Saturday, July 30, 2005

Father and son on the bank of the Wabash River Posted by Picasa

One of the many cool and shaded gardens in New Harmony Posted by Picasa

A few of the early New Harmony homes Posted by Picasa

The 1st Lady and son in front of a guest house Posted by Picasa

The original houses Posted by Picasa

A GRAND place for lunch! Posted by Picasa

Guess what...a real Michealangelo in the Library of New Harmony Posted by Picasa

The Roofless Church built in 1960 Posted by Picasa

The alter Posted by Picasa

At the Roofless Church Posted by Picasa

In the spiritual Labyrinthe Posted by Picasa

A day from the past...


A day of seeing some history…..New Harmony, IN. This is a little town of 800 people that I had never ever heard of before……a town that sits on the banks of the Wabash River which is the state border between Illinois and Indiana on the southern end of the state. It was formed in the EARLY 1700’s by an individual who purchased 20,000 acres to begin the town. He was a “visionary” who wanted to organize a “Utopian” community which would follow his ideas for society and community living…….what we now call a commune. He brought many intellectuals and educators with him down the Ohio River in a boat to assist with his plans for the town.

There is soooo much about this history that I cannot discuss, because I have lots of reading and self-study to do to learn and understand it more. I believe will lead you and me to some history about this town and the ideas of this society.

Anyway…many of the original buildings are still there, along with sooooo much to absorb concerning this community. It is now a community filled with artists, writers. And it has a thriving performing arts reputation there.

Lots of interesting shops filled with creations of some of the artisans in the area, along with many antique shops can be found on many of the tree-lined streets there. It is a really lovely little town that will hold the interests of everone who goes there.

There are several splendid restaurants to frequent…..and, guess what….we ate lunch at one of them, and it was excellent!!!!! Cooper House is worth a trip there just to savor their specialties….AND to eat some of those specialties!! Go do it!!!

Ran across a very good quote which I really think fits me, and many others:

“One of Life’s greatest joys
is eating with friends,
the second is talking about eating”

We came back to the cg….sunburned from the ride in Jay’s convertible. More red face and flapping skin for this OLD man….who now DOES look over ripe!!!

The 1st Lady fixed a grand dinner of a wonderful salad with dried cranberries, candied walnuts, fresh spinach, and a raspberry balsamic vinaigrette…..fresh corn on the cob, and a three cheese tortellini with chicken breast cubes smothered in a garlic alfredo sauce to make it creamy and caloric!!! A glass of my red medicine to assist in the digestion of this rich dinner made the meal incredible.

So, while I thought I had taken many pics in New Harmony, there weren’t that many too share with you….sorry dear friends.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Entrance to Kentucky's Audubon State Park Posted by Picasa

Audubon Park Museum Posted by Picasa

Burdette Park: Jay and 1st Lady at TheHowserHouse Posted by Picasa

ANOTHER day in Evansville.....


A gorgeous day here in southwestern Indiana! Breakfast was outside under the awning of TheHowserHouse…visiting with morning walkers as they passed by, coffee while listening and watching various birds around us, and planning the day. A splendid way to begin the day.

We drove over to Kentucky across a beautiful Ohio River and visited the Audubon State Park…..named in honor of the famous bird watcher/identifier who lived in the area. He also made marvelous drawings and paintings of sooooo many birds. Took a short walk thru some of the wooded area…..nice and cool under the green canopy of the tall trees.

Then it was back to Evansville and some shopping for the 1st Lady who needs some additions to her wardrobe. Bargains are beginning to surface as the summer begins to head into August!!

After Jeremy got out of the office, we went out to add a few more pounds to our aging bodies. Tonight it was Greek…….a great restaurant with great atmosphere along with wonderful food! Such great combinations of flavors in the dinners we ordered….

Back to the cg and the very, very quiet of the park at night! Love it!!!!!!!

A couple of pics from today will be sent your way….hopefully.

Hope your 24th birthday was a GREAT one, Andrew Gipson!! You are just one year short of being one-quarter of a century OLD!!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

TheHowserHouse in Evansville,IN


Arrived in Evansville, IN area early afternoon……however, it appears that some better cartographers are needed in making Indiana maps!!!! Even mapquest was wrong……it took us over an hour and several SHARP turn arounds to finally find the County Park…..Burdette Park. A real nice and clean park with RV camping , aquatic center, ball fields, mini golf, etc., etc. The price is good($18.00) for full hook-ups, so all that is needed are better instructions, better maps, and a better system for naming their roads in this area of the state.

After relaxing for a few hours and a walk thru the large park, Jeremy (our youngest son) arrived and before long we were being whisked around Evansville with the top of his convertible down and the blue skies above. A clean and neatly kept city of 110,000.….very impressive for this size of town which lies on the northern bank of the Ohio River.

He is the campaign manager for the Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress from the 8th District of Indiana. The candidate dropped by TheHowserHouse this afternoon to introduce himself and to meet us. A great guy with great looks and full of charm…..glad he is running and not me.

Went to dinner at a pizza and microbrewery in town. Wonderful specialty pizzas and very good dark brew!!!!!! Then off we went to the waterfront for a quick trip to the local casino where we dropped some cash, and we were not winners… usual.

Back to the Park…..found it this time w/out any difficulty. Still some strange ways to get here over some weird road connections.

Soooo, think I will let my body sink into the bed, read a new book, and enjoy the real quiet out here. And it IS quiet.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Playing catch-up w/the last few days......


After a busy, fun-filled evening last night,,,,,,this morning was a laid back,relaxing way to begin another day. Breakfast was at the hotel, and while the food was perhaps a bit below average and the coffee was made by dragging no more than two beans thru some hot water….it was very pleasant to sit and relax.

The 1st Lady and Rachel enjoyed to the max about two hours in the pool while I read the morning papers over the internet. As all of the family who had gone to St.Joe for the wedding were staying in the hotel…..many of the younger set also gathered at the pool and had some fun family time.

We left town around noon only AFTER I stopped at the local Starbucks for a very good cappuccino!!!! WOW…..sooooo good and dark! Then it was a dash across Missouri on hwy 36 over to Monroe City. It was 98 when we left and after the 170 miles , it was 105 when we arrived……soooo damn hot, but up here there is very little humidity since it is terribly dry. Not sure I have seen such brown dead grass in years and years……it is just awful.

Prior to driving out of St. Joe and AFTER I got my cappuccino…..we ran across a pickup that was selling fresh corn on the cob. For $3 a dozen, we bought two doz. And the boys thru in several extra. AND…tonight we had several ears with HOME “GRANNY” GROWN tomatoes as part of BLTs. (“granny” is the 1st Lady’s mother)……..SOOOOOO TASTY!!!!!! Can’t wait for some more tomorrow………my very favorite veggie.

Guess what……I can’t get on the net here….the cell service is on “extended”…and I can’t get on….damn it!!! So, I will go to the Library tomorrow to post this and read my email.
Someday I will have a system/technology where by I will not have to do the Library run.

So…..adios amigos for tonight.


A day without access to the internet. I went to the local Library here in town this morning to use their computer(s) but…..I “have to have a library card”. Sooo, I told the young man that I would fill out the application, or, rather he would have to fill it out for me since I couldn’t write. He did so and then he said I “would have to wait for 24 hours before I could get my card”. I got a bit upset but told him I would be back in the morning.

I had already argued that I couldn’t understand why it is necessary to have a card when every library I have been to in many towns and different states have allowed me, or anyone else, to use their computers. Lost the argument, tho. “Library rules and regulations.”

Soooo, the day went on by with the heat reaching 105 again today……about the same temperature that I had reached while in the library. Spent several hours….actually more like the entire afternoon reading a book.

Not anything of interest on tv this evening, so I pushed my ripening eyes to bulge and squint more by continuing to read all evening. GOOD book…..a Ken Follett novel “Hornett Flight”…..a story about WWII in Denmark and the Resistance that was organized there. Some of his novels are really good and, like many authors who write sooo prolifically, some of his writing is not that interesting. Hmmmmm, could that be applied to blog writers, too???? HAHAHA.


Sooo, after managing to pull my eyelids apart from all that reading yesterday, I got up, had my breakfast and percolator coffee…not too good…and shortly after 10AM I presented myself at the counter of the Library. THE Librarian told me I would not get a library card since I “didn’t live here”. The heat in the room became VERY hot as I stood there with smoke exiting from all possible orifices of my ripe and over heated body. I immediately took issue with her over this and I proceeded to tell her what a “negative aspect this rule was having on this little community”. I “discussed” how I had never run into this type of archaic rule in any library in all of the various states I had visited, etc., etc., etc. While I was presenting “my case” and supportive arguments, a lady came up and tapping me on my shoulder, stated to “Marian, the Librarian” that I could sign in to a computer under her name since she thought the rule was “ridiculous, too”.

“Marian” was flabbergasted….stunned, and beyond words. She had lost the verbal confrontation. She never said a word as the kind lady ushered me to her computer and pulled out the chair for me to sit down. I checked my ever-growing volumes of email, again thanked my unknown benefactor…who again said the rules at this Library were terrible and “outdated”, and left the Library and the dominating “Marian”. I intend to follow-up on this with a strong letter to the Editor of the News(paper).

(I did not think clearly enough…quickly…when “Marian” first denied me the card….because we do own farm acreage in this community!!)

I then went over to Quincy, IL to pick up some items for the 1st Lady’s mother. On my way out of town, she asked me to cash some checks at the bank for her, since she can no longer drive due to losing her eyesight this past year. The teller at the drive-thru asked me to sign under my mother-in-law’s signature, but as I held up my broken, casted arm, I said I couldn’t write. She just laughed and said, “You look like a trustworthy fellow.”, and gave me the money. Hmmmm, wonder why “Marian the Librarian” couldn’t see me that way???? HAHA!

Soooo, after purchasing the requested items in Quincy,,,,including some “algae eater” fish for her fish tank, I returned to my scheduled appointment with Ken Follett and his WWII discussion.

AND…..this afternoon the temp has dropped to 68 degress and IT IS RAINING in northern Missouri!!!!!

Hasta luego….(but not to you, “Marian”!!!)

Saturday, July 23, 2005

The O'Bryans Posted by Picasa

Sisters take the floor Posted by Picasa

3rd cousins: Jessica and Rachel Posted by Picasa

3rd cousins: Landry and Rachel Posted by Picasa

David and Ruth Posted by Picasa

PawPaw and Rachel Posted by Picasa

Grammy and Rachel Posted by Picasa

We LOVE to dance! Posted by Picasa

Rachel reay to dance Posted by Picasa

A wedding in record heat....

Heading for St. Joe, we left town at 6:30am. Picked up Rachel at 8 in Fenton and arrived in St. Joe at 1pm. Checked into the Holiday Inn downtown and the 1st Lady and Rachel hit the pool for a couple of hours

Went to the wedding, followed by dinner and dance/party at the local VFW. A good party…but by 9:30 Rachel was tired, so I brought her back to the hotel and got her to bed.

The heat broke all records here in St Joe and it just has not cooled down yet tonight! Is this a form of purgatory??????

Will try to get some pics posted tonight…….rather tired this evening, plus a few too many beers!


Friday, July 22, 2005

UGH....the heat wave continues!

Wow…another day of this unbearable weather. When will it ever end??? I had a few hours to spare this morning but it was sooo damn hot I didn’t even want to step outside! And, I didn’t.

Went to Farmington late morning to pick up a few items and then print some of the pics I took this summer on the trip out west. Then we went to spend the afternoon/early evening with Mike. He seems his usual jolly self and thngs appear to be going as well as possible for him.

Think things are in order for our quick jaunt to NW Missouri in the morning. As we are staying in a hotel and not TheHowserHouse, we can make quicker time driving across the state from almost one corner to the other diagonally. Dr. Jeni and family are not going as Darrel has been ill and has mucho work to catch up with in his new business. Sooo, we are taking Rachel w/us and then she will remain w/us as we go on to Monroe City.

I am not certain if I can get any posts made on Sun thru Tues., as cell phone service in Monroe City is VERY spotty…..AT BEST!!! What a rural area that is for cell phones!

Sorry….no new pics today…for those of you who are not readers, but enjoy looking at the photos. Will try to get a few tomorrow…….I miss taking them, too.

I am trying to understand just how I can get a permanent pic on the blogspot of TheHowserHouse. May have to get a computer guru to assist this aging man with this technology task…..????

Heyyyyy……Williams family in Osage Beach!!!!! Are you Alive?????

Ditto for “Cute Ass” Gipson??????? (not sure he qualifies for that name any more??)

Must get a few more things done, soooo Adios Amigos!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

A day in a cool HowserHouse..

My God….but what a HOT day!!!! By noon, the heat index for Fredtown was 110 degrees…..whew. I barely got out of the cool, cool house…except to run to the store for some vital vittles.

Spent most of the day doing research here on the net…….travel, rving, camp grounds, etc., etc…….including a lot of reading about rving in Mexico from the many, many who have done this and who have posted their wonderful experiences while there. My mouth is watering to head down as quickly as the 1st Lady retires and fall 2006 arrives.

We have redesigned our travel plans for TheHowserHouse-on-wheels. We leave here this Saturday for St. Joe, then to Monroe City on Sunday. On Wed we return here….load TheHowserHouse with food, and go to Evansville, IN. We will stay there until the following Monday, Aug. 1, and leave that day for Osage Beach. Reservations are made at the cg on hwy 42 for three nights…..soooo, Mike and Merrie…leave one evening open to visit TheHowserHouse.

Where we go from there…….who knows as of now?????? We have to be in Columbia, IL on the 14th of Aug. for a wedding…..Chris Stevens…former student from F’town. Another former student who was a band member, Christoph, who was a foreign student from Germany, is flying over for the wedding. Looking forward to seeing and visiting w/him!!

For those of you who continue to ask: the arm continues to produce large quantities of pain each day…guess I just try to use it tooooooo much. I HATE being a semi-invalid!!! Four more weeks of this cast…… Things not easy as yet: eating w/left hand and attempting to write w/left hand.

Spent the evening selecting pics to have printed…..what a task!!! How does one decide which of soooo many summer pics to print????

Until later…..(hasta luego)(???)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005