Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 46, Sept. 29, 2009: End of 8 weeks journey......

Ahhhh.....NO WIND!!!!! Could barely believe it this morning when I awoke, completed the morning rituals, and stepped outside, coffee cup in hand. Not a breath was moving....and it stayed that way ALL day!!!! After checking all 8 tires this morning, it was not too much longer before we were ready to pull out of the Interstate RV Park and continue the last 271 miles of the 1430 miles journey from Star Valley, Wyoming.

Without a problem, we made the drive with one stop.....arriving 5 hours from the time we got on I-70 at our stick/brick. A really easy drive with no winds......made it almost enjoyable for the entire time, even driving through STL!!!

And then????? The task of unloading the 5er.....and getting everything put away or taken into the laundry room for eventual washing. The fridge was emptied quite easily....and tomorrow: I will be cleaning the inside the 5er thoroughly!!!!

Tonight......got some of the dust out of the house, opened up the windows and turned on the exhaust attic fan.....and that helped 100% in bringing in fresh air into the house.

We leave one week from in the morning for our flight from STL to Hartford, CT for a week's stay with our son and Anne-marie. Really, really looking forward to this new adventure!!!! But.....tonight, I just want to kick back and enjoy the evening with just a bit more room than what we have in THH!!!!! Just a bit......heehee.

And so....it has been a grand 8 weeks!!!!! And, with the purchase of our rv lot in Wyoming, we are both excited and have been talking about plans for the development of the lot.......WOW!!!! Still hasn't sunk into this addled mind of mine that we have some land in Wyoming!!!

But.......with some rest needed badly tonight.....as always......

LIFE IS JUST REALLY, REALLY GREAT!!!!!......And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 45, Sept 28, 2009: And another day on the road........

Late last night, those winds that pushed us all over the highway yesterday from Cheyenne to Henderson, NE.....well, they finally calmed down...WHEW!!!! I was totally exhausted last night, my shoulders aching from holding the steering wheel soooooo tightly...the tension going from my hands up into my shoulders....UGH!!!

This morning I was up at 6:45, a few abbreviated mornng rituals, and then it was outside with that hot cup of coffee to check on the tire pressure on all 8 tires. This time....they needed about 4-5 pounds consistently throughout all of the tires. Soooo, I went back inside to secure the den, putting things away and unhooking the tv/converter box, etc......and soon I closed the glass door and then ate some breakfast. At 8am, I took out the air compressor and let it get going, rather loudly, and then filled all 8 tires to their max cold pressure.

By 8:45, we were hooked and pulling out onto I-80 and pointed the nose of the truck towards the east.....and the city of Lincoln. We were only 50 miles west of Lincoln....and soon we were circling around it to the south...and then the winds began once again........hitting us HARD from the north, pushing us around on the highway with those huge gusts. After about an hour we were in Iowa...and turned south on I-29, which helped for awhile as the winds were then coming from the north...and they pushed us down the road with little effort for the truck.

Going through Kansas City, or should I say...around the city on I-435......and by that time the winds were then coming from the northwest and slamming us again. The traffic on 435 was horrendous....and I stayed in the middle lane, not remembering whether the ramp onto I-70 exited 435 from the right or left hand lane.....and it finally was announced on the sign....and I swiftly moved over into the left lane, and soon I was then battling the crowds on I-70.

OK.....I'm sure you are wondering what all of that has to do with anything!!!! Correct you are......I just don't have too much to say this evening. Once again, my shoulders are screaming from the tension of the winds on THH, as well as the KC traffic. Soooo, when we reached the Higginsville exit, I pulled off and went up to the Interstate RV Park, a Good Sam Park which I had picked out last night.....after reading the RV Park Reviews online. And....it seems to have been a good choice, at least for just an overnight off of the interstate. No real amenities, except for excellent wifi, but a safe and secure place to hook up to the power post for electricity, water, and sewage.

We hung around for awhile and then went across to the north side of the interstate to what has to be the LARGEST cowboy boot store......anywhere!!!! I have never seen soooo many rows and rows and rows and aisles and aisles of boots and more boots...and, MORE BOOTS!!!! Then.....tons and tons and tons of cowboy shirts, hats, buckles, belts, etc., etc. I actually DID purchase a long sleeve cowboy/western shirt for square dancing this winter while we are in the RGV in Texas......as I really did need another one.

Then we drove east nine miles on the interstate to Concordia to have something to eat for dinner. Wound up at Biffle's BBQ.....a place we had eaten at many years ago. And, after eating tonight, we remembered why we had gravitated back here.......it was really GREAT!!!!

Returning to the rv park, we have now collapsed inside to watch a bit of tv by antenna coming out of KC....and it is a pretty good picture. The winds seem to have begun to "lay low".....and we are sooooo glad. Sooooo, we need an early start in the morning......about 275 miles left to go to our stick and brick. And....we do need to get there and backed into our driveway BEFORE the school bus and parent's cars begin to arrive!!!!!

Tomorrow is the fourth day on the road.....and the total miles will be somewhere around 1425 miles, give or take a few. As I mentioned to the 1st Lady tonight.....I can drive 800-900 miles in one day's trip while driving the car.....but I cannot do that while towing THH.......there is just tooooo much tension when pulling that dinosaur of 14,000+ pounds around behind me....always concious of it being there, looking around and ahead to check for quick emergency plans should one be needed, etc., etc. Never can I relax completely when towing it down the road........

And sooooo..........as always,

LIFE IS JUST REALLY, REALLY INCREDIBLE!!!!!......And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 44, Sept. 27, 2009: Another day on the road.....

Cheyenne this morning......a great sunrise.....but a very noisy rv park, right next to I-25 and there was a great deal of traffic all night long.....UGH!!!! We didn't get up quite as early this morning........but, after a quick morning rituals, I went outside with my Fr. Roast coffee and began checking the tire pressure in each of the 8 tires. This is a normal morning task for me when we are traveling with TheHowserHouse......I do NOT want to take any changes of tire problems and find myself/ourselves on the edge of the highway...at the best. I am well aware of sooo many others who have had blow outs pulling their Cedar Creek.....and with LOTS of damage to the 5th wheel!!

Sooo, after checking all 8...and they were just exactly where I wanted them(110 for the rv tires and 80 for the truck tires)......I refreshed my coffee....and then put the things in the living room/den into their traveling places. Before long the 1st Lady was down and we went into the final stages of getting things ready to return to the highway for the day's trip east. I did walk over to see the owner of the new 2009 Cedar Creek Custom rv.....beautiful custom painted colors on it....a deep blue that was the same as his truck. Well.......our discussions were a bit strange as he did tear into one the best "people" persons I know of at the CC factory. And.....while trying to defend this individual who has done soooo much for the members of our club when they have CC problems.....well, this guy with the new CC was not to be told anything positive about the factory or this individual. Soooo, I pulled myself away from him and returned to THH across the street.

We were on the road by 9:15am........and drove until about 5pm...CDT....and stopped for the night at Henderson, Nebraska....at a private RV Park. VERY clean and neat, but not at a place most people would pull over for the night. Nothing around here at all....except HIGH WINDS. And....those HIGH WINDS were the story of the day for us.......such a damn battle to keep the truck and THH on the highway. WHEW.......35-45 mph winds(I learned on the news on tv tonight)....and coming out of the north. Not a pleasant day of driving!!!!! Hope tomorrow is better....??!!

And, so........we are both tired, but....as always....

LIFE IS JUST REALLY, REALLY GREAT!!!!!!.....And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 43, Sept 26, 2009: Resting...at last....outside of Cheyenne, WY

Up before the sun came over the mts. this morning.....with lots to do before pulling out of the RV Resort. Holding tanks to dump, a bit of breakfast to swallow, check the tire pressure on all 8 tires, many other small items besides finishing storing and locking down items inside THH.

And.....even after a rather quick "good-bye" to Mac and Gail, we did pull out of the resort at 8:15 this morning. I HATE quick "good-byes"....and I often think after I have left of many things I should have said or done. And...this was one of those times........just difficult to express in words how much we enjoyed being there with them, dining with them, doing things together....and just engaging in some wonderful conversations and stories!!! Such wonderful friends.....whom have been friends since 1967 with this sagging hulk of Me. We go back a LONG way.......and we have a LONG way to go with this friendship in the coming years!!!!

OK.....first let me say that as we drove south through the Star Valley and then climbed to the top of the pass over the mts, the fall colors with the sun shining brightly on them this early morn......WOW...WOW...WOW!!!!!! I wished we had had the time....and some places....to pull off and take some photos......the aspen trees and other mountain maples(?) were simply stunning this morning!!!! I do not believe there is a better time to visit the mts......than in the fall to see this amazing hues of many colors. WOW...I just can't express this easily......unbelievable!

Soooo, we made a quick top off the fuel stop in Cokeville....and then before tooo much longer we were arriving at the junction with I-80......our interstate of choice for the major part of this journey back to Missouri. Actually......mapquest and Good Sam both routed us across Wyoming and Nebraska on this interstate.

We stopped for lunch at a rest area....and by that time the predicted high winds were roaring across those high hills and low sage brush covered areas. But.....thank heaven, the winds were pushing us from behind....and that was a welcome push!!! Arriving in Rawlins, WY.....300 miles from the Star Valley, we got fuel once again.....Flying J, one of our favorite places to refuel the truck when towing THH, and....it was only 2pm. Soooo, we decided to push on to Cheyenne...another 150 miles or so. And....we arrived in Cheyenne about 5pm, slipping south on I-25 about 5 miles to this rv park.

And......a quick hook up....and soon we were eating some supper. We are both tired....the winds began to hit us from the side as we went southeast to Cheyenne. I had almost forgotten how long and steep the pull up to the pass southeast of Laramie was.....and it was quite a pull, to say the least. The 7% grade up and down the pass to leave the Star Valley seemed like a piece of cake in comparison to this ascent of several long miles. But.......no problems other than the slowing down and the RPM's running higher than normal for a hill!!!

And soooo, tomorrow we will go back up the 5 miles or so to I-80 and turn east toward's Lincoln, NE. We believe we will stop in the Henderson area where there is an RV park that looks good enough for us...nothing fancy, but adequate with a Good Sam discount. It is a bit farther than I wanted to drive tomorrow....387 miles from Cheyenne, and there are NWN winds of 25-35 expected across Nebraska tomorrow......so, it may be a long pull tomorrow, also. But, it will make the last two days much easier and shorter.

Sooooo,....another day disappeared as we traveled across Wyoming. It is a really wonderful state of such varieties in topography....and with the scenery going by the truck, it makes for some wonderful views and discussion as to how these hills/mts/bluffs/plains/etc. were formed.

And, as always.....

LIFE IS REALLY, REALLY GREAT!!!!!......And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 42, Sept 25, 2009: Busy.....whew!!!

Yep.....another gorgeous sunrise over the mountains....bringing forth another great day!!! 77 degrees this afternoon......yeah!!

The morning disappeared almost as quickly as the sun popped over the mts. this morning......I spent some time getting some things done about our new lot.....and making arrangements, after some negotiations, with the resort owners about spread the dirt/gravel and getting it done prior to the snows and bad weather of winter. We did agree on what is to be done....and so, I wrote the check to pay for these services. Luckily, a friend of ours, volunteered to check on the lot to see if the park personnel are doing what is needed.....and what I paid for.

The afternoon......well, I began to get things loaded, stored away safely and secure.....and, I did get about an hour to relax later this afternoon. Most items are stored for travel....and the rest will be completed in the morning after I drag my sagging hulk out of the bed. All afternoon, new-made friends kept dropping by to say "good-bye" and the usual statements about seeing each other again early next summer. SOOOO many friendly people stay here.....WOW!!!!!!

This evening, Mac/Gail had us and John/Revy over for an Italian dinner, which we all contributed to with various things to eat. It was a grand night....and an great way to spend our last night here in the Star Valley!! I am really going to miss this spectacular area of Wyoming.......!!!!!

And so....we leave in the morning....approximately 8:30....and I think...THINK...we will stay overnight in Rawlins, but the 1st Lady may change that once she starts studying the maps and mileage. Some high winds are predicted, but thankfully....and, HOPEFULLY, they will be behind us blowing in a easterly direction, so it might help us get on down the road a bit quicker!!??

I am bit tired this evening.....mentally and physically. Always, ALWAYS sooo much to think about in getting everything ready to travel with the 14,000+ pounds of TheHowserHouse tagging along behind us. We have one rather strenuous mountain pass to go over in the morning, but don't think it will be a problem......hopefully.

And sooooo, another disappeared day has concluded.....and, as always....

LIFE IS JUST REALLY, REALLY GREAT!!!!!......And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!!

Palisade Lake in Idaho

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The 1st Lady on the trail at Teton Pass

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Fall Foliage along the trail at Teton Pass

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Teton Pass.....above Jackson Hole...the town in the distance.

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Autumn foliage in the Snake River Canyon...along the side of the highway.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 42, Sept 24, 2009: Day tripping.......

Guess what???!!! It was ANOTHER gorgeous day in here western Wyoming and eastern Idaho!!!! How many does that make?? Well, I am not about to go back and count the times I have written about this weather.......someone else want to do it??

After the morning rituals, my Fr. Roast coffee, and a bit of newspaper reading online, the 1st Lady and I decided to take a little drive up alongside the Palisade Lake to view the autumn leaves along the mountainsides. As we drove through Alpine....12 miles north of us, we noticed that there was still a great deal of smoke in the sky from yesterday....they were doing some planned burning of the dead wood in the national forest along the Greys River. And.....it affected all of the leaves on the trees...at least as far as the colors. Sooo, we did not stop very often to take any photos as it was soooo hazy from the smoke hanging around and over the mts.

After going past the dam....we decided to "tour" the campground below the dam.....and found it to be really nice with electricity and water available, right alonside the fast moving Snake River. By this time we were in Idaho.....only a few short miles outside of Alpine.....and we decided to go on north to the Swan Valley. After driving a few miles we stopped in the little place where a couple of weeks ago we had purchased "square" ice cream cones......dipped using a square utensil, and not a scooped one!

Then....another quick decision.....and we headed back east towards the Teton Mts. and Jackson Hole. WOW....the route soon became curvy and before too long we were going up the mts......on a 10% grade, which I soon realized was causing the truck to do a bit of automatic downshifting to run smoothly up this steep grade. This went on for about 8 or 9 miles......and soon.....we were up at the top of Teton Pass.

OMG....what a view!!!! We could right down into the "hole" where Jackson Hole is located....and now, it became very evident just why it is named Jackson "Hole"!! The town sits in a depressed area at the bottom of the mts. on both sides....and it does look somewhat like a hole where the town is located. We stopped at the pull-off parking area....and followed a couple of paths UP for a better viewing vantage point. The brush was all turning wonderful colors of red, orange, and burnt oranges.......just stunning in the clear sunlight!!!

And then??? Well, down the other side of the Teton Mts......on a 10% descent for almost 10 miles!!!!!!!!!! I downshifted a couple of different times....and finally turned on the modified exhaust brake to assist with the slowing of the truck without using the actual brakes. This was the steepest road we have driven on this year........and it brings back memories of the New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and their steep road descents.....New Brunswick being the worst as we were at one time going down a short descent of 16%......I won't forget that one!!! Thank God, we were not towing at that time!!!!

We soon arrived in Jackson Hole....and decided to do some window shopping around the unique square in the center of town. Soooo, we spent a couple of hours just meandering through some shops and looking in the windows. You can find almost anything you might want here......sporting goods specialty shops, name brand boutiques, t-shirt and sweatshirt shops, junkie tourist crap, and LOTS of wonderful art galleries. However.....most of these galleries are filled with western art, which is not a favorite of either of us!

And all too soon, it was time to go back to Star Valley to prepare for dinner at the McDonald's home.....NOT the hamburger joint. On the way back down the Snake River Canyon, we did stop to take some photos of the beautiful foliage alongside the road and river. Just amazing colors mixed in with the greens of the forests and hillsides!!!

Dinner was great as Gail is an excellent cook of many wonderful and tasty dishes!!!!! And....her cherry pie is to die for!!! OOOHHHH SOOOOO GOOD!!!! Once again, we never lack for conversation topics......we have become sooooo intertwined as friends/families that there is always something or someone to discuss and learn about. Later, John and Revy came over and had some of the incredible cherry pie........WOW!!!!

Tonight....well, the damn internet is horrible...at it's very best!!!! Sooo, not sure if this will get posted, but I sure as hell hope it gets "saved" so I can post it tomorrow, if necessary. I do have some photos to post, but I will not even try to attempt it tonight!! We have one more day here in the spectacular Star Valley before we begin the 1425 mile journey back to F'town.....and as we drop out of the 6000-7000 elevations that we have been living in for seven weeks, it will be quite a change on our systems as we adjust to the lower levels....and the humidity that hangs around down there.....UGH.....DAMN!!!! However......as always.....

LIFE IS REALLY INCREDIBLY GREAT!!!!!!.....And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

While out of sequence with the other photos, this shows the size of our lot.....more than twice as large as all the other regular lots

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Gail and John discussing the day around the firepit......the mountains of Idaho in the background

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Gail and the 1st Lady enjoy the fire with the moon hanging over the Idaho mountains

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Opening the trench for the sewer extension

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Spreading some dirt after closing in the sewer trench

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Day 41, Sept 23, 2009: AHHHH......finally!!!

Another chilly night, made even more so after sitting around the fire last night enjoying the warmth....and then as the night grew older, it became a bit colder here in TheHowserHouse.....however, not to worry......the furnace kept us warm all night.

This morning....OMG, I just cannot believe that these marvelous mornings just continue to keep happening day after day after day!!!!! Beautiful.....gorgeous....brilliant blue sky with not one cloud to be seen. We are told this IS unusual, but hell....I will take all of this unusualness all the time!

After the morning rituals, my breakfast, and a cup of coffee, it was 9:30...perhaps later...and I decide to bike up to our lot about two-three blocks away....and OMG......OMG, there was the backhoe sitting there with the operator just waiting for the developer to arrive!!!!!!! I discussed with him what I wanted/needed done....and before long a trench was opened up to run the PVC pipes from the original sewer outlet over into my lot to where I wanted the new outlet to be put.

In talking with the driver......who does some work/labor after hours for the residents here with the park equipment available to him.......I asked him about what he would do to level out the lot and to do away with the slopes as much as possible. He suggested that I call the developer and see how much the resort would do for me......without a charge. Soooo, that is what I did....and he returned to discuss this with the backhoe operator and myself.......and before much discussion, he did say that he would have dirt and gravel added to assist in getting in level......saving me quite a bit of money!!

Soooo, by 11:30, they had done all they could do for today, due to lack of gravel and more dirt.....promising me this would get done as soon as possible. Well........we realize that this can't be done before we have to leave here this weekend for Missouri, so I will keep checking from there as to the progress. I DO want this done before the snows arrive, so that it can settle during the winter snows.......as they usually get tons and tons of snow, as I have said before.

Lunch time came.....and we went by to pick up Mac....Gail having gone to Idaho Falls to teach a quilting class......and so we went to the Senior Center in downtown Thayne.....having had their lunches recommended to us as really, really good. AND, for $3.50!!!

Well, such a wonderful suprise!! The Senior Center is virtually brand new with huge windows in the cafe section that look out to the east and the west to the mountain ranges on the fringes of the Star Valley. And....OMG, is the food ever wonderful!!!!! We will be eating there more and more, I am sure....as next summer arrives!!!! What a wonderful place this is for the senior citizens of the area!!!!!!!

While there, Mac began to show that he was not feeling very good......closing his eyes, letting his head droop, and when we had finished eating he had me return to the truck to get his pills. Doing this as quick as I could, I returned and he took his dosage....still sitting there without saying too much. We ambled out the door....SLOWLY...and he sat on a bench for a few minutes...and then we went on to the truck. We drove to a local flower/plant/tree shop and just drove through the lot, looking at the trees that they had. Returning to the RV Resort, we drove out by a couple of brand new lots that have had some very interesting cement poured for patios, etc......but, I could tell that Mac was having trouble sitting up.

We returned to his park model home....and, by that time he was not in good shape at all. Trying to get him out of the truck was impossible...and the couple from across the street came over to assist us.....finally getting him to the ground, and then we walked him, slowly, into his house...and got him into his chair. Within a couple of minutes, he was drifting off to sleep, as he does soooo frequently, due in part to the meds he is taking for his Parkinson's disease. The 1st Lady and the couple across the street then quietly left....and I remained there for the afternoon.......as he dozed for about two hours. Upon awakening, he seemed better, his mind was not as confused, and his color was much better. We chatted off and on....as he would return to sleep for a few minutes and then awaken. I could see he was much more like himself....and so after talking some more, I told him I was going to leave for awhile, returning to check on him in 30 minutes, which the 1st Lady and I did do.

And....he was better each time we came by.....of which we are soooo glad. He seemed to think it was a blood pressure issue......will talk more to him and Gail in the morning. This evening, I went back over there and two other friends, John and Revy, were there, so we did visit, and he seemed back to normal. It was a rather scary "spell" which he had.........not good at all!!

And sooooo, a good day, and yet.....an afternoon that was a bit tense with Mac's illness coming to the forefront as I have never seen happen before. However...........as always.....

LIFE IS JUST REALLY, REALLY GREAT!!!!!!......And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 40, Sept 22, 2009: Just waiting....and waiting....and waiting.....

Yesterday, Monday........I was up and going EARLY for me.....7am....UGH!!!! But, I wanted to be up at our lot by 8am....as we had been told that some of the resort people would be there to change our sewer drain to a different location, as well as, hopefully, do some leveling of the lot. Well..........no one at 8am....so, I biked back and forth from THH rv to our lot no less than once every 30 minutes for most of the day. And.......no on showed up!!

It was a chilly day....all day......and we just remained at THH during the evening, wishing that our fireplace had not decided to stop working safely. We could have enjoyed it with the really cool evening as we watched some tv.

This morning??? Same routine....however, I did go down to the resort office and inquired with our realtor about the work which did not get done yesterday. He was very surprised, made some phone calls, and then told me it WOULD be done this afternoon. Well.......back and and forth on the bike I went....and finally just gave up at 5pm.......

Sooo, for two days I have waited and waited and waited, sooo, tomorrow morning I will return to the resort office to inquire once again. We would certainly like to get this done before we leave.....and we would like to get away before the weekend, but.....who the hell knows if that can be accomplished, IF we wait to get this work completed. Time will tell......and, I do need some answers in the morning....!! Just communication problems, I'm certain, but excuses will just not work tomorrow with me!!

This evening, we went over to some other friends and sat around their outdoor fire pit....and enjoyed some great conversation....however, it began to get really cool, so we broke up and the 1st Lady and I came on home.

Last night was the coldest night we have had since we arrived.......the weather channel online said that at 7:30 this morning it was 23 degrees. Others around the resort said it wasn't quite that low, but nevertheless, it was chilly outside.

And sooooo, a day has disappeared again....and I really feel like I have not accomplished one single thing today!!!! Just waiting..........however, the weather was good during the day and that made it enjoyable to sit outside and take advantage of this beautiful weather. Tomorrow????? Who the hell knows???!!!! Just have to see what occurs, as we cannot leave the resort until we have the work done on the lot....or, at least we feel like we can't leave. Two weeks from tomorrow we fly from STL to Hartford, CT........and then after spending a week back east, the rest of the month will zoom quickly by....and then it will be time to fly to Puerto Vallarta.

However..........as always,.......

LIFE IS JUST REALLY, REALLY GREAT!!!!!!.....And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mac and Revy have a great talk about.....beavers!!!!!

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Dinner with great friends here in Star Valley

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Day 38, Sept 20, 2009: And Autumn begins to arrive......

After a night with loud thunderstorms, very active lightning, and pounding rain......when I pulled my sagging hulk into the infamous vertical position.....the sun was out, the sky was blue, and the autumn leaves had been dashed to the ground by the heavy rain. I snuck around quietly as the 1st Lady wanted to sleep until 8:15, so I turned on my coffee pot, closed the glass door to the living room, and turned on the tv as softly as I could and still be able to hear the talking heads on the Sunday morning shows.

At the requested time, I awakened the 1st Lady.....and before long she was downstairs fixing her tea and breakfast. We were invited, last night, to Mac and Gail's for dinner this evening....and so we offered to bring a couple of items for the table........and that meant a trip into Thayne to buy some needed ingredients for what she was going to prepare to take. Soooo, off we went down the road to the highway, and then quickly into town, only three miles away.

WELL....what a shock!!!!!!! The only grocery store....and it IS a very nice one......is closed on Sundays!!!!!!! Guess we had not needed anything on Sundays before today.......so, at a local gas service station, I filled a bottle with propane in preparation for the predicted cold weather that was to arrive today. Then.....

Off we went up the road about 15 miles to the small town of Alpine. And yep.....they had a grocery store that was open....HURRAY!!! Soooo, we found the items we needed....and some we didn't really need....and then returned back to the RV Resort. By this time.......the winds were beginning to blow out of the north and west.....bringing down the colder air.

We went over to our lot, did some measuring again....in preparation for the ground to be leveled tomorrow morning..WE HOPE....and returned to TheHowserHouse(THH). Later on during the afternoon the 1st Lady fixed a great dessert, some french style green beans, and a fruit salad. About 5pm, we carried it all up to Mac/Gail's to accompany her meatloaf and her mac/cheese. Well.....the meatloaf was fantastic, as well as her mac/cheese......and with the additional guests of John and Revy, the dinner party of six was highly successful!!!! We dined al fresco on their patio and by the time we finished.....with the meal and with some fun conversation, it was beginning to get colder....and so we all returned to our individual "homes".

Tonight.....a low of 33 degrees is expected....tomorrow a high of 59...and tomorrow night....29 degrees!!!!! But, after tomorrow night, the temps are expected to moderate and return to fall-like days and evenings. The leaves continue to burst forth in their bright colors of autumn....and we have to make a quick trip up to the Palisades Lake to see them along the lakeside and the mountains around the lake. This is a MUST!!!!

This evening I also had a great Skype video call from one of our Cedar Creek RV Owners Club members. Sooooo great to talk with him....as I have the greatest respect for him and his wife.....and feel fortunate to be able to call them very good friends of mine!! The 1st Lady and I are looking forward to their retirement so we can make some trips together with them!!!

And sooooo, another day has slipped away from the number of days I have left. This stunning area of the country we are still enjoying certainly makes each day sooooooooo much more enjoyable. We are excited about our new property and look forward to make the necessary improvements in the upcoming development stages we will go through over the months and years to come. And......any other rver who reads this......please stop by when we are here, spend a night in the rv resort and let's get to know each other!!

And, as always on this blog.........

LIFE IS REALLY, REALLY GREAT!!!!!!.....And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 37, Sept. 19, 2009: Two day catch-up!!!

Yesterday......another great and beautiful day.......sure do wish they would continue, but a cold front is moving in over Sunday and Monday, so things will change a bit up here.

And, at 1:30pm yesterday afternoon, we are now officially land owners of a small bit of Wyoming!!! We closed on our purchase at that time......and so, we now have work to do to get this undeveloped lot cleaned up, leveled out, cement poured, landscaping done.....and tons of other things that we will need to do. However.....most of this will just have to wait until next June when we return up here.

Monday morning the park developer is go start leveling the lot for TheHowserHouse to rest on, as well as move the sewage drain to make it closer to where we will be parking THH. Soooo, we will be there to oversee this project and make certain everything is where we want it to be. Then, I plan to contact a concrete crew that is now working on a couple of other lots here in the park........I need to get some bids for the work we want done....as well as just consult with the guys who will be doing the work. I watched them at the site they are currently working on.....and, WOW.....they are soooo meticulous and such perfectionists!!!!! Sure hope we can afford them!

This afternoon, the 1st Lady and I pulled more weeds from the lot.....and we were stopped every 10 minutes or so by people passing by......all of them welcoming us to the neighborhood. People here in the resort are soooooooo friendly!!!!!! And, that is one of the reasons that we decided to purchase a lot here.......just soooo different than most resorts/rv parks. They seem sooo interested in us and we certainly enjoy meeting and talking with everyone!

This evening........Mac/Gail and the 1st Lady and myself went into Thayne for pizza. It is a very small town of 350 people.....but, I have never seen such a small community with sooooooo many places to eat!!! WOW.....sooooo unusual!!!! We ate at "Tootsie's"....a small pizza and pasta cafe.....and OMG, their pizza was some of the very best I have ever eaten!!!! Hand tossed pizza with such a wide array of toppings, and the flavors and crust were outstanding!!!!! Put this on your list of places to eat when driving through this small little town!!!!

Tomorrow, it is supposed to drop below freezing here....and we shall see how that affects the weather up here. Right now......the foliage is becoming just brilliant with the autumn colors...the bright yellows of the Aspen, the reds and oranges of many of the other trees and bushes......and all of this dotting the landscape of the mountains on the east of us....only about 3/4 of a mile away from the resort. Such a gorgeous sight when the sun is shining!!!!

When we will leave????? Well, the day is still not certain. We will see what occurs on Monday with the leveling project.....and then with our discussions with the concrete construction crew. We may not have time to wait for the concrete to be done.....forms, rebars, packing of the base, and the concrete to be poured......all done by the end of this week. We HAVE to begin the journey back to Missouri no later than Sunday, as we have to be home by Wednesday evening....the last day of September. That will give us only one week before we fly to Hartford, CT!!!!

And sooooo, I will close for tonight. No pictures.....just keeping too busy to get out and take some photos, but hope to do so tomorrow, if the sun is shining!!!!

As always.........

LIFE IS JUST REALLY INCREDIBLE!!!!!....And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rear view of Jackson Lake Lodge as the tourists look for wildlife as the sun sets over the Tetons

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The sun sets behing the Teton Mts.

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A moose the 1st Lady saw in back of Jackson Lake Lodge, prior to the next one I saw.

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A moose I saw last night at the Jackson Lake Lodge.....using 80X on my zoom, so it is quite fuzzy.

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Day 35, Sept 17, 2009: Back to Star Valley RV Resort......

Brrrr.....it was just a bit chilly this morning in Teton NP.....at the Colter Bay campground. I don't know the temp, but when I went outside to begin to pack TheHowserHouse, I instantly knew that it was a bit cold for shorts!

After a couple of hours: breakfast, getting the RV ready to tow down to Star Valley, packing up the inside for bumps, curves, and other unforeseen events on the highway as all breakables must be stored carefully, and in some instances, wrapped in towels, etc. for when we are going down the road. We pulled out of our slot on the campground loop....and slowly made our way around the curve in the loop as it was a very tight squeeze to get past other rv's with their slides sticking out into the road as I rounded the tight curve to the main street in the cg. But......by inching along, checking out the outside rear mirrors, and making slight adjustments to the angle of the truck as I went around the curve, we made it out successfully.

Next......I had to get in line for the sewage dump.........sort of like standing in line to use the restroom!!! Only three units ahead of me.....and they must not have had too much....errrr......crap, as they didn't take too long to get rid of it...haha!! And, then I had to swing by the general store as the 1st Lady needed to pick up a few items before we headed back south out of the National Park.

From the time we left the cg, until we pulled into Star Valley Ranch RV Resort.......it was EXACTLY to the minute.....two hours! The traffic was light....the day was gorgeous....and the last views of the Grand Tetons was absolutely stunning in the morning light!!!!! Remind me and I will tell you the meaning and story behind the naming of the Grand Tetons......hahahah.....thanks NormS for goosing me on this little story!!!!

AMAZING......I backed into the narrow squeeze of the rented site with the greatest of ease.......the easiest it has been the entire trip!!!! We got THH set up for living here for a few days.....and then.....the 1st Lady did some laundry as I finished cleaning up THH from the pine needles, mud, and other foreign objects that had somehow found their way inside and onto the floor and carpet. Soooooo........a general house cleaning was performed this afternoon by this sagging hulk of me!

And sooooo, we are back "home" in Star Valley. Tomorrow we are scheduled to close our purchase of our new rv site here at the resort.........and then we will be official Wyoming land owners!!!! Lots to do on the site....and as of tonight, we are still uncertain just how long we will remain here, or if we will go down to Utah to a couple of National Parks there. Depends on some answers I receive tomorrow during the closing..........

This past four days have been just beyond reality: the views, the mountains, the NP itself, the beautiful blue and oh-sooo clear waters of the Lakes, the incredible beauty of this Grand Teton National Park!!!!!! OMG....if you have not ever been here, you absolutely have no idea what you have been missing!!!!!!! Even with all of the unique things to see in Yellowstone, only a few miles up the road from the Teton NP........I still cast my vote VERY STRONGLY for Grand Teton NP as the most beautiful and enjoyable!!!!!! You MUST get out here and experience it......soon!!!!!

And so.......another few days of my ever shortening Life have gone soooo quickly!!!! However, as always............

LIFE IS JUST REALLY, REALLY INCREDIBLY GREAT!!!!!!......And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!!