few small rainbows. No size…..just fit the pan. Makes me feel a bit better, but it is not REAL fishing. Oh well……


I forgot to mention yesterday that we were awakened around 7am by the mooing and bawling of loud cows…….lots of them!!! I looked out the window and saw TONS of cows going down the middle of the highway………being herded by dogs, and by cowboys on horses………A CATTLE DRIVE!!!!!!! They went right thru the town……down the middle of the street/hwy. And, this morning the same thing, ONLY there were probably 400-500 hhead of cattle!!!! Wish I had thrown on my pants and got some pictures…..damn it.

We went up into the mts. late this morning and drove some gravel, rutted,potholed “roads” into some beautiful back country in the high country. Spent several hours driving and saw some wonderful sights……even from the top of a fire watch tower. I will go again if we can find the time……if not, NEXT SUMMER with you, MIKE AND MERRIE!!!!!!!

A walk thru town this evening, past the three saloons (which were loud for being so early),and past the General Mercantile Store(which has One of everything….one only), and Dirty Sallys….a store w/tooooo much of everything that no one wants!!!!!!!! IT IS A GREAT TOWN……REALLY!!!!!!!!!!! OHHHHHH… Dirty Sallys the young girl who works the old-fashioned soda counter is an OPERA PERFORMANCE MAJOR IN COLLEGE!!!!!! I sure hope that she sings better than she makes choc. shakes……shhe graduated from h.s. here in Tensleep.

TENSLEEP: the town got its name from the Native Americans(am I politically correct???). This place was 10 sleeps for the Native Americans when they traveled from one of their important sights in Montana to another of their places in southern Wy. There is your history lesson for the day.

Soon this town of 304 people will swell to many, many more by this weekend when the annual RODEO occurs this coming weekend!!! Should have brought my boots and cowboy hat……we will be here from the looks of my fishing injury.

Enough of this OLD man ramblin’…….talk 2 u tomorrow, dear friends…….

Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Wyoming colorful foothills Posted by Hello

THIS IS MY ROAD!!! Posted by Hello

10,000 year old petroglyph cliffs Posted by Hello

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Medical update.....& a late afternoon drive

THE LATEST from TheHowserHouseHospital: The condition of the injured trout fisherman is about the same......a bit less pain and alittle less least the ends of the fingers which is all that is visible!! Have 2 get an appt. 2morrow morning with an orthopedic dr. in Worland. He was not around on Fri. 2 when I called. Brushing the teeth w/the L. hand is getting somewhat easier; shaving is stilla BITCH; zipping the fly is still difficult AND dangerous! Lots 2 learn......

We took a drive about 5pm......the 1st Lady is getting bored, she says.....but, what is an invalid to do????? Soooo, we headed north for 20 miles up agravel road 2 Hyattville.......a booming metropolis of 97 souls. two cafes w/bars(saloons). We ate supper......very plain and below average for a hamburger/fries with coffee made from ONE coffee bean!!! Red medicine n a stemmed glass r other type of drinking utensil was unheard of in this town!

Then we headed up another gravel rd 2 another archeological site: Medicine Lodge Cliffs. Here in the early 70's, this site was discovered witg hundreds of petroglyphs and pictoglyphs that were found to have created 10,000 years ago...thousands of years before the Egyptian pyramids
were constructed! Soooo much was discovered here.......

As dusk began to change to evening darkness, we returned to TheHowserHouse. The foothills are sooooo coloful.

Thanks for all "get better" emails!!!!!! Would like 2 reply to each, but this typing with one hand is for the birds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

A one-armed day......

The title says it all!! I/we didn't do much today......didn't sleep too much last night as i kept waking up feeling like i had a bag of cement on top of heavy arm!!!! Most of the day I sat outside and read, visited with many of the other campers who are here as soooo many stopped by 2 see how i was feeling. Such wonderful friendly people!!

The weather was PERFECT!!!!

I'm reading a good book which is taking up my time.......but from time 2 time I find my mind thinking about the trout swimming in the streams....just waiting for a little dry fly from TheHowserHouse!!!!!

We took a walk around the southern half of the tiny town this evening.....and when we returned 2 TheHowserHouse, a young couple who had been trout fishing all day from the cg had brought me their largest trout....cleaned and ready 2 freeze!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a nice gesture.

Well.......that was our day.......terribly interesting, wasn't it????

Perhaps 2morrow will be more interesting.

Friday, June 24, 2005

WHAT NEXT?????!!!!! Posted by Hello

ALL MINE!!!!! (Where are yours, John?) Posted by Hello

A beautiful place to catch trout! (Big Horns) Posted by Hello

CRAP!!!! DAMN!!!!

Friday, june 24

Well,,,,,a person never knows what will happen next!!!! Soooooo. 1st of all, please pardon my typo mistakes….ok????? Yesterday, I broke my RIGHT arm!!!! How 2 explain?? I wish I could have had the fall video taped…..but no one was there but me. The 1st Lady had caught ALL the fish and we were headed back down the mts. To ThheHowserHouse when I saw the fast moving stream close 2 the rd. with a pulloff for the truck so I pulled over 2 clean all the fish. Finishing that task I saw that there were a couple of great places 2 throw a fly in, so I told the 1st Lady in the truck that I would be back n a few minutse.

I got my rod and went back to the stream and quickly caught a nice trout! Seeing another hole I started thru the underbrush to sneak up on the trout that I could actually see n the hole. I always “plan” my steps when moving across/thru rocky areas. I was close 2 the stream…a few bushes were between me and the water… I stepped on this large clump of grass, and it went straight down, and my right foot…and then my entire r. leg sank down into the icy water….my l. leg remained on land w/me doing the splits, l. leg sank to my waist & I still didn’t touch bottom …… BUT my r. arm/wrist slammed into a boulder…and I heard a crack……..I at first couldn’t move….and then the pain overtook my mind,….and I had 2 push myself up and out of the water w/my RIGHT hand/arm. Adrenaline??? Guess so!!!

Went back 2 the truck and told the 1st Lady…..and we headed on down the mt. the pain was pretty bad soooo I knew that I had really hurt my arm. Got home and put ice packs on it….. And took some pain pills…….hence no post on here last night.

It was supposed to have been a post about ALL the fish thr 1st Lady caught…….while I caught none…..she was soooooo excited!!!! But I was not able 2 think nor write……

TODAY I/we went n 2 Worland 2 the local hospital emergency rm. And after several xrays I got the expected word… arm was broken next 2 my wrist…and possibly running into the joint……UGH……DAMN…DAMN….DAMN!!!!!!! A really nice Dr. put it in a splint for a few days until the swelling goes down……next tues r wed. for now I have 2 keep it elevated…..and it is n 90 degree angle splint!!

And with the fish just starting to really hit the flies!!! Not sure what this means 2 our vagabonding around Wyoming!!!! Everyone here n the cg has come by and offered 2 help n anyway……soooooooo WONDERFUL!!!!!!

This is taking soooo much time 2 write/type!!!! Getting tired sooo will stop for now.
Later today……

Have u ever tried 2 brush your teeth w/the opposite hand??? Have u ever tried 2 zip your fly w/one hand??? Have u ever tried 2 put deodorant under the arm that is holding the deodorant??? Have u ever tried 2 shave yourself w/the opposite hand?? Welllllll, if not …then try to do so!!!! Being an “invalid” is pure HELL!!!! But, I’ll manage it: Success comes in cans….Failure comes in can’ts!!!!

I am going 2 try 2 fish after I get the cast put on next week …..if the pain factor goes away, or at least diminishes somewhat. I am now going to post this and then send a couple of pics.


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The 1st Lady in action!! Posted by Hello

1st Lady caught the most!! Posted by Hello

Thar's trout in them there streams......

Tuesday, June 21st…

We left Thermopolis around 9: 30 and drove the entire 60 miles to Ten Sleep…….a sleepy little town of 304 people located at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains. Actually… is really a neat little town……the highway is the main street of the community and almost all of the very few businesses have new store fronts……with log fronts and of western style.

After being shown our “site” in this little campground, we took care of setting up TheHowseHouse, had lunch, and then headed for the mountains. The drive up to the area which we have always visited and camped at is only 19 miles……however, it is up a 6% grade for 10 miles….plus. A great visual drive except for the driver…….hahaha. Anyway…..not a problem for the OLD man as I have driven it for many, many years as I have been coming to this part of Wyoming to camp and fish since 1970!!

We checked out the National Forest Service campground that I wanted to stay in, however…..after driving thru it several times, we decided that TheHowseHouse is tooooo big and that it would not make some of the turns, nor could we back it into the sites available because of interferences with trees, boulders, etc. Soooo, we decided to just remain at the cg down in Ten Sleep.

We then hit the horrendous gravel road up to West TenSleep Lake…which is 7 SLOW miles up the mountain. It has always been rougher than a cob, but this time it was full of ruts and potholes…and not the washboard type of road it used to be. It only took about 30 minutes to drive the 7 miles…..does that tell you anything about the road quality???? However, upon arriving at the gorgeous lake, our memories were refreshed and we quickly got out the fishing equipment and hiked down to the lake from the parking area.

The 1st Lady was the big winner of quantity and size of fish!!! After trying lures and flies, we quickly switched to worms…..and it worked. The brook trout began to bite and we had several nice ones on our stringer before we headed back down the canyon and the steep drive. A quick shower to attempt to wash off the fishy smell on our hands…..a bite to eat….and then we hit the bed….EXHAUSTED.

Wednesday, June 22nd

We had talked about getting up EARLY and heading back up to another lake to fish in the early hours, however……we stayed in bed too long. Coffee was the accompaniment to some great pancakes to begin the day with. Then after enjoying a lazy morning, we decided to tour the town….the main street. It was great fun……several cowboy bars were already open and doing business, as well as several actual “general stores”. There is no grocery store here…..just a Mercantile Store which has all kinds of items including some bread, etc., etc.

After lunch, we backed the backpack and headed up the canyon to West TenSleep again. I decided to hike a couple of miles up above the lake, following the stream that I have fly fished in soooo many times over the past 30 years. The stream was roaring with the snow melt….from last week’s snow of 12”….but the water was CLEAR and great. I caught 6 small brook trout….but they were toooooo small to even put in the pan to fry. Soooo, it was “catch and release” for me today. Hiked back down to the lake, and the 1st Lady had already been putting fish on the stringer. I joined her fishing with worms and soon we had a stringer full………FISH for supper tomorrow evening. Nothing better than fresh trout from a mountain lake.

Back down the canyon’s 6% grade of road, after cleaning the fish up there, and supper was soon on the table. A cool evening in the cg visiting with the next door campers who are here for four weeks……..such a neat place to stay. Hmmmm….do I sound like I would like to remain in Wyoming??????? Yep……I SURE would.

Now……after some red medicine, I am going to close this little chapter and send it out into cyberspace for all of you to read and meditate about. We ARE leaving early in the morning to catch the morning rise of trout in Meadowlark Lake…..a bit higher in altitude…close to 8500 feet.

Andy….Laura….will call you tomorrow. I do have a “consulting fee” which will be necessary for you to pay for all professional consulting advice!!! OK???