Tuesday, March 30, 2010

SPRING arrives...and our Tulip Tree is in bloom!!!!

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Close-up shots of the Tulip Tree

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The 120 mile journey completed without a scratch as it now sits in Dr. Jeni and Darrel's home.

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Tues, Mar 30, 2010: Staying overnight at Dr. Jeni's.......

Spring Is HERE!!!!!.....hopefully! It was a beautiful day......up in the low 70's......and felt like SPRING!!! We took care of some of the things around the stick and brick before we left.....heading up to Monroe City via Dr. Jeni's home for tonight.

We left late morning and got here early afternoon......and shortly thereafter, Darrel called me and said that the piano movers were going to bring my/her piano to the house this afternoon and set it up. Sooooo, I saw it leave my house on Saturday.......and got to be here when it arrived at Dr. Jeni's home this afternoon.

And.....they arrived a bit before 3pm......and it took these two guys very little time to put it all back together once again.......and to get it positioned where she had told me she wanted it. I immediately tried it out.....and do not believe that it lost any of it's tuning during the trip, the storage, and being loaded into a large truck twice before arriving here. Meghan got home before they left and so for the next hour she worked on what I had taught her at an earlier time.....and then I also showed her how to play a major scale on it......excited she was, and still, is to have this piano there in her home.

The rest of the afternoon and early evening was spent with the kids, as the 1st Lady picked up Max and Ava from the sitter's house.....and then they all had to "practice" on the piano!!! This evening......we all watched American Idol.......and before it was over, Dr. Jeni arrived back here. On Tuesday's she has her dental offices open from noon until 7pm.....to allow those who work the an opportunity to not have to miss their jobs for dental problems.........as they can come in the evenings.

A good day.........and, as always......

LIFE IS JUST REALLY, REALLY GREAT!!!!!!......And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

A few pictures from Jay and Anne-marie's wedding in Mobile, Alabama

Wedding Reception in the "tent" in the blocked street in front of the Museum of Mobile

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After the wedding in the Museum of Mobile: Dr. Jeni, Meghan, Max, Ava, and Darrel

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Anne-marie and Jay greeting guests in the Foyer of the Museum of Mobile at the reception

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Chrisha and John; Arica, my sister Christie and her husband, David the reception in the Museum of Mobile

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Meghan and "Dad"/Darrel enjoy a dance together in the Museum of Mobile.

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Jay and Anne-marie with the 1st Lady and myself....prior to leaving the Museum of Mobile for their hotel in the antique car.

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Anne-marie and her twelve bridesmaids......ready to walk down the aisle. Each dress was different by choice, but all in some shade of gray.

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One of my favorite pics from the Wedding Week........Darrel and Dr. Jeni

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Monday, Mar 29, 2010: Beautiful day......for working!

Ahhh......this morning I was really excited by the gorgeous day that was forecast....and my excitement continued all day!!! Yep......bright blue sky, a few winds, and the temps rising to the low 60's!!! WOW......could Spring actually be here???

Soooo, what work did I do today???? By mid-morning, after the morning rituals and the most important part......my French Roast coffee.......I opened up the RV...and began to finish the job of getting it cleaned, swept, tiles washed, bathroom cleaned, sinks cleaned, screws tightened all throughout the interior(LOTS of them inside), heat vents in the floors were vacuumed out with all of the dust bunnies and pennies/dimes/toothpicks that had managed to hide in there, .....and, other odds and ends which needed to be completed inside so that when the time does come to go again, it WILL be ready...inside. Outside......well, that needs to wait until next week when the temps will be in the mid-70's.....so we have been told!

And, believe it or not, this took most of the remainder of the day! I was not hurrying.....it was just too nice to start watching a clock to make sure I had enough time to finish everything.......it didn't really matter as I have next week to complete it. I even got most of the basement storage emptied and put away!!!

And.....late this afternoon, the 1st Lady decided to leave tomorrow to go visit her mother, along with me.....and also have a small visit with Dr. Jeni and Darrel and the kids. Then.......Darrel called and we are going to run by their country home tomorrow, as the piano which was in our living room is to be delivered tomorrow afternoon and he has to run down to Nashville, TN and won't be back until late tomorrow night. Sooooo, I saw the piano go out my door......and tomorrow I will see it brought back into Dr. Jeni and Darrel's home....and set up there. Hmmmm.......interesting how this all worked out!

I desperately need to get my 67 hairs on my head trimmed tomorrow morning before we go, but I can almost place a bet that there will not be enough time to get it done! We need to be at their home by 2pm....and it takes about 2.5 hours to drive up there. Then....I think we will drove on up to Monroe City tomorrow evening......perhaps!

Late afternoon, I spent a couple of hours working on the Picasa Web Album for the wedding pictures......adding a ton of them to that album, so if you received an invitation to view this web album a few weeks ago......return and check out the ones that I have placed in there.......trying to get them in order, but not entirely successful! Below is the link to what I hope will take you to the Wedding Album online in my Picasa albums.


This evening we were surprised as our good friends, Sue and Dave, dropped by after having had a busy day. So......we had some wine and/or tea.....and watched tv as we chatted. We hadn't seen them since they left Panama City Beach, FL on the second day that we were there. Soooo, we lots and lots of talk to catch up on........GREAT to see them.

This little blog is a bit disjointed tonight.......and I really have many things to discuss, but it will just have to wait until another time. AND.....MOST IMPORTANTLY, I will most likely not have any Wifi for the next few days. The 1st Lady's mother definitely does not have any available, but I may run over to Hannibal and use the free Wifi at the Quality Suites Hotel there, as I have done in the past.

And so, after a busy day, but not a harried one........as always.....

LIFE IS JUST INCREDIBLY GREAT!!!!!......And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our stick/brick living room withOUT the baby grand piano sitting in the corner of the room!

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Sat and Sun: Mar 27 and 28, 2010: What can I say.....?????


WOW......I had to get my sagging hulk of Me out of the bed and ready to open the front door for the piano movers......."sometime between 8am and 12 noon".....was the time they said they would arrive! However, at right about 8:30 I heard a vehicle door close, looked outside and there was the St. Louis Piano Movers Co truck sitting in front of the house.......and, this rather old looking woman approaching the front door.

Yep.....it was them!!!! And....."them"....means only TWO people, a young man of about 20 years old and this lady who was in her 50's, to say the least......and who turned out to be the mother of the young man! Well......I was abit taken back as I expected more people to move my baby grand piano from our house to their truck. WRONG!!!! It was going to be only these two people of varying ages and health to move my HEAVY piano!!

Well......wrong I was in my thinking......they were QUITE COMPETENT!!!!! It took them almost two hours to pack each part of the piano: piano top/lid, bench, three legs, small parts, pedals.....and each item was packed in those thick and heavy furniture pads, taped, and ID'd all parts to arrive at Dr. Jeni's home. The reason???????? This is a national piano moving company and they travel all over the country picking up pianos, moving them to their LARGE warehouse in Sullivan, MO, and then loading them again in the semi-trucks that are going in the direction that that various pianos are being shipped to.......AMAZING!!!! I had no idea it was such a huge operation. However.......with only the two of these people, they turned that piano on it's side, removed the legs/pedals, etc......and in less than two hours it was in the truck with many, many other pianos from as far away as Florida.......where this truck load of pianos began picking up pianos and ours was the very last one on the truck.

And sooooo, after 30 years or so, it was on it's way to Dr. Jeni's home and the use of my grandchildren there as they take piano lessons. Rachel, our other granddaughter living in Cape G. already has a piano.....and has been taking lessons for almost a year. Will I miss it????? Probably, but not daily. Only perhaps around Christmas time when I did play it from time to time. But......it is time to pass it on to those who can use it every day.....and not just once in a while.

The rest of the day??????? I spent it in the RV.....CLEANING!!!!!! I cleaned the fridge, took out all shelves, and washed every down closely....using a toothbrush and anti-mildew sprays to really get down in the cracks to clean it up. Most of my efforts were in the kitchen, however, I now have to do the bedroom and the den/living room. THAT will be tomorrow, I hope.

Last night......a bit of tv......and some reading of items/mags that I am behind on reading. And then....off to bed!


This morning, the alarm clock awakened me at 6AM.....and after the morning rituals, we were soon on our way out the door and soon driving down to Cape G. We spent the morning with Becky and in visiting Mike until shortly after lunch. In Cape, we stopped at Sam's Club....and then after buying more than we had anticipated purchasing, we returned to F'town about 4pm......and soon we had a small lite supper.......and I have been watching the Amazing Race......a show that I have watched for years....and still love it!!

It was cool, rainy, and windy today, but tomorrow????? Clear and bright and the temps in the low 60's, however......as the week progresses, it should rise to the middle 70's......FINALLY......YEAH!!!!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!

And....with that good news........

LIFE IS JUST REALLY, REALLY GREAT!!!!!!!......And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!