Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A quick drive to NASHVILLE...

A very busy morning......had to dash to Farmington to have my 69 graying hairs trimmed back a bit.....doesn't take very long as my "hairdresser" can clip those few hairs very, very quickly!! Then a quick stop in Sears, and another quick drive back to F'town. Drove thru a car wash to remove the dirt and grime of the past few weeks, home to clean the inside a bit, threw some clothes into a bag(getting so I dislike having to pack a bag...would rather go to my closet in TheHowserHouse on wheels......and before much longer the 1st Lady was home from school. Loaded the car and then one of the other science teachers arrived at the stick and brick and we headed for TN. It only took a bit less than 5 hours to drive down there......and a very easy drive.

Not a problem locating the hotel.....checked in....and then the science educators in my car were deposited at the Opryland Conference Center to register for the National Conference. And.....finally we were off to dinner deciding to stay in the area. So.....we ate at the Santa Fe restaurant.......a place the 1st Lady and I had eaten back in 2004 when Jeremy was working here in Nashville as the researcher for Al Gore's Presidential Campaign. His national headquarters was here in town and so Jeremy moved here after he had graduated from Auburn University and was hired by Gore. The food was very good.......a relaxed type of place where you can just toss your peanut shells on the floor.

Back at the hotel now......and anxious to get out and about tomorrow while the science nerds(don't tell the 1st Lady I said that!!!) are at the Conference. Lots to do and see here.....and I intend to do and see as much as possible in the next 2.5 days. On my plans are a shopping trip to Camping World.....actually just up the street from the hotel!!!! Weather looks good for the next couple of days, too!!! was the golf game this morning out there in Californialand???? Andrew......guess by now you have signed your life away on your first house.....WOW.....that IS exciting!!! Linda....can't believe you stayed in bed until 5am this morning!!!!

Sooooo, before I get myself in trouble talking to a few of you on here tonight......(I've had a small glass of my dark red medication)....I will close this.

Life is GOOD (I'm traveling!!!!!!)......and I hope it is good for all of you, also.

Gaylord Opryland Hotel entrance....

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Tree of Lights towering over regular trees on hotel drive

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Gaylord Hotel lights

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

COLD....WINDY.....normal November in Missouri

NO sun....but cold in the mid-30's, very windy and damp!!! I spent an hour outside this morning......removing ALL the limbs and sticks and twigs from the storm on Sunday evening.....and it took the entire hour just to haul all of them away by the wheelbarrows full!!! least we have trees still standing after the horrendous winds!

I came inside about mid-morning for another cup of steaming Fr. Roast coffee and suddenly the door opened and the 1st Lady came hurrying inside, looking a bit worse for the wear....and then I realized she was as white as a sheet(a white one). She had left school very ill.....another migraine, the second one within one week. Sooo, off to bed she went, I changed rooms and ends of the house so she could have the needed peace and quiet to let the medications jump in and take affect. By late afternoon/early evening, she had recovered and was deep into lesson preps for the next 2.5 we go to Nashville tomorrow afternoon.

So, this old man spent some time doing some genealogy research......a life-long hobby of mine. It does take soooo much time because once I get going on a clue.....I don't want to stop. And then.....the 1st Lady gets all over me because of all the paperwork and books and notes scattered all over our study/office. She dislikes clutter....anywhere. Oh well.....

I went ahead and gave my five students their lessons.....she was feeling a bit better by that time, so she told me to go ahead. was a quick sandwich supper, some planning as to what I am taking for the rest of the week.....clothes AND my very important tech equipment: lappie, extra battery, digital camera and its charger, cell phone and charger and car charger, and cable for cell-to-lappie because I am doubting that we have wifi at the not-so-happy-about hotel the school made reservations for in Nashville close to Opryland area. Oh well.......should have planned to take TheHowserHouse!!!

Then.....watched The Amazing Race!! WOW.....I certainly love this tv program!!!!!!! My only objection this time is they are not traveling around the world and having those marvelous experiences that only international traveling around the world will allow you to have! And.....having traveled in 41 countries I have a bank full of worldly experiences.....I LOVE TRAVELING!

Soooooo, the day ends....ooops!!!! I forgot.....after Doug Shrader of the CCRVOC wrote about eating and our health......I baked a few more peanut butter cookies tonight!!!!! I hope his little article is CORRECT!!!

Life is GREAT......and I hope for all of you, also!!

Monday, November 28, 2005

A day of cleaning.....

The Monday after the Turkey Day........and the day to do laundry, put away little toys that were hiding inbetween the pillows and in the cracks of the sofas, vacuum up the nut shells and crumbs from the grandkids snacks, and get mop the kitchen floor.

After painting yesterday, the old broken arm from this summer was giving me fits all day. Went back to working out the left hand to do many of the tasks......and while it made all the tasks take longer, things were completed as planned.

This evening I went to the local City Council meeting. VERY interesting!!!! I am being arm-twisted to run for the city council......which is NOT in my plans for the coming years. But......I went to observe the meeting and came away a bit pissed at a few things that are happening, or should I also say....not happening. Oh well.......I am beginning to feel like I have fought enough battles in my public and professional life and that I just don't need any more battles during this Lifetime!

Came back, not tooo late, and baked a half dozen peanut butter cookies.......I just hadn't had my infusion of calories today so that I could complain about the weight pulling my aging body downwards. Soooo, I took on a few more calories to validate my sagging body!!!!!!

Many things to get done tomorrow......and then pack a few clothes to head down to Nashville about noon on Wednesday. It usually takes about 4 hours to get there from here......a few toooo many two lane roads to make any good time, even when driving the 1st Lady's Park Avenue. But...will be there for dinner that evening without a problem.

While the 1st Lady is attending the conference, I plan to do some shopping as we will be staying VERY close to Opry Mills and the other attractions in that area. Also want to spend a bit of time at Camping World while in the neighborhood....might have to pick up a few "needed" items. I struggle with this sagging body.......

Life is Good......and I hope for all of you, also!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Gloomy, stormy, tornado warnings and watches..

THIS is NOVEMBER....the end of the Thanksgiving weekend......and here we are still having tornados dropping down around us(a few miles west of us), high winds, warm muggy weather, and thunder/rain/lightning!!!! This has got to come to a closure.....soon! NOT that I want the cold, frigid snows and ice storms...but it is time to do away with all of these "spring" storms. GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!!!! Yep......I'm a firm believer in this.....I guess change is never easy to accept.......

Today....a quick run to the early service at the local Methodist Church. A new minister last week......still has the humor after a week of being here, however......I am beginning to feel like the early morning "praise" service is evolving into more of a traditional service. I'M NOT BEING CRITICAL.......just honest.

Picked up the STL Post-Dispatch....have to get the local tv guide out of the paper.......and then I decided as warm as it was that it was time to put a coat of primer on the remaining part of the interior of the garage that is now completely repaired. Sooooo, after a couple of hours of rolling paint above my head and down the walls, I got the primer on..........and on me, also! just a couple of coats of paint and we can begin to put things back in order.......AFTER, I repeat....AFTER I throw away LOTS of stuff that have been stored in the garage for eons of time, and it is just crap that we haven't used for those same eons of time. If we haven't used that crap for a year....then it will disappear VERY SOON!!! The 1st Lady and I will have some confrontations over some of these boxes filled with whatever, but I WILL PREVAIL!!

Dinner was mid-afternoon before Jeremy left. He finally got away around 5pm headed for Evansville, Indiana. He had a campaign event just north of Terre Haute, but decided to not attend another dinner and speech event.

This evening....well, watched a bit of Sunday evening television: Hallmark Hall of Fame was my main show for the evening. It was good, but a bit predictable....especially the last 5-10 minutes of the program. I don't think it was as good as some of their productions.

I had better close.......the winds are getting up, and the lightning is getting closer to the top of our hill!! Time to unplug all the electrical things in the house. We have lost three tvs, four phones, etc., etc. to lightning up here.....and we didn't even have the lightning strike the house or close by. Just is strong enough to knock out all of these various things a big cost to us. Soooo, don't want to lose this little lapwarmer that I am using right now!!

Sooooo.....Life is GOOD, and I hope for all of you, also!!!!!! (Texas Cedar Creek members.....enjoyed your pictures a lot!!!!)

Saturday, November 26, 2005

A day with family....and nothing else!! WAS a day with family here in the stick and brick......and that was GREAT. We just ate, talked, changed diapers, watched a bit of tellie, and played some games. Jeremy left mid-afternoon for a party with some of his friends in St Louis.

The 1st Lady and I then watched the two little ones as Dr. Jeni and Darrel went out to dinner with friends of theirs and then to a few clubs afterwards. Hence.......we were up and AWAKE until sometime after midnight.....not certain when they returned as I was in and out of reality by that time. We just had to make certian that Ava was bottled fed when necessary so we couldn't go to bed until late. excuse for not writing last night. I know, I know......I always have said: "Excuses are for losers, Solutions are for those who are going to be successful". But......I am using an excuse to cover my non-action on this little blog.

Today.....this is a slow, gray, gloomy morning with everyone in the house arising very, very slowly. And.....I don't blame them(us). Sooooo, as I go make another pot of French Roast coffee.......I will close this "Excuse Blog" for the time being......

Yeah....Life is GOOD.....even if Life is slow to awaken this morning!!! More later.....


The title above is sooooo true: The family here in the stick and brick spent the day together........enjoying each other, and enjoying the youngest member.....6 month old Ava!!! I feel as if I have done nothing but sit on my ass and eat........ever since Thursday!!!! Today was no, I am now an official Blob!
NOT Blog....but Blob. And......oh woe is me.....this is the beginning of the many party month.....all with food and drink and calories.......Good God!!!

Soooo, tomorrow it is veggies, veggies, and just more veggies. Sooooo, as I sit here as a blob blogging....I say to all:

Life is Good......and I hope for all of you, also!!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving at TheHowserHouse

The 1st Lady was up and at um this morning before I pulled my body out of bed this morning. Stuffing to get in the big bird's rear, and a million other things that couldn't be done before this morning. With she and I having specified duties to perform in order to get the annual turkey dinner done the morning went by VERY quickly.

Dinner was finally served in the garden/patio room......lots of great sunlight streaming in onto the small feast through the bank of windows which overlooks the patio. It was a beautiful day, but the northern winds blew stronger with each other delivering the much colder weather to southeast Missouri as the afternoon waned.
As usual, there was WAY TOOOOOO much food for just the few of us........earlier I had turned on the refridgerator in TheHowserHouse sitting in the driveway so we could use it for the left-overs(such an unglorious name for wonderful, delectables that didn't get consumed). And we did!!!! Roasted turkey that was just perfect, dressing using fresh (still growing) herbs in my herb garden just off of the patio, mashed potatoes and gravy, candied sweet potatoes, noodles, green beans, candied cranberries, hot rolls, pumpkin pie, banana bread, and apple-cranberry crunch. Yep......wayyyyy toooooo much food for this aging body.

After the HUGE cleanup......MY chore.......we got the little ones a bit settled(for a few minutes), and then decided to play the Mexican Train Ride game. It was the first time for Dr. Jeni and Darrel and they both really like it!!! Meghan attempted to join in from all sides of the table........just a bit young at 5 years.

After a bit more food for the evening meal, it was "Survivor" time on one tellie and "NEMO" on the another tellie at the other end of the stick and brick. As soon as this writing is completed the Mexican Train is set to go again.....the ladies of the house are certain to try to get their revenge on us guys...who won the previous game.

Sooooo, I am five pounds belt is on the notch at the end, and I just ate toooo damn much!!!!
I hope everyone had a great family day.......because:

Life is GREAT.......and I hope for all of you, also!!!!

Let's EAT.....Pawpaw!!!! Come on!

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A break in the Mexican Train ride.....

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I LIKE this game!!

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Can I play, too???

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Ava is a lapful!!

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Dr. Jeni and family: Darrel, Meghan, and little Ava

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

'Twas the night before.......Turkey Day!!!

Hmmmm....this has been a LONG day for me. The 1st Lady had to have some blood tests run in Farmington this 6:45AM!!! UGH!!! Soooo, I was up at 5:15 this morning as she has problems staying up and going when she gives blood........she PASSES OUT!!! So, I had to drive her up and back.......and when we left for the hospital this morning she said she thought she was getting one of her migraines. And....she did. By the time we had returned home and she left for school this morning.....she was in bad shape. Sooo, not too long later she was home and in bed and had taken some of her migraine meds. By mid-afternoon, she had knocked the migraine and was up and going....albeit very slowly.

While she was under the weather......I just hung out and did some cleaning quietly so as to not disturb her. Later we managed to finish thawing the turkey, baked a pumpkin pie, a cranberry-apple crunch, and some banana bread.

I ran to the SuperCenter to finish getting a few items that are needed for tomorrow.......the new WalMart was looked like the Christmas Eve. Ran into many former students who are home for the Holiday and so I spent a lot of time visiting with them while I was shopping.

Dr. Jeni, Darrel, Meaghan, and Ava arrived around 7:30pm. It is only about a two hour drive from the Moser Estate and they like to travel when it is dark so the girls will sleep in the car. Jeremy had called from Indiana and said he was going to stop in Farmington at a club to see some of his friends before he comes on down here this evening.

Soooooo, it IS the night before Turkey Day.......and all is well here at the stick and brick. I hope that everyone has a GREAT Thanksgiving well as the entire Holiday weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

Life IS Good......and I hope for all of you, too!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hmmmm....what the hell did I do today????

The above title.....well, it pretty well sums up my day. The day just slipped by me......much like the past 62 years have just slipped by me.....UGH!!! Spent this morning, sipping French Roast coffee and reading the newspapers online: NY Times, Washington Post, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Fired Up Missouri, and a few snippets from some others.

A bite of lunch and then I decided to do a bit of laundry.......with the kids and grandkids arriving tomorrow the linen closet in the bathroom needed replenishing with fresh towels, etc., etc. After that....I quickly discovered that many, many of my long sleeved shirts had not been ironed since last spring. Well......I am one that does not particularly enjoy wearing a good shirt that has lost its ability to not have wrinkles after a wash. Soooo, into the spare bedroom closet I went......and came out with about 17 shirts that needed some tender loving care.....a bit of a warm iron to rub and caress their tender threads. Soooo, I spent some time doing just that.

Then......very quickly, it was music lesson time for my five talented students. Like I have said, it is enjoyable to work with others in assisting them to learn the joys of it on the beginning level or the advanced level like one young many that I have. He simply soaks up my advice like a sponge.......with him 30 minutes is just not long enough for either of us. I also have a mom.......a lady here in town who is attempting to return to her pianistic abilities of her younger days.....even tho she is NOT even 40. And.....she, too, is just eating up all that I give her to practice and study. It is these type of students that make it sooooooo enjoyable!!

Dinner was red medicine and a delicious salad of baby spinach and other veggies, along with some diced boiled eggs sprinkled over the top of the salad after the balsamic vinegerette had "dressed" up the salad. Oh yeah......some candied walnuts were also sprinkled over the salad.......sweetness and the acidity of the dressing.......yummmmy!! was time for the latest episode of The Amazing Race!!!! Good I do wish that Weaver family would lose out!!!!!!!!!!! I sure don't believe their brand of Christianity is the same type that I enjoy and have been a part of all my Life. Plus......well, I just don't wear my on my shirt sleeve, as my mother used to say. But.....we are all different and I am NOT intolerant to them, or anyone else. There is plenty of room on this old globe for all of us and all of our religions and all of our opinions.......right???? I think so!

I keep in touch with soooooo many really new FRIENDS that I have made through our RV club.....and so it is always soooo much fun to check during the day with our website and my email to see what is happening in everyone's daily life. Many of us have been very busy......spending quite a bit of we organize ourselves into a somewhat differently structured rv club than what has been available to us in the immediate past. The basis for the club is.....ownership of a Cedar Creek RV....that is the brand of rv for those of you who aren't avid rvers!! We have a wonderful time when we get together at different rallies and are always counting the days until we can meet again. But.....the camaraderie(sp?) is fantastic.......and the support that everyone gives to others, is difficult to describe how great this is!!!!!!

Soooo, another day slipped I said above. Tomorrow is prep day for TURKEY DAY!!!! More pounds to add to my expanding and aging body.......UGH!!!! But.....................

Life is GREAT.......and I hope for all of you, also!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Will the yard EVER get put to bed???

Yeah.....the title is correct!!! I was up at 7am.....had my Fr. Roast coffee in the warmth of the stick and brick, and then I waited patiently until the sun low in the southern horizon sufficiently warmed the air before I ventured outside. I had been carrying around in the back of my truck several boards of various lengths to use under the tires to keep TheHowserHouse on an even keel when we, I took them out and stored them in the "basement" of TheHowerHouse.

Changed my shoes and jeans and donned some grass-stained work clothes and after a couple of hard tugs, I got the and crunch and mulch machine purring.....even in the cool, cool air of the morning. Before long I was hard at it mulching the leaves on the south half of the yard........a task that requires setting the mower low to the ground and even then going over the same area a couple of times to get about 95% of the fallen leaves. The day turned a bit warm....and then the winds came and it was a race against the winds to keep all of the leaves in their place until Icould run over them a couple of times. But.....believe the worst is over......aren't you glad???? Now you won't have to read about all of this mundane stuff again.....hehehee!!

More time was spent storing some outdoor furniture and pillows in the shed for their long winter's hibernation. Of course, once I unlocked the little storage shed....I found myself wondering what was stored in ALL of the boxes in there......and so, I spent some time rummaging thru a few of them. Ahhhhh....the beauty of being a father: storing STUFF for all of your children!!!! None of them live here, but oh yes......we still have LOTS of their things that can NOT be thrown away!!!! Does that sound familiar to anyone???? If not, you must be tooo young to have grown children.....because, let me warn WILL happen to you, too!

Supper was just that.....supper. A surprise visitor, Andrew Gipson, stopped by after managing to kill a deer out on his family's estate. I am very surprised and shocked that he remembered how to reach my stick and has been sooooooooo long since he has been here. But we had a brief visit for about 45 minutes before I had to leave for a Board of Education monthly meeting. Talk centered around his upcoming marriage, his newly purchased home, furnishings, and a few wedding plans.

I was at the Bd. meeting for just over three hours. The agenda was not that involved, however, there is always more to the meeting than just what is on the printed agenda........always.

Soooo, is recall time for me: trying to remember what I did today so I can write about it......hahha!!

I have been involved lately with the Cedar Creek RV Owners Club.......a newly formed national organization that will be overseen by officers and a board of directors. This is a different concept from the older club and will allow for more representation of all the members,.... and issues can be voted up or down, depending on the will of the members. As we all know.....this allows for a better flow of opinions, creativity, and fairness in making decisions that affect all of the members.

Soooo, it is getting a wee bit late....and I still have some things to prepare for tomorrow.....

Life is GOOD (how can it not be?).....and I hope it is for all of you, too!!!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Anyone miss me not posting last night?????

Well....why did I not post last night???? You know....that is a great question..and I really can't answer it. I simply got off the sofa and went to bed......and just forgot ALL of you out there in cyberspace!!!! COULD I have done that????? This is becoming a little frightening to my 62 year old mind slipping??? Am I descending into some stage of my memory blanking out on me???? I KNOW that I am forgetting some things......little things that are of recent memory. Oh all of the other older generation, I can remember WAY back into my Life, but the recent things just disappear. Wonder why that is???? Need to do some self-studying about this issue.......

Soooo, yesterday: Went to visit Mike.....and then stopped at the SuperMart in Desloge and spent quite a bit of time with the 1st Lady doing some Christmas looking/shopping. Also.....picked up a big bird for this coming Turkey Day. It is a really nice SuperMart.....fairly new and very clean and brightly lit. THAT is good for aging eyes!!! Hey.....why am I talking about age in this post.....hmmmmm.......(can't remember....hehehee)....

Came on home, had a small supper(NOT dinner), and then watched a bit of the tellie, read some in the current novel that I am involved in, watched a bit more tellie.....and then as I said: Got up and went to bed!!!


The alarm went off toooooo early for me. We went to early church this morning.....the local Methodist Church has two services and we enjoy the early contemporary service. Today....the new minister was here for the first time, so it was introductory time for him and his family and all of us. He seems very pleasant, has a great sense of humor, but.....hmmmm, how do I phrase this diplomatically???? His sermon was more on the style of the second service......guess that is the best way to say it. It was fine....nothing wrong with that, but just not what we have "normally" had for the past few years. Oh yeah.......don't get upset, I am reserving any other thoughts until he settles in.....and WE adjust!!!! Not an easy thing for either him or us.......

Dinner was good.....and took my meds early today....hahaha. Just one glass full since we ate around 2pm. Broasted herbed chicken, wild rice prepared in chicken broth, and glazed carrots with large round loaf of Neo- Tuscan Bread that I picked up at the local grocery.

Spent some time reading the STL paper, watching some talking political heads on the tellie, and then a bit of time working on the new Cedar Creek Owners Club. WOW..........I found myself awakening about 5pm.....had fallen asleep like some old 62 year old could that have happened????? HAHAA....which, you say??? Become an old 62 year old man.....or fall asleep???? Well......hahhaa, can't answer that question because I wonder about BOTH of them myself!!! The 62 year old question probably probes deeper in my mental cavity than the other.......because I sure as hell don't feel 62.....and I sure as HELL don't know how I reached that age soooooo rapidly!!!!!???? I guess because I spend sooooo much time enjoying LIFE.......and it just flies by because of that........

Soooo, I apologize for ignoring all of you last night........and as always:

LIFE IS GOOD!!!!! And, I hope for all you, also!

(Remember: Success comes in Cans......Failure comes in Can'ts)

Friday, November 18, 2005

BUSY!!!! And an interesting day...

Up early...for me.....this morning as I had to have the truck in the Ford dealer service shop this morning by 8am. While in Memphis this past weekend, the window on the the driver's side (MY side) stopped moving. Thank God it was all the way UP.....especially after we had soooooo much rain early this week. Plus....the little switch that moves my side mirrors quit working. This switch was not that much trouble, but the window was a pain in the ass, to put it very bluntly!!! Soooo, after two hours of drinking the weakest coffee I have ever poured into a cup (while in the waiting area), and after paying a $345 bill for repairs, I returned home......knowning that the 1st Lady would come unglued when she saw the amount of the bill (and she did!).

So.....a bit of reading the newspapers and another cup of REAL coffee and I hit the yard......mowing and mulching the leaves. Spent three and a half hours on that little job, but it was a decent day to be outside, albeit a bit chilly.

Then after the 1st Lady returned home from the classroom, and after she came back down to earth after seeing the amount of the repair bill, we went out to dinner at a local eatery. This place has EXCELLENT catfish on Friday nights.....and it is all you can eat, which make it even better!!

Returned the 1st Lady to our place on the hill, and then left for the high school to attend a town meeting of irate citizens who are fed up with the rising utility rates in the town, and to listen to a presentation by the loca electric coop on their offers to buy the city's electric business. At the end of the meeting, I was pressed to run for Mayor.....hmmmmm......not in my plans for the remaining years of my life.......and so then I was arm twisted to run for the CityCouncil from my ward......again, not in my plans or goals. Soooo, it was very heart warming to realize that others felt like I was the person that could get some changes made in the city......but my heart is just not in it to return to the political arena. Last year when I ran for the Missouri House of Representatives was quite enough to satisfy my yearnings for a political office!!!!

Soooo, I know the phone will begin ringing, the letters will begin to arrive, and wherever I go in town, I will be pushed and coerced to jump into the ring......once again. Hmmmmm.......perhaps I should leave town??? HAHAHA.....

Sooooo, the day is over. What will tomorrow bring?????? I haven't the foggiest!!!

Life is GOOD!!!!!.....and I hope for all of you, also!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hmmmm....what happened to yesterday????

WOW.....I woke up this morning and all of a sudden I realized that I hadn't written my thoughts and actions for yesterday.....CRAP!!!! I just simply sat my you-know-what on the sofa and by 10pm, my body was crying loudly for the LOUDLY that I gave in and laid this aging carcass on the bed and was gone. Sooo....

Yesterday....I had some errands in the local city center (nice sound for a small, rural community), and then returned to the brick and stick and quickly remembered that I hadn't finished removing all the items in the pantry in TheHowserHouse......and the temps were predicted to get ohhhh sooooo low. I quickly grabbed a basket and began to carry in things from the pantry, the bathroom, and the basement that might not enjoy get a bit frozen overnight. was Wednesday....and that means about three hours of giving private lessons to the muscially hopefuls. And, some of them are becoming quite musical!!! By the time the last one was was time for a quick supper.....NOT dinner, but a plain little supper of wild rice, and steamed veggies laying on the bed of steaming rice....ummm, WAS good. Of course......and you know what I am going to evening meds had to be consumed with dinner.....a requirement for a healthy heart.

Could be that it was my dark red medicine that made me sit on that sofa and get soooooo lazy feeling!!!!!???


I had to be in Farmington this morning for an appointment at the St. Francois Courthouse. Always something to take care of .....retirement is not always a 24/7 occupation!! So, it was early afternoon before I returned to Buford Heights......the hill we live on top of! Then, it was coffee time.....and catch up on the email that arrived this morning while I was gone. And before I knew it, the afternoon had disappeared and the 1st Lady was coming in the door from the high school.

I threw some left-over chili into a pot and warmed it over for supper.....hmmmm, two "suppers" in a row. What happened to dinner this week???

Had to watch "Survivor" this evening while the 1st Lady attend her twice a month meeting of her Sorority. Then talked with Jim Sage who called from an important meeting that I was supposed to have attended in Kansas City, but my morning appointment kept me from being there. I really hated to miss this dinner meeting so that I could join in the discussions on the issues that were being reviewed and modified. But.....alas, it was not to be.

Sooooo, another day is waning, and it is time for my last cup of tea to warm my growing belly prior to laying my aging body in the bed.

Mark, if you read this during your meeting........have a GREAT day!!!! HAHA

Soooo, ....Life is Good, and I hope for all of you, too!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Day of Changing Weather!!

Yeah......that describes this day in my Life. Last night...ALL RAINED(this is in caps because it never stopped raining). It stormed.....the wind blew....and it rained some more. When the light of day slipped through the closed blinds, the day was gray and dreary.....and WET. got wetter during the morning.

Then.....the tornado watches began....along with flash flood warnings in the area around here.......and then the winds began to blow from the south. I don't know what the temps came up to, but it must have been close to 80 degrees outside. I scurried around and finished winterizing TheHowserHouse.......putting in the non-toxic antifreeze in the water lines....and by the time I finished, the wind had changed and was blowing strongly from the north. Tonight the temps are to dip to 29 degrees.....and tomorrow night down to 17 degrees!!!! Wow.....what a ride over these two days.

Chili was on my menu I made a large pot of chili to ward off the effects of the cold north wind and the dampness from the rains. It turned out really GREAT.....and GOOD!!!!

Other than the weather.....the day was not one of much interest to anyone.......not even me! Haha. It was just a day to lounge around.....after the winterizing jobs........and do some reading. Kind of nice for a change......!!

Sooooo, Life is Good........and I hope for all of you, also!!

Monday, November 14, 2005

WORK....before the rains arrived!!

Yeah......up and at um this morning!!! After a QUICK cup of coffee, I opened up the basement of TheHowserHouse and took out the long ladder. Then......took out the anode rod in the hot water heater, and all of the water flew out in my face.....hahaha!!!! NOT hot,.....errr, the water in the heater!! Then I bypassed the hot water heater's fresh water intake, and putting the small, attached hose on the water pump into the antifreeze....non-toxic.....I pumped/sucked in two gallons of the pink stuff. Still not enough it wouldn't pump upto the kitchen faucet, sooooo tomorrow it is off to WallyWorld for some more. Then I will be ready for the "hard freeze" that is expected Wednesday.

With the long ladder, I climbed up onto the roof.....and sitting on my fat --- (rear), I worked myself around the entire 454 feet of guttering on the roof......pulling out the leaves and gunk. Then I swept off one of the roof valleys where leaves always collect and then the next thing I know, the water is collecting and running up and under the shingles, and then into the house!!! Soooo, got it all cleaned out.

Then.....fired up the mower and crunched and mulched up some areas of heavy fallen leaves.....and finished JUST before the rains began.......HARD rain!!!!! Thank goodness!!!!

Then a quick trip to the Post Office.....and then back to the house and some research on the internet. Looking for a "cheap trip" to southern California over the Holidays. Don't think there is anything that is cheap enough....but will keep looking. We have some vouchers for Northwest Airlines....and found one trip where it would cost only $70 more than our vouchers roundtrip......sooo, will think about it tonight.

Sooooo.....watched an excellent tellie show tonight: MEDIUM!!!! It was soooooo good. The couple are soooo natural and their lives are sooooo this show!!

Severe storms are roaring around.....with possibility of tornadoes!!! UGH!!!!!!!! Another night of storms.....and tomorrow, also. Oh well.........

Sooooo.....Life is GOOD.....and I hope for all of you, also!!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Memphis....and then back to the stick/brick

Well.....we had a night of loud, flashy storms while in the cg outside Memphis......and TONS of rain!!!! Thought we might blow away, but TheHowserHouse was heavy and stable enough to ride out the severe storm around 1:30am this morning!!!

Sooo, we had a lazy morning as the rain continued and about mid-morning, we went out for breakfast.......The Waffle House!!!! We absolutely love to have breakfast there........nothing fancy, but 99% of the time, it is excellent food (for breakfast)!!

Then, we removed the umbilical cords from TheHowseHouse, put away the moveable items inside, and retracted the slides.....and before long we were on the road heading north. It drizzled on us for about 150 miles before the sun broke through.....just soon enough so that as we turned west, the golden rays hit us right in the eyes while driving the last 50 miles home through the hills. Still, we made the trip in just a bit less than 4 hours.....not bad considering the last 50 miles is soooooooo hilly and curvy on a narrow two lane road.

Lots to do this week.......but the rains are moving in tomorrow, so may have to postpone raking the yard. The leaves need to dry out before I rake them.....right????? Yeah.... I KNEW you would agree with me!

Sooooo, until tomorrow: Life IS Good....and I hope for all of you, also.

I HATE posed pictures....even while on the Memphis Trolley!!!

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The 1st Lady at the foot of the King

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On the steps of Graceland

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The living room at Graceland

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The HowserHouse at ABC-Memphis

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A lonely pool in November.....with the leaves swimming instead of us!

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Meeting room......pool table is "under wraps"

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Another view

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Entrance to the "Meeting Room"

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Day 2 in Memphis

A relaxed morning under the tall sycamore trees in the cg.......drinking some dark French Roast coffee. Then...after taking a few pics of the cg for the club members to view, we headed into Memphis....14 miles from the cg. We decided to take a quick look at the Tom Sawyer CG which is right on the bank of the Mississippis River on the Arkansas side. It is really nice.....GREAT views, and very new. Some negatives are the lack of WiFi, no cable tv, and only two restrooms albeit they are brand new. When I saw "two".....that is literally correct....only two individual rooms, but quite nice. Think we will stay there the next time we come down here for a weekend or so........just some variety.

Off across the River we then went.....and this time stopped at the official Memphis Visitor Center by the Pyramid. After some discussion we decided to take the 45 minutes Trolley ride which runs parallel with the river for a bit and then turns north and passes by some various redeveloped areas/neighborhoods with new apts, lofts, etc.

After that we drove east thru Memphis and went thru some other historic areas and came across a little shop: Makeda's Butter Cookies. Well, I had just read about this little shop on the net.....and how wonderful the cookies are.......and....YEP, outstanding!!!!!! We bought six and have slowly enjoyed the extremely rich cookies all day.

From there we went down across the state line into Mississippi to try out another BBQ place that is highly rated.......Interstate BBQ. Really quite good......but, it doesn't live up to the wonderful BBQ we had last night at Rendezvous Cafe!!!! Drove on to a Sam's Club......and wandered through this mecca for quantity sized items, throwing a few in our shopping cart!! Then after much discussion we decided to take in a movie........"Prime". Outstanding........very humorous.....and a really enjoyable flick. I highly recommend it to everyone!!

The drizzle began to come down, so we opted out of returning for an evening on Beale Street. Didn't have umbrellas in the truck, and we didn't feel like getting all drippy......ugh!!

Sooo, as I finish this up while I am listening to a Nora Jones CD.....the rain begins again and stronger. We must return to the stick and brick tomorrow......UGH!!!!!!!!! Oh well.......

Life is GOOD.......and I hope for all of you, also!!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Memphis.....a Marvelous day!!

Awoke this morning to really cool temps, but alas.....a gorgeous Autumn day here in the West Memphis, Arkansas area. Walked around the cg......many, many rv's here....more than I had expected. Went and visited with the campworker at the office of the cg........discussed possibly holding a rally here.....and then stuck my head in the very small meeting room which they have. They have a nice pool, but no hot tub here. They also do not have any cable tv.....but the old antenna on the roof does the trick for the local stations. This cg while the "sister" cg of the same named cg in Branson is not as nice, but very adequate. LOTS of trees which is very nice, however, the leaves are falling quickly...which is nice.

Left the cg and went into Memphis about mid-morning.....and drove to Graceland. We were there for over four hours....visiting the home, the grounds, the gravesites, and three museums along with going into the Lisa Marie personal jet of Elvis's. It was much better than I had was a bit like going back in time...listening to the music, the styles, the wonderful mid-century cars which I remember soooo damn well, and the films of Elvis. I really did enjoy seeing all of these things!!!!!!!

From there we drove to downtown Memphis.....and luckily found a parking garage that will hold my BIG HowserHouse puller. Walked around to get our bearings....and then being hungry in the middle of the afternoon, we asked where to find the Rendezvous Cafe. Locating it between two hotels in an alley....and down in the basement of a building, we found ourselves in a very unique place!!!! But.....nothing there was as good as the wonderful BBQ ribs, beans, and cole slaw!!! It is THE BEST I think I have ever place tomorrow can possibly come up to the wonderful flavors of our food today!!!! I MUST go back there again.......(tomorrow???).

Then we crossed the street to the wonderful old Peabody Hotel.....and their lobby was beginning to fill up with hundreds of people with cameras......the reason???? This is where five ducks live.....and each morning the come down the elevator and cross the lobby to the huge marble fountain walking/waddling on the bright web carpet runner. They spend the day in the fountain, and then at 5pm, they lay the red runner and the ducks leave the fountain's pool and waddle to the elevator to spend the night upstairs!!! I thought as I stood there visiting with a couple from London.......just how dumb this really is......several hundred people shoving and jostling each other to see five little ducks walk into an elevator!!!! Hmmmmmm......

From there, I grabbed a Starbucks cappuccino and we headed to Beale Street. LOTS of cafes, bars, shops, and sidewalk entertainers......all playing blues!!!! The street is closed and becomes a pedestrian walkway and drinks can then be carried onto the street. What does this remind me of...???? Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans!!!!! Just not as long nor not quite as bawdy!!! (Too bad!!!). Hahaha......

We spent some time listening, walking, and enjoying the ambience of the place before heading back across the mighty Mississippi to TheHowserHouse in the cg. A bit of rest.....and we will be good to go again....tomorrow!!!!!! The fireplace is feet are up.....and a cup of hot tea on the small table in front of the sofa......AHHHHH, what a great way to spend an Autumn weekend!!!!!!

As you can guess: LIFE IS GOOD....VERY GOOD!! And I sure hope for all of you, also!!!!

Autumn outside Memphis

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The 1st Lady at Graceland

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The resting place of The King

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The BEST BBQ......Rendezvous Cafe

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WHAT a mess of BBQ rib bones!!

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The INFAMOUS ducks in the Peabody Hotel.

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