Friday, February 29, 2008

Ahhhh......the fun of being together!!!!

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Food and a Great afternoon!!

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Good times......

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Guests at TheHowserHouse Happy Hour

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Yep.....that's me and the 1st Lady!!!

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Sagging Hulk of me and 1st Lady in this square....

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Day 61: PARRR---TEEEE at TheHowserHouse!!!!

Another very warm day dawned and around 7 I pushed up and out of my horizontal position and went downstairs, turned on the coffee maker....and soon I was cradling a steaming mug of hot French Roast coffee!!! The 1st Lady became vertical around 8:30 this morning.....and then a bit later I took care of my morning rituals.

Later in the morning we went to WalMart to get some of the necessary items we needed for our Happy Hour(s) Party this afternoon. Yep........we invited a few of our good friends over for an ABC Happy Hour....everyone brings an appetizer, beverage, and chairs. Sooooo, we got the items we needed and returned to TheHowserHouse.......and then relaxed for a bit.

I got a few things together for outside on the patio.....and soon the 1st Lady was preparing some of her wonderful little sausages in a crescent rolls(blanket) and then covered in a nut and honey sauce......ummmm, soooo good!

By 4pm.....everyone was arriving and soon the fun and food, the hilarious laughter, and some stimulating conversations were occurring. The food was plentiful.....and wonderful!!! The drinks became a bit stronger with each cup/glass full.......and soon the neighborhood was driving by or walking by to check out the action at TheHowserHouse! We had a total of 20 here......and the weather was wonderful for a party such as this, except the winds were a bit strong and gusty for holding our plates, etc.

By 6:30pm....this great group of friends were feeling really good.....and enjoying the Happy Hour(s)!!!! But.....we had more to do..... We are all square dancers and so we adjourned to the Llano Grande Rec Hall for the weekly square dance. I believe we sparked things up at bit there as not toooo many were there tonight......and when the 18 of us surged inside......yep, the hall began to ring with peals of laughter! Ahhhhh.......such fun....which I know that you non-square dancers cannot is one of the most fun activities that I have done in the past 30 years!!!!

It was a GRAND evening.....a FUN evening......and a highly CALORIC evening with all of the great food that was brought to the party. Oh well.........I will just have to cut back this next week.
No doubt....after another day like this that......

LIFE IS INCREDIBLY GREAT!!!!!!!.....And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day 60: BORDERFEST.......WHAT FUN!!!!!!

OMG.....we had to get out aging bodies....including my sagging hulk......out of bed at 5:30 this morning to get ready to leave by 6:50AM!!!! Yep, we were following Doug and Diane to Reynosa, MX.......and so, after leaving Llano Grande in a small caravan, we arrived on the USA side of the border, parked our car(s), and then walked the small distance to the Duty Free Shop on this side of the border.

As instructed, the square dancers from all over the Valley began to arrive there and by 8:30AM.....the music was going, the caller was getting us ready....and soon we were dancing in the parking area of the Shop....and having a blast!!!!! After about 15 minutes, we were invited inside the Duty Free Shop for drinks(small margaritas), cookies, tea, etc., early morning reception for all of us. Returning to the outside, a local high school band from the RGV, their Pommie team, their Mariachi Band, and their Mexican Folklorico Dance group were in the parking area and starting to get ready to parade across the bridge ahead of us into Mexico....and the city of Reynosa.

Today's activities, as well as other events all weekend long, were a part of the annual BorderFest.......celebrating the goodwill and closeness of the Texas city of Hidalgo and the Mexican city of Reynosa! WOW.....what a crowd materialized as the time for the parade/walk across the bridge/border/Rio Grande. There were ceremonies on the bridge at the border line, but we could not see any of that. Then things got going......and several hundred square dancers, Winter Texans, families, etc., etc. followed the band and other student groups across the bridge and into Mexico........and then going about a half mile to the city square/plaza where the Festival was being held.

The theme was "China" and therefore, there were two "Dragons" that wound their way to Mexico for the Fest. Arriving at the plaza........the introductions were given on stage...and then the official International Square Dance began.......and OMG.....WHAT a great time it was!!!!!

After dancing for almost an hour in the sun, the 1st Lady and I dropped out and went to have some lunch.........FREE!!!! Yep......the BorderFest was providing lunch for EVERYONE!!! Tacos, panchos, Cokes, water.........stand in line for a few minutes and then find a place to seat under the canopies. What a great PR that was........lunch for hundreds of people!!!

After that......our "groupie" took the Trolley ride around parts of Reynosa....ending at the bridge. We returned to the USA.....passport control was simple today.....and then got our truck and drove the 35 minute trip back to Llano Grande. A GREAT event!!!!!!

The remainder of the day was spent just relaxing.....the winds were very, very strong....up to 40 windy to be outside doing anything fun. The 1st Lady did some laundry....and then we just enjoyed the evening........


WHAT a day!!!!! The color, the music, the excitement, the dancing, the friends that we did all of this with...........WOW!!!!!! What an experience!!!!! The people of Mexico are soooooo friendly, so appreciative, sooo helpful........and all of this just goes to demonstrate that.......

LIFE IS REALLY, REALLY GREAT!!!!!!......And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!


The post for the Borderfest will be published later this evening.....Thursday.

"Eary Bird" square dancers ready to dance at BorderFest!!!

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Ready to DANCE!!!

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Reception for Square Dancers at the Duty Free Shop(Margaritas at 9:00AM!!)

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H.S. Dancers preparing to parade across the bridge to Mexico.......and the "sagging hulk"

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Square Dancers crossing the bridge.....

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