Wednesday, August 31, 2005

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This all becomes more and more surreal!!!!

As I watch the events flow by on the tellie......well, the title says it all. It is like some type of horrible nightmare.........or, perhaps more like a movie that we would all watch knowing that this type of destruction

could "never happen here". I told the 1st Lady that I am going to begin to take pictures of all of our house and the contents with our digital camera, put it on a CD, and put it into safekeeping........granted, no hurricanes can reach SE Missouri, BUT......we are subject to tornados which can deliver a horrible punch to those who get hit.

We are ALL going to feel the affects of this event........gas prices, which will then push all prices upwards which then empties our wallets very quickly. I know that for us it will affect us because of our traveling....using diesel gasoline. We may just have to modify some of our upcoming driving plans.........we'll see how things progress....or digress.

I received a call from the insurance adjuster friends......and they left Mobile today and were assigned to southern Florida. They said when they arrived yesterday evening, 30 miles north of Mobile, that they had difficulties finding a place to stay. And then, this morning they went into Mobile, waited almost an hour in line to get gasoline, and had to have their organizational meeting in the parking lot of the Marriott Hotel. After getting processed, a change was made and they are now on their way to southern Florida to help with the damage there from the hit by Katrina when she was young and immature and inexperienced. But......hurricane damage is hurricane damage....and it is all terrible for those who are affected.

One of my private music students' father left this morning for Mississippi with the electrical company he works for in this area of Missouri. Didn't know exactly how long he would be down least three weeks his son told me.

As with anything on tv.....the pictures are NEVER as accurate as the real thing. Soooo, I have problems trying to focus and imagine just how it really must be........much, much worse than we are seeing 9 hours north of the devastated area.

More later......

Just got off the phone with Dr. Jeni.........she and Darrell are simply sitting in front of the tellie "in shock", as she said. Having lived in Biloxi, near the beachfront, while she was a dentist in the USAF until summer of 2001.....they feel that that is their second home.....and are soooo upset with the devastation to their favorite places that they so much enjoyed. Darrell worked in a couple of different places, as a welder during that time, and are concerned with people they had met and knew who lived in that area. They will probably never know.......

While finishing mowing our lawn this morning(the 1st Lady had about 7/8's of the lawn already done), I was thinking about volunteering with the Red Cross to go down and help.....serve meals, whatever.....but by the time I finished the mowing, my right arm was aching quite a bit and I found out just how weak it still it. Soooo, don't think I had better pursue that avenue of least right at this time. Perhaps will be a long haul down there.

Will wind this up for today.......AHHHH, I have been checking on my site meter and it is amazing how many readers there are for this little personal journal.......many that I am certain I do not know because of the states that are shown on the map and that makes this all the more interesting to me. Even Google has picked this up and it can be found on a search for thehowserhouse.....WOW!!! Until later..........

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

UNREAL.......Katrina's devastation!!!!

I cannot seem to drag myself away from the tellie that is showing the destruction left by the wrath of Katrina......a name I have always liked, but will think differently of from this point forward. Sooooo many of the scenes that are being shown are places that I have visited soooo many times during the last 5-6 years and that I have fond memories of.

Dr. Jeni and Darrel....and eventually Meghan....all lived in Biloxi on the USAF Base there, which has not been shown on tv as yet. Their home was not very far from the beachfront, nor from the back bay......places that have played such a terrible part in all of the devastation there. I have spent soooo much time there, in the casinos, the restaurants, and the beach front areas. Of course, each time I visited there I went over to New hour enjoy that great city and it's French Quarter's art stores, coffee shops (Cafe du Monde), and the clubs and restaurants.

Soooo, every few minutes more scenes are being televised. I did talk with the Hanner's and they were almost in Memphis this morning on the way to Mobile......but not certain just how they would get there, depending on the roads/highways that are open for travel. She promised to email and call about the conditions they find as go about doing their jobs........that of catastrophic insurance adjusters. From the looks of things, they could be there.......for a LONG time.

More later...

Well, my eyes are falling out from staring at the tellie!! And yet......I just can't get away from it. Once again....actually several times....I have seen what is left of some of our favorite places on the Gulf coast.....and it is sickening to realize they are gone. All of this sounds very selfish, I'm sure........after all we just enjoyed the area....we didn't live there and we haven't lost everything we owned like all of those unfortunate people there. My heart goes out to them!

Soooo, I will close this for is one of those days that will remain in our minds for the rest of our lives.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Hmmmm.....what happened to today???

Woke up when the 1st Lady left for school....around 7:15am....and then found myself waking up again around 9am!!!! What the hell happened??? How did I fall back asleep??? Can't imagine.....hahaha. Sooo, the first think I did was put on the coffee and then turn on the tellie to check on Katrina......WOW!!!! It really did some damage as it moved thru the day and thru the South....

I became fascinated as things progressed and could barely tear myself away from the tellie and the continuous reports as Katrina did her dance of death and destruction across the southland. How terrible for all of those people and their homes and possessions......just can't imagine the devastation there.....the pics don't begin to tell the story, I'm sure.

Did a bit of laundry.....I was taught years and years ago that Monday was "wash day". Haha......sure remember that statement and remember my grandma and my mother washing in those horrible wringer type machines and the tubs of rinse water that were used. I also remember, and not sooo fondly, having to empty those tubs of sudsy pan at a time. And.....good God, but how I would put off that job in the summer for days and then the water would sour and I would gag and gag as I emptied that crap........hated that chore. Guess we "have come a long way, baby" over the years!

Fixed a salad with chicken breasts for supper. was off to another school board meeting at 7pm. Got home a bit after 10pm........the high school roof is in bad shape....and so we listened to the presentation of a company that is bidding for the job. Enough said for will be costly, though.

Andrew, the engaged man,..........started to call you a few minutes ago, and something is WRONG with my phone........the damn battery is DEAD AGAIN!!!!! Charged it this morning....and didn't use it one time....and it is dead again. DAMN! Will try again tomorrow can count on it.

Watching the tellie now.......looking at the discoveries that the media and the rescuers are making as they go thru the damaged areas.....terrible. The Hanner's called and are leaving EARLY in the morning for Mobile, Alabama, to do their jobs....catastrophic insurance adjusters. THIS will be one hell of a job!!! They could be down there for a very long, long time.

OK....enough said for tonight. Nothing I said was earth shattering.......just a memory or two and a bunch of not so newsy news of my day, sooooooo.......until tomorrow!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Weekend in northern Missouri


A BUSY morning!!!! Was at WM by 9am to pick up a few more items that I needed for fixing dinner for Mike……and then it was back to TheHowserHouse and the chef began. Fried a pound of bacon and while doing that I made my “special sauce” for the T-bone steaks and spread it over them to marinate for an hour. I also infused the meat with slivers of fresh garlic….inserting the slivers into small slices I made in the raw steaks.

Then I began to chop and get the veggies ready for the tossed salad, which I decided to not add the dressing until we arrived in Bonne Terre. By that time it was time to get the steaks in the oven to broil. This took about 25 minutes to cook…..perhaps a bit more….as I wanted the steaks just a bit pink in the center. I added fresh mushrooms which I had sliced and marinated to the top of the steaks when I turned them on the broiler pan.

At 11, I called “The Branding Iron” in Farmington and told them I would pick up a dozen BBQed ribs at 1:45pm. Then I called the local Pizza Hut and told them I would need 10 bread sticks at 1:30pm for pickup. When I finished the calling, the steaks were done and they needed some time to rest prior to me cutting the meat into bite sized pieces. By the time I finished, the 1st Lady had arrived from school…..she took the afternoon off so she could go for the food visit with Mike.

We picked up the ordered food, met Becky in the parking lot at Bonne Terre, and then had a great afternoon eating….the whole afternoon. Becky had brought fried shrimp and a banana cream pie that was special ordered from Kansas City…..thru one of the large groceries in St Louis

Leaving there around 7pm, we headed north, stopping at the Gravois Bluffs shopping area in Fenton for some meds for the 1st Lady and a cup of cappuccino for me. Then on up Hwy 141 and picked up Rachel, and onwards up the east side of Missouri to Monroe City, just east of Hannibal. We arrived around 11pm at the 1st Lady’s mother’s home……a wee bit exhausted from a BUSY day.


Dr. Jeni, Darrel, Meghan, and Ava all arrived around midnight last night and so by 8am the girls were ALL up and playing loudly!! The 1st’ Lady’s mother had had two teeth extracted yesterday morning, so she was a bit swollen this morning. I made a couple of runs to the local grocery, sat on the patio and drank some not-so-good coffee, and before long dinner was ready………as her mom was a farm wife/mom, the large meal is always eaten at noon….ALWAYS. This afternoon, the Moser family and Rachel headed to Mark Twain Lake and an afternoon on the beach…….the girls always love the water….and they certainly enjoyed it today!!!

I spent the afternoon reading on the patio…….a pretty good novel by Ken Follett which I had not read before. Some of his are better than others……and this one, while not his best, at least keeps the mind occupied. He made a couple of dumb mistakes, or at least his researcher did, because the novel is about the 1958 era and one of his characters hot-wired a “Ford Fiesta” in the story. Now, I am certain there was no Fiesta on the market in 1958.….I remember that time period WELL!!! Also one of the lines by one of the characters mentioned that something about “going out with a young lady”. That line was spoken in a flashback that occurred just prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbor…..and I feel certain that that particular phrase is much more recent than that……believe they would have used the verb “dating”, wouldn’t they???

Tonight……read some more and watched a bit of TV……my mother-in-law has satellite but doesn’t get many channels of any interest…..very very few movie channels. Oh well……different strokes for different folks. We’ll see what tomorrow brings…….


A beautiful morning up here in Monroe City, MO!!! Had coffee on the patio enjoying the blue sky and the cool (72 degrees) temps. The rest of the morning was spent in reading and watching the Sunday morning news/talk shows……with one trip to the grocery store for some much needed items for lunch.

The Moser family left around 3pm for their home and we hit the road around 3:30 for SE Missouri. Dropped Rachel off in Fenton and then came on home. Have spent the evening either watching the developing Katrina as this young lady begins to mature as she approaches one of my favorite places to visit: New Orleans.
W’OW…..have I ever had some GOOD times there over the years!!!! Such a fun place with wonderful food and drinks…..and such a good place for people watching along with all the live music on the streets and in the clubs.

Also watched on HBO the new 12 week series, “Rome”. Certainly not for the younger set…..parents will have to decided the watchable age, but it is an interesting series… far. I also have only a few pages left on the Ken Follett book that I am reading and …….it has become more and more interesting and spell-binding as I get closer to the closure. Definitely a good read…..if you like a mystery with some surprise touches.

Soooo, I will post this and then check to see the pics that the 1st Lady has been taking all weekend……might be a few to share??? Surely not…..hahaha.

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Thursday, August 25, 2005 just disappeared....

Up and on the patio for morning coffee with the barren patio staring at me.....and just a few hummingbirds fighting over their feeder hanging on the edge of the house. I do get to check out the growth each morning of my one and only remaining potted Basil plant. It IS growing and getting bushier since I have been talking to it and giving it some TLC each day. I have used quite a few leaves from it in my cooking and there is nothing like fresh basil to give many foods some needed punch. Love it on fresh tomatoes with mozarella cheese on thick french bread and popped into a Foreman Grill which toasts and melts and heats it on both sides at once......ummmm good.

This morning after several cups of steaming coffee, I decided that while it is cool, I would work a bit on the basement of the RV and remove some items that we took with us this summer that I will not need in there this poles, tackle boxes, tennis rackets(never used these since I fell in the damn hole), and a few other non-essentials. Emptied the fresh water that had been in the holding tank as it is now no longer fresh.
Took the bikes out of the bed of the truck where I had kept them........don't think I will need them this fall. I'm going to New Castle and Indianapolis, IN the day after Labor Day for my warranty repairs, and then a couple of weeks later we are headed to Branson for a Cedar Creek Rally (RVs).

By the time I finished all of this, I was soaking with the heat and gave up the rest of the tasks for the cool a/c of the brick/stick house. So, after a SMALL bite of lunch, I decided to read for awhile.....have finally found another book that captures my interest....FINALLY. I did stir up a batch of chocolate ice cream for the Cuisinart ice cream maker......and then after going thru it's cycle, I put into the freezer to firm up a bit more.

After the 1st Lady came in from school, she announced that we were heading to Farmington quickly as she had an eye appt. at 4pm!! So, off we went.....and before we arrived it was raining.....and then a HUGE storm came thru....and it rained and rained and rained and blew and blew and lightning and strikes close by....and it was horrific. The wind was rocking the Buick so much I thought it would turn over while I sat in the parking lot at the optho.'s office. Finally I moved the car to a more sheltered area.....and then I moved again as I thought the tree was going to blow over and down onto the car. It continued to rain thru her appt......damn dr. had his asst. hold a FLASH LIGHT to check her eyes.......a lot he could tell from that inspection!!!!! The electricity had gone out.....and the whole damn trip was for nothing....except for his ungodly fee he will charge for looking at her eyes by flashlight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drove back to TheHowserHouse in horrible rain.....couldn't see most of the time...and had the flashers on the Buick on the entire trip. Of course.........I had NOT taken the patio furniture's cushions inside before we left....hell, it was blue sky here when we drove away.....and so now they are full of water and will take days for them to drain and dry. Oh well.......such is Life.

The 1st Lady has her first fall meeting of her Sorority this evening, so she had to fix some carry-in food for the meal......ingredients were flying all over the kitchen as we were running LATE because of the storm. Soooo, the wonderful guy that I am, I cleaned up the kitchen after she left.......and finished off my dark red meds in the process. In the process, I took out the T-bone steaks that I had put in the freezer yesterday so that they will be thawed out by morning........tomorrow is a food visit with Michael, so I will be preparing dinner for him in the morning.

Then we plan to head up to the 1st Lady's mother's house in Monroe City for the weekend. Never very good cell phone reception there, so there may not be many, or any...postings over the weekend. It was there that I had the ARGUMENT with Marian the Librarian as some of you avid readers may remember. I'll bring the lappie with me....just in case a strong wind brings in some reception....HA! the title above: to me...the day just flew by....kept toooo damn busy doing tooooo many things, I suppose. Got to slow down......or my Life will be over before I am anywhere ready for it to be. Toooo many things to do and see before my soul departs this existence.......sooo much yet to learn.

Soooo, since the day is slipping by......I am going to post earlier than normal and do some reading. Yep.....a relaxing evening.


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A HUGE day in Fredericktown.......

Yep.....the unbelievable happened this morning here in our little community!!! Our one and only stoplight began working AND.......the new SUPER WALMART opened!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow.......did it ever bring out all of the folks who live in the very remote, woodsy parts of our area. I went out at 10AM and there was NO place to park in the brand new lot by the brand new and trucks everywhere. They even had the High School Choir out to sing the national anthem this morning!!!! Haha......where else would the hs choir sing for the opening of WalMart.

But, it is quite an improvement over the old WM on the other side of town. AND......having the groceries available there is GREAT.....WONDERFUL......HUGE!!!!!! We were down to one grocery store, as the owner of Country Mart had bought out the other two stores, so he had a monopoly on our eating habits.....and prices. I hope I never have to set foot in his store again.....and I heard SOOOOOOOOOOO many people this morning saying the very same thing.

This afternoon I read a bit more on the patio, and then after school was out I had three students for instrumental/voice lessons. I would like a couple more if I can find anyone who wants to study with this old man......hahaha.

Tonight.....well, I fixed a 4 lb. pork tenderloin covered with lemon pepper for dinner this evening along with parsley potatoes, steamed broccoli, and baked a loaf of crusty french bread.......yummmy!! Ate way tooo much and after having dinner last night at the HannerHome, I have gained way to much, I'm certain. Ohhhh yeah......I did have to take a couple of glasses of my dark red medicine to protect my ticker.

Soooo, another BIG day for our town........and as I drove through the city center, I realized that growth is coming to town and we are losing more and more businesses in the center. What will this new WM do to our may begin to move west to the edge of town and out by the four lane highway. Hmmmmm......progress???? I wonder....


"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow mindedness" --Mark Twain
(I couldn't agree more with this!!!)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A cooler day......and dinner at the Hanner Home

What a refreshing day this was........a bit late according to the forecasters, however it DID arrive. MUCH cooler made it much more pleasant to be the yard and on the patio. I had breakfast on the patio....,minus flowers. I didn't plant any this spring, knowing that we would be gone for an indefinite time during the summer, sooooo......the patio looks barren and colorless. I've never seen it look soooo......ugly.
Oh well........the colors of fall SHOULD arrive soon, if the rains continue.

Did some cleaning around the yard and in the house. Enjoyed an hour or more of reading under the table umbrella on the patio......very nice to not have the high humidity.

Talked with the Hanners this morning and we were asked to have dinner with them this evening. As it appears that daughter Danielle is marrying a man from Turkey, some of the traditional Turkish wedding ceremonies will be held about 1.5 hours from Istanbul, Turkey. And.......the Hanners want the 1st Lady and I to fly over with them to be there for all the events. The date has not been set but sometime in May is the date of discussion at this point in time. Didn't I just write a few days ago about somehow going to Turkey before I get to OLD to do all of the international traveling that I have done all my life? Well.....when the door is opened a wee bit, get your foot in the crack and open it, soooooo........we'll see if it works out.

Dinner was usual when Sue is doing the cooking! She really should be cooking for a profession......everything she puts together is outstanding!!!!!!!!! Finger foods were a nice compliment to the dark red Zin wine that she served while she finished the chef chores in the kitchen.......small bites of cantelope wrapped in Proscuito(sp.?) (paper thin slices of Italian ham). Dinner in the new, 1000 sq. foot family room began with spinach salad with nuts and fresh strawberries, followed by homemade corn chowder accompaned by bread covered with melted cheeses, fresh basil, tomatoes, and topped with freshly grilled shrimp. Dessert was an excellent pastry covered with a pudding and topped with fresh mango and strawberries accompanied by hot Gevalia coffee.

Sooo, a great evening with tooooooo many calories that somehow found themselves attached to my ever-growing body by the end of the evening. remain up and awake until all of this is digested.

Soooo, until later....unless I am unable to get out bed in the morning because the heavy calories have me weighted down!!!!

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Monday, August 22, 2005

WHERE is the promised "cooler" weather??????????

Yep......they missed the forcast. It is HOT and it is HUMID here, and underline the HUMID, please. Maybe I'm getting wimpy......toooo used to a/c????? I went out into the yard today to exercise my r.h. by trimming some weeds along the fence row and beside my herb garden......and before long the sweat was running off my nose and down onto my many, sagging chins. Did I spend toooo much time in high and dry Wyoming this summer??? Hmmmmm.....should I have stayed in high and dry Wyoming???? Hmmmm..... No matter what your answers are......I found it too miserable to be weed trimming, no matter how wonderful an excercise it was for me to squeeze the clippers with the semi-paralyzed r.h.!!!!

The rest of the day progressed rather slowly........will need to get back to my research on the old family tree(s) before long. Hopefully......I can recall some of the areas/branches of the tree I was researching last winter.

Tonight......the monthly school board meeting. Lasted almost 2.5. hours......not tooo bad considering that the last 45 minutes was just discussions that did not have anything to do with school business. We just sat and talked about the proposed highway widening, the new WalMart and THE stoplight erected at the turn-off to the WM store, and other community discussion material.

So, wasn't this an interesting day?????????????????? I know that everyone has been just sitting by their computer waiting for this newest post to be published, so....I won't disappoint you. Here it is!!!!


Saturday, August 20, 2005

TheHowserHouse is FULL!

LATE last night, Dr. Jeni, Meghan, and Ava arrived here at our stick and brick to spend the weekend. The two youngest Moser girls were fast asleep and did not even blink when moved from the car to the bedroom. How nice it would be to be able to sleep that soundly!!!

Soooo, this morning they awoke and have been on the least Meghan....since 8am this morning. Ava is awake MUCH more than she was when we were all down in Branson that week. She is good at giving us all a big smile as the pics will show you. Dr. Jeni went up to Farmington today to purchase some last minute items and clothes for Meghan for her first week in Kindergarten beginning this coming Tuesday. Dr. Jeni is feeling REEALLLY old as she prepares to see Meghan go off to school......

I went to Bonne Terre late this afternoon and picked up Rachel who had been visiting Mike with her grandparents. She is spending the night and then will be picked up tomorrow afternoon at Bonne Terre again. Soooo, the brick and stick is a total wreck now with BOTH granddaughters running thru the place, dragging out ALL the boxes of toys and books and CDs and DVDs and anything they can find to play with. They are having a blast.........but guess who will picking up all the things on the floors tomorrow night??? HAHAHA....yep, you guessed it.....Old Limp Arm.

That is a good segue into a brief discussion of my aching disabled appendage. It is really hurting today.....seems like a lot of tendon/muscle pain.....think that my little finger was hurt in some way as it is still swollen and is really painful when I lay my hand on it when trying to write. My patience is not as good as I probably need it to be........I want it to be healed and like it was before I sank into that deep hole. When??? Don't I wish I knew.........

This afternoon, another former student dropped by. He is a trumpet performance major at Truman State Univ......and spent a couple of weeks on a concert tour in Italy and Greece earlier this summer. As I knew he would......he LOVED it in Europe!!!! He is such a talented performer.......a real natural on the trumpet. I know he will go far as he wants to go. I am soooo proud of him....and of ALL of my former students who are either now making a career in music or who are in college preparing for that music career. By the last count, there are 38 of my students who are doing just that!!

Well, the girls are in bed.......and no silly giggling is coming from their room.......but wait until EARLY in the morning....haha. Soooo, enough said......enjoy the pics......and until tomorrow.....

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Friday, August 19, 2005

What a GREAT lunch!!

Ahhhh, today I awoke remembering that I had a luncheon engagement with a former student......a foreign exchange student who was here in school five years ago and as he played the trumpet, he joined the Marching Blackcat Band. Christoph flew over here from Germany last week to participate in the wedding of a friend who was also in band here and whose wedding I attended in Illinois last Sunday evening. As he is leaving this part of the state this afternoon and flying back to Germany on Monday afternoon we set today to spend a couple of short hours playing "catch-up".

I picked him up at the home of his host parents when he went to school here. We then returned to town and lunched at the Madison County Coffee Co......the only REAL coffee shop in the city center of our little community. And......I pity the patrons who sat close to us..... as we never came to a period in our talking about our lives over the past five years. He is now in a university in Germany studying to become a mechanical engineer. After listening and questioning him about his studies there, it appears they have an excellent education program at the university he is attending. Interesting to hear about all of the tests, both after a semester and BEFORE the new semester begins.

As an aside......he said he thought about studying to become a teacher, but that in Germany the students in the schools there become worse and worse each year.......and that the German parents really "don't care". Hmmmmm,......where have we Americans heard those statements before?????? We discussed the Asian students, of which many go to Germany to study, and he said what we Americans know.....that they are so dedicated to learning and to doing the very best they can ALL the time. Christoph also said that there are many, many students in Europe who would have come to the USA to study as foreign exchange students in high school, however, the political change and climate here in the states is going in such a different direction that many of their students do not want to come over here any more.....that they do not feel comfortable here in the states. What a sad commentary that is about the direction our country is headed now.

I am going to put in some pics from today's visit with Christoph, and will continue the remainder of today's post, Friday, later this evening.

Friday evening:

WOW.....the afternoon just disappeared, dinner was consumed,and now it almost 9pm. I have been researching some family tree leads....haven't jumped into that hobby for months and months but once I get going on it, is always hell bent for leather and I just cannot stop digging for info. GREAT FUN, however it becomes frustrating oftentimes.

Still enjoying the warm memories of lunch with Herr Heining. Not certain if I mentioned above that he brought a box of incredibly delicious chocolates from Germany to give to me! They are soooo wonderful and I'm certain he would not bring me anything that was fattening......hehehee.

My fingers SEEM a bit more flexible....seems like I can make a wee bit better grip even though I cannot completely close my fist as yet. Beginning to try to flex my wrist up and down......down goes further than pushing it up. I'm certain that I will be able to predict any rains that we will be having where ever I go for the rest of my life!

Mike and Merrie: Are you guys alive????? Has school consumed you completely....already????

I am carrying a large disappointment this week: Two good friends(married w/4 children) were in the state and in Eldon this week(from the Wash. DC area) and I was never able to get up there to spend some time with least have lunch. They were both GREAT band students....Marching Mustangs.....and are like close relatives with me, so it has been bothersome that circumstances have prevented me from going up there this week for a day. They are not avid readers of this site......too many parental I will have to give them a call about my absence. Seems that I am always spending some time with former students.......and what a real joy that is!!!

Ok.....this day's ramblings has gone on long enough that most of you may fallen asleep or just cancelled me out, so......until later!

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