Thursday, July 31, 2008

WOW.....just spectacular!!!

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Senior Citizens enjoying the views from Acadia NP

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Acadia NP

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Bar Harbor, Maine.....a delightful place to be!!!

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Wine makes reflecting on the day really easy!!!

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Time to eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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FRESH Lobster for dinner....WOW!

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After dinner at The Chart Room.......a wonderful place to eat.

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Bar Harbor, Maine

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From the summit of Cadillac Mountain

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Islands off of Bar Harbor, Maine

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Setting sun as seen from the summit of Cadillac Mt. in Acadia NP

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Day 52 and 53.....with pictures posted after these two day posts.....

Ahhhhh, another day for traveling down the road…..what new adventures will occur??? What new problems will raise their ugly heads??? Will this be an easy trip??? All of these questions were going through my mind as I went through the morning rituals after barely getting out of bed this morning at 6:30.……

As soon as the dark, rich French Roast coffee was finished….I took my travel cup full of the steaming elixir with me outside and began checking the pressure in each of the eight tires that keep the truck and TheHowserHouse rolling down the highways. Everything was perfect….and then I began getting the rest of THH ready for the unknown number of miles that we would drive today……..we had decided to go as far as we felt like driving today….not push for X amount of miles, but just drive what we wanted to drive.

We pulled out of the campground about 8:45AM……drove through the busy town of Ellsworth and then bumped and bounced the next 23 miles to Bangor where we pulled onto the first of many interstates that we will drive on to get to Misery. Those first 23 miles were just as bad as any roads we have driven on during this entire 5000+ miles over the past six and one-half weeks……..that road was absolutely horrid!!! And I thought Misery had some terrible roads……..well, I believe Maine beats Misery!!!

Soooo, down the interstate we drove to the tip of Maine, where we crossed into New Hampshire for just a very, very few miles…..and then into Massachusetts. We bypassed Boston by about 50 miles....and soon headed to the western side of Massachusetts, on our way to the state of New York. After one very, very close call……one of just barely escaping the fatal happening of being squeezed into a kind of Oreo cookie. We were on the far right lane of a three lane interstate..…and then two very large semi’s came barreling down the ramp at just the exact time that another vehicle with a utility trailer attached to it decided to pass me. Yep……we almost became the cream of the Oreo….as the semis were not going to give an inch......and I LAID on the horn…..and thought we had had it, but those semi’s must have hit their brakes with full force, because we managed to get past them before they roared onto the highway….behind me!!!! WHEW……just wasn’t out time to become creame(d)!!!!!!!!

Soooo, that took about 30 minutes for both of us to recover from that extremely close call…..and the 1st Lady then began to look in the Trailer Life Guide for RV Parks/Campgrounds that we would be close to before too much more driving. Finding one, she called and we did get a site....and a pull-through at that. I kept thinking of our good friends Pete and Jane who had stopped overnight just a few miles from this very place and what a HORRIBLE experience(s) they had there....warning me to NOT stop at the Jellystone Campground in Sturbridge, MA. Soooo, we selected this one which is just a few miles west of the one they overnighter in a week or so ago.

Being escorted to a site…..and pulling in, I quickly discovered that the power post was way, way, way to far away from everything I needed to attach to!!! So, we requested one a couple of slots away….but, told them we would have pull through the “wrong” way in order to read the damn power post!!!! What the hell were they thinking when they designed this area of the cg????? And, believe me….this place is HUGE!!!! Granted most of the sights are permanent rv’s with built-on patios and with landscaped lots…..but there were a few for us nomads that wander down the highways and byways of this great country!!

Well……we did get all umbilical cords attached…and soon the a/c was working well, the tv could pick up about 10 stations on the antenna…..and Life was good and relaxing once again……AHHHHHH! We enjoyed some wine for a while as we just kicked back and enjoyed the Life which is soooo great with this type of Lifestyle. A bit later we took a walk around the cg......and then realized we had underestimated the size of this park…….it was REALLY, REALLY HUGE!!!! And....the owners are certainly enjoying a monthly income that must be very nice.....there are sooo many permanent rv’s here.

Returning to THH….we fixed a light supper...and then found an rv park about 327 miles or so from here on the western side of New York state just outside of Corning. We wanted to stop there to see the Corning Glass Museum……we were there in 1977 when Jeremy was only about 8 weeks old!!!!! It was wonderful then....and I hear it is even better now.......hope we can get our butts there before it closes.

As to posting this and the pictures from the past two days..….It will have to wait because this place does NOT have any Wifi……SHAME on them!!!! We are not in the woods of Maine or northeastern Canada……but in western Massachusetts….civilization.

And so.…another day has almost expired......and with great luck, we didn’t expire ourselves this afternoon. Soooo, what can I say, but…….

LIFE IS REALLY, REALLY GREAT!!!!!!…..And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!


Well, the Corning, NY Museum of Glass was on our minds this morning as we were up and moving an hour earlier than usual. We had 340 miles or so to drive today and still try to get in to the Glass Museum in Corning……so, we didn’t take long getting ready to pull out of the campground in Monson, Massachusetts..…..leaving there a few minutes before 8am.

The drive was a bit tedious, to say the least, as we skirted Albany, NY….and there was no Welcome Center as we came into NY state, so the only maps we had was the Atlas we have had for a couple of years and it just doesn’t do the job for showing maps of the cities and their belt highways. Mapquest we had....and garmin was not accurate again this morning……so, as I said, it was a bit nerve-wracking, but we did make it without a problem.

We arrived here in Corning, or should I say Campbell, about 10 miles west of Corning arriving around 2:00pm….and after getting settled into the Camp Bell CG, we went back to Corning and spent the remainder of the afternoon and up until 8pm at this fabulous museum!!!

This place needs to be on everyone’s list of places to visit!!! The collection of glass objects of all kinds from the Egyptian times to the present day contemporary vases and sculptures is just beyond words. The colors, the styles, the pieces from Europe, including the Venetian glass that is made on Murano Island out in the bay of Venice, and all of the other wonderful glass objects…..WOW!!!!!! Overpowering to say the very least!!!!! We loved it. And….the exhibits of the things Corning has invented and done are just outstanding……”hands on” types of exhibits that are not only for children, but more for adults…..another big WOW!!!! I find it difficult to put all of this into words…… is one of those places that you have to see to just believe it….OK????!!!!

We returned to the cg and THH……exhausted and ready to relax a bit….and, the WIFI is terrific!!!! Managed to post a few pictures from Bar Harbor…….might give you a taste of what it looks like there…..gorgeous!!!

A tiring day, but it ended with such an awesome evening at the Corning Museum of Glass!!

LIFE IS JUST REALLY, REALLY GREAT!!!!….And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 51: A great day in Acadia National Park...

Well......this time change is not good for old bodies that get into habits!!! Yep.....I was awake a couple of hours earlier than I needed to be......still on Atlantic Daylight Time....and instead of awakening at 6am....I was awake at 5AM!!! UGH!!!!

So, around six I pulled myself out of bed and when finished with the morning rituals, I went downstairs and still found this damn Wifi as slow as molasses!!! Couldn't get the pictures from yesterday to upload....and so, the same remains tonight. Will just have to play catch up when I can get online with good internet service.....SORRY!!!

I was in town by 7:45 as I wanted to get the oil changed and a new fuel filter put on......and it was completed by 8:25am!! And.....soon I was back out at the cg....and the 1st Lady was up and had eaten some breakfast and was having her morning tea. We talked a bit about the day....and by late morning we were headed down to Bar Harbor....and Acadia National Park.

WOW....sure is great to be OLD!!!! Golden Age Passport for all of the USA National Parks is a real money saver!!! Saved us the $20 fee to get into Acadia.......and that always helps.....especially after the oil change and fuel filter change cost $149.00!!!! And soooo, we stopped at the Visitor Center, viewed a little video which didn't give too much information....and then we picked up a map....and we decided to do the Loop Road around the best part of Acadia.

Many, many pull-offs were along the road to see the magnificent vistas.......just the pictures will show.....someday when I can get them uploaded. The best views were of the ocean and the huge rock cliffs/bluffs that those huge waves pounded upon........really beautiful!!! Brought to mind the amazing vistas of the Cabot Trail in northern Nova Scotia..........just great views and we found ourselves not wanting to leave each little pull-off!!!! Just could barely pull ourselves away from the beauty found there......

By late afternoon, we had made our way around the Loop Road......and so went into Bar Harbor to have an early dinner....and finish some shopping taskts. Our meal was adequate......not necessarily great....but quite good!!! We both had broiled scallops in an herb sauce.....and the scallops were HUGE!!! Bigger than a silver dollar in circumference and at least 1.5 inches thick...and some were about two inches thick.....WOW!!! Biggest ones I have ever seen/eaten....and oh yes, they were really very tasty.

We finished our shopping in about an hour and went back into Ellsworth, stopped at the local supermarket, and then came on out to the cg. And then the task of getting some thoughts about our journey of almost 1600 miles together in my mind.........just trying to figure out where we might want to stay overnight(s). It will be in Massachusetts tomorrow night, unless something changes our plans......and there aren't many cg's close to the interstates that we will be driving on.....eventually going west in Massachusetts towards NY state. Hmmmm, we may be staying in Walmarts......???

And so, don't know when I will get online again......and don't know when I will get the past two days pictures uploaded for you to see.....but, just as soon as I can. Keep checking in......and you might just see them........

LIFE IS REALLY GREAT!!!!!!.....And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008 almost gone....will post pictures tomorrow if possible!

Day 50: Another WOW Day!!!!

Our departure from the over-crowded Pine Cone Campground went without a problem.….and we were on the road by 9:05am……just about the time we wanted to leave. The further south we drove the foggier it became until by the time we arrived at the border in the heart of St. Stephen… had become really bad, and then just about disappeared as we drove into town. It was about 120 miles down to the border.….and the border crossing went with less questions than ever before!!!! All that we were asked.….and by two different American immigration/passport workers.……was; “Is there anyone riding in there?”…..referring to TheHowserHouse!! One other question was asked as they studied my passport..…and that was: “You were in Egypt recently?” I just told them we had gone over there on tour.…and it was the trip of a lifetime. Satisfied….they told us to drive on and have a safe trip.

Another 100 miles of twisting roads that went up over mts. and down the other side. And, then we took a shortcut through the woods and over the mts to Ellsworth where we had reservations at a campground 15 miles from Bar Harbor. It took us a bit longer than we had planned…..and then the instructions on how to find the cg were terrible and we wound up driving through this little town with very narrow streets up and down steep hills…..and I called the cg.….and they still were not very good with the assistance. BUT….we did manage to find it……and while it is not the most beautiful of places, nor does it have many other amenities, we do have a pretty good WIFI here.

After getting settled and the umbilical cords attached, we had a bite of lunch and then took off for Bar Harbor. That took longer than we had anticipated as the road was also a two lane road with LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of traffic on it.…going both ways.

Arriving we found a place to park……for FREE…..and then walked around the bustling little town that is full of touristy things and gazillions of hotels and B&B’s and little cottages and overnight places to stay that were built in the middle of the last century. The houses are immense....and gorgeous!! But…the WOW factor comes from the beautiful, amazingly fantastic bay/harbor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is such a great setting with islands out in the bay…..and the mts surrounding parts of the bay…..WOW..WOW…WOW!!!! We just sat down and stared at this place…..and enjoyed.

We did a bit of shopping….some really good bargains with hardly any taxes when comparing the taxes to the horrific taxes in Canada!!! Then the 1st Lady wanted to revisit a couple of places that she had see when she was here many years ago while I was off on a tour with my students to Europe. Soooo, we went to the little restaurant on the bay....and actually, right out over it.……and had their special of the night: a complete Lobster dinner for $18.95!!!! Another WOW!!! We ordered a wonderful crisp Pinot Grigio wine……and were not disappointed…….it WAS wonderful!!! Soooo good….and accompanied the great lobster dinner beautifully!!! The ambience of the beauty of the bay with the sun beginning to set over the mts behind us..….well, it made for a delightful dinner and relaxing conversation over the wine.

Then….it was off to the Acadia National Park drive…..and we drove up to the top of Cadillac Mountain…..1500+ feet tall....and the highest peak on the Atlantic coast. To say the least, the higher we drove with hairpin curves and great views.… just got better and better and better!!!! The clouds were soon below us and hiding the other mts from time to time…..and then the clouds began to hide the sun as it was setting….and the entire composition of these elements made for a spectacular scene!! OMG….what awesome beauty!!!

We remained on top for about 15-20 minutes and then began the drive back down….and then back to the campground. By the time we arrived at THH, we were both tired…and realized then that we were tired because we had changed times zones when we re-entered the states.….after being in Canada for six weeks. The Maritime Provinces of Canada are in the Atlantic Daylight Time Zone as opposed to Maine being in the Eastern Daylight Time Zone.

And soooo, another successful day of traveling…...and a great dinner….and some amazing sights on Cadillac Mt……all added up to making us certain that.……

LIFE IS REALLY, REALLY AMAZING!!!!!…..And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 49: A partial day of traveling......

Same old routine this morning as most mornings on this journey through the Canadian Provinces of the northeast........and, as soon as the 1st Lady was up and going, I began to take care of the scheduled routine for preparing to tow TheHowserHouse. Checked all eight tires for correct pressures....and had to add 5 lb to one of the truck tires, dumped the holding tanks, and slowly, but surely we were soon ready to roll.

We didn't want to leave before I was told we could not check in at our reserved site campground......Pine Cone Campground in Sussex, New Brunswick....until 2pm. Well....not a problem...only 230 miles today....and so, we left on time....and were soon rolling down the mountain highways and pulling up the next ones. We made one quick stop at the Information Office when we went into New Brunswick.....couldn't find my map for that Province....and so, picked up one...and went on down the road. The last half of the trip played havoc with the gas mileage......winds from the south were fairly strong....and not pleasant to drive against.

We arrived a few minutes after 2pm.....and OMG.....this cg is HUGE!!!! WAY over 200 sites and more than half are seasonal permanent trailers....and WOW!!! These are not the normal not-so-pleasant sites, but they are landscaped and decorated tastefully!!!! ALL sites are set in among the tall pines and with two pools, this is definitely a family cg with a family atmosphere.

We kicked back.....relaxed.....I grilled two T-bone steaks and the 1st Lady fixed a wonderful salad and some new potatoes. YUM...YUM.....and with the wonderful dark red medicine, this was a super meal!!!

Oh....I did just happen to look under the rear of TheHowserHouse and spied the spare tire which is fixed up under the rear of THH....and it seemed to be hanging at a funny angle.....Hmmmm. Soooo, crawled under there...and was completely loose!!!! I went and got the crank bar that tightens the tire.....and not sure THAT would fix the problem, but it seems to have brought it up tight against the holding brace. SURE hope that takes care of the is something that I have never thought about, nor checked on, but now it will be on my mind constantly. could have come off and then who the hell knows what might have occurred then!!!!!

We are now repacked and ready to head south in the morning.....and to cross the border into the states after being in Canada for SIX WEEKS!!! Longest time I have spent in this great and beautiful country.......and would certainly like to stay longer!!!!!!!! I mentioned to the 1st Lady that perhaps we should begin to think positively about spending the summers up here.....and to get away from the horrific heat and humidity of Misery. We love the area south of Halifax, as well as up on Cape Breton Island........hmmmmm,........thoughts to ponder on!

And soooo, another day on the road.........and I know for sure that....

LIFE IS REALLY, REALLY GREAT!!!!!....And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!!