Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Long time.....no write! I have had sooooooo damn much trouble getting service on my cell phone so that I can/could get on the net, but FINALLY tonight, after much uninstalling and installing and working for about three hours, HERE I AM!!!!!

We are in Cheyenne, WY for the night. We had some difficulty in St. Joe with one our living room slides.......a door to an overhead cabinet next to the slide came open in transit (Missouri's wonderful ROUGH roads!!!!) and when I pushed the switch to open the slides, the door caught on the inside of the slide which could then not go all the way out, AND.......it stripped the gear of some necessary elements. Luckily we were able to get it back inside the 5er and proceed with the trip. However, we decided to find a Cedar Creek dealer, and thanks to one of the club members, the Central Region Prez who lives in KC, he got me the name of a dealer in Sidney, NE. So we stayed in North Platte, NE last night and then drove the next 100 miles to this dealer. The service manager looked at it and said the part would take 24 hours to be shipped, so we elected to drive on to a dealer in Cheyenne today arriving after lunch. Saw him.....and things being as always, we have to hang out here for 24 hours after I FINALLY reached the factory and the parts person there, and with another phone call by my dealer in Indiana to him, he called me and it is on the plane headed here with an arrival of noon tomorrow?????....hopefully...hopefully...hopefully. So we are a day behind our "schedule" of arriving south of Jackson Hole tomorrow, which will now be on Thursday....HOPEFULLY.

It has been a good trip so far.......just a few of these minor problems that are small......so far. We are getting really aquainted with WalMart parking lots. Overnighted in the one in St. Joe, Mo,and then last night again in North Platte........they are FREE to RVers, so why not? WM knows that we all spend money in their stores when parked there, don't they????? Anyway......it works for us, since we are free of needing electricty with our generator, and we have everything else we need onboard(except the needed cell phone service).

I had forgotten just how great WY is......even without even having arrived at the mts. That will be tomorrow......WHEN we can get out of Cheyenne. The sky is sooooo blue.....no smog/haze/humidity like good old Missouri........and you can just see sooooooooo far with such a large horizon.

I will try to post a pic from last night in North Platte if I can stay connected to my service. It went off just now......UGH!!! The weather here is COOL......down to 40 tonight.....will fire up the furnace......using the fireplace now!! The elevation here is 6042 feet. Bought some more fishing lures today at a Cabela's in Sidney......the world headquarters of this sporting goods store.......much like Bass Pro.

The 1st Lady is watching a movie on TV in the den......I am in the kitchen all plugged in and drinking a spot of hot tea......a calming affect!

Well, while I can......I am going to bid you adieu and publish this......I HOPE. More tomorrow, if I have service where we will be overnighting, and then to Thayne to Star Valley RV Resort for a few days with our friends from Alaska/Arizona. It is a GREAT place with sauna, hot tub, golf course, trout stream going thru the grounds, and surround by mountains. Sooooo

Saturday, May 28, 2005

And I THOUGHT I had it all loaded.....

MG.....have we ever been working today!!! I thought that most of the take-along stuff was inside........S---...was I ever wrong!! Not sure the F350 diesel will even get TheHowserHouse out of the driveway.......hahaha......I had better be wrong about that statement!! We have made a zillion trips carrying things to the HowserHouse on wheels today, and now I am ready to go........I THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The DW may find other things that we can't live without that I haven't loaded just yet. HAHAHA.....she JUST now said that there were a "few mor things" that I needed to switch out......I took out the wrong size laundry detergent, sooooo, back I go again.

Finally, last night I got my printer to work with this lappie, so it is going along for the ride to......where EVER the road leads. Not that we will probably need it, but it looks official in the RV den under the built in computer desk.

There is NOTHING in the fridge here in the house so we are going to go get a bite to eat......what is not in the RV is in the trash or went down the disposal. Not many places here in this community to eat but whatever we can find will be just fine. I don't need toooo many calories today.....kept nibbling all day as I carried out the kitchen things.

Had a surprise visit from another former student....Jared Wenninger. It was good to see him.....and there seems to be just a wee bit more of him to see (sorry Jared.....but the older you get, the easier it is to gain!!) Wish I had had more time to just sit and pick his brain......

Oops.......the 1st Lady is ready to eat, so off we go to the city center of this community!!

Dinner at a local steak house eatery..........adequate for the prices. Returned home......and double-checked the 5er......think we have all that is necessary....and then some. Anyway.....if we forgot anything, there is always WalMart.

So,.....hopefully, the next post will be from the NW part of Missouri. Will be "boondockin".....no hookups......but should have enough battery power from this lappie's battery to get a few words out into cyberspace, and to your desktops.

Sooo, down the road go the two Howser vagabonds!

Friday, May 27, 2005

WHAT a busy one.....

Whew.....here it is after 10pm and I have yet to catch my breath from 6:30am this morning. Had to go to Farmington by 8am this morning to have my 42 hairs on the top of my head trimmed back a bit......then to SuperMart......then to pick up my demonized pc......and was TOLD to go to Walgreen's to pick up some pics, however I forgot and have been in the dog pound ever since I got home.

The poor pc: nothing could be done for it on a permanent basis, ......alas, I am devastated!! It would take some MAJOR transfusions of important "body parts" within its system to cure it totally....perhaps. Soooo, I paid a very nominal fee for the diagnosis, without having any surgery costs added to the bill, and carefully brought my little pc home for the last time. It will spend out its lasts days here at its under-the-desk home. I must spend some time attempting to de-brief it.......getting as much of the information that it knows about my life and my work and my hobbies before it departs me and my family. Soooo,.......tomorrow........

After putting it under the desk, I turned to my tasks in the kitchen. Today was a day that I had to cook for my son, so for the next two hours I scurried around the kitchen broiling steaks, fixing salad, etc, etc., etc. Then packed it all up and took it to him and we all feasted for the next 5 hours.

Then to SuperMart for some fishing equipment for the mt. trout, and now I am trying to publish this little post about my day........a day filled with sorrow(my pc) and with joy at getting to have dinner with my son. Sooooo, another day in TheHowserHouse.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Kayla, Grandma, and Dad @ Graduation BBQ Posted by Hello

2 Eldon HS Flag Girls with their Band Director Posted by Hello

Lazy.........I'm NOT!!

Yesterday was the second day that I have missed this week!!!! No excuses......and there doesn't seem to be any solution, either. I traveled yesterday morning from the Moser Estate with a couple of stops in STL for tech data for myself, a stop in Farmington to check on the life or death status of my pc with the Demon residing inside, and then 2.5 hours of mowing the lawn for the final time prior to leaving. Then......we had a wonder dinner evening with the Hanner Family...a great time that lasted until past midnight. SUCH a fun family with never ever a dull moment when we are with them, or never a dull moment in just their lives!!!! I keep trying to get them to get into the RVing lifestyle.........hoping they might join us out West in a few weeks?????!!!!!

Soooo, that was yesterday. Oops......didn't mention the fact that Charter Communications was down and dead from yesterday afternoon until this morning......no cable tv, no cable internet hookup. And, I am certain no reduction in the monthly statement even though they didn't provide service to us, or the entire community!!!!

Today........it is packing day with appointments to keep, a BBQ at the Goldsmith home in honor of their graduating daughter, Kayla, from high school.......graduation is tonight. Looks now like it might rain.....and the festivities are ALL to be outside. IF graduation is in the gym, the heat will be unbearable as it has been in past years. I have to be on the podium as a Sch. Bd. member.....will have to powder the top of my head......don't want the lights/spots to cause a blinding reflection from the top of my head!!!!

Hard to believe Kayla is graduating!!!! I can so well remember when she was born and her parents as my students prior to her birth..........time goes sooooooooooooo fast. I feel like she is a part of my family.....as well as Mike and Melissa. I KNOW she will do well in pharmacy school in STL later this year.........she such an outstanding young lady, thanks to her parents and their wonderful support for her and her life. Getting a little teary just thinking about all of this......

I had better close for now......so many things to do this afternoon. Not sure where this week has gone to.......???? Ahhhhh, such is the status of my Life.......it flies fast and high.


The day has flown by with me multi-tasking......and, not being able to do it like I did when teaching......hahaha (there is that Old Age problem rearing its ugly head again). Been loading again....the trailer, that is.....and making preparations for the vagabonding journey. Still discussing the Demon in my old pc......and trying to get rid of it......now, I'm installing a new hard drive........hope my OLD pc can handle a new HARD drive.......hehehee.....but perhaps that is what this OLD pc needs!!!! Anyway.....it has to be completed by tomorrow morning. Running out of time.....

Just visited briefly with my nephew in St. Joe.....by phone.....and inquired as to overnighting with the HowserHouse in the parking lot of WalMart there. Think it will be possible, but just needed him to check it out for me........he is an optometrist(sp?) at that W-M. So, will await his call to confirm us overnighting there. With our RV set up the way I wanted it, we have a generator on board and can make our own electricity should we need it....be it for heat, a/c, microwave, or just to make the coffee maker run.

About time for the evening's activities to start.....so,.......until later..


Thanks to the Goldsmith family for a wonderful BBQ in honor of Kayla........lots of former students to visit with along with watching Kayla enjoy her evening with friends and family. It was really good to see a former Eldon HS Flag Corp girl.....Rhonda Baughman ----(last name unknown). So, will post a pic of the 2 former Flag girls here along with one of Kayla.

Graduation was the usual ceremony without the pomp........a tradition that is disappearing with the passing of time. However, all things change and in order to stay "in tune" with the times, we must change too.

And so the day of multi-tasking is about to end with one task in mind.......rest tonight for another multi-tasking day will challenge all of us.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Away from home.....and a pc

Hmmmm, it has been longer than usual since I have published my thoughts. I was on the phone for three hours yesterday morning talking to Circuit City and Toshiba people TRYING to get the correct info about my rebate on my new lappie. And.....after talking with people in Istanbul, Turkey, Inday, Manila, NYC, St. Paul, LA, and other various places in this world, I still didn't get much accomplished. My BP must have been sky high.......arguing and talking with "your supervisor" and the next highest one over and over again. What a run-around!!!!!! Not sure if I got it straightened out, or not??????

Then hurridly bought a new TV for my mother and drove to Eldon to take it to her. Spent the night there, visiting with my family, "building" a tv shelfing unit, eating pizza, etc., etc. This morning after breakfast, I headed for Washington where the 1st Lady is currently with the new granddaughter on the Moser Estate. Stopped in Linn, MO to look up some OLD friends that we knew when we lived there in the early 70's. What a shock when I discovered that she has Alzheimers(sp?).....as she had no idea who I was. Still thinking about this...........makes me scared for my future. Example: She thought the people in the audience on a TV show were in her house......"said everything would be fine if all of these people would just leave......those people are here everyday".

Now.....I'm at the Moser Estate for awhile. Not certain when I will return back home.....perhaps tomorrow....maybe later today. I've many things to do before we leave for the West.

Sooooo, more later.......


WOW.......now I will not be without a way to post/publish as long as I have cell phone service. I installed my program for accessing the internet through my cell phone without having to pay for an ISP while I am traveling and only using my cell phone plan minutes.......which makes it virtually free!!!!! Tried it out from my truck in the parking lot of Lowe's here in Washington, MO.......and in seconds I was on the net!!! THIS solves a lot of problems!!!!! Thanks to a forum/group on Yahoo for giving me the info needed to do this.........the only cost was for a Mobile Office Kit for the software and cable from my phone to my lappie. GREAT!!

This was a BEAUTIFUL late afternoon/evening. Dr. Jenifer had to have evening office hours, so I grilled burgers while the 1st Lady and Darrel watched the two young Mosers.....Meghan and baby Ava. They turned out wonderful......as I purchased freshly ground meat......and WHAT a difference than buying meat that is/was frozen!!!! I had forgotten how good it is FRESH. This was accompanied by a couple of sides and, of course, my dark red medicine in a stemmed glass........and the warm glow of the Moser Estate at dusk became even better.

An early departure for me in the morning with a stopover in STL to pick up a few extras at Circuit City. Need to hurry on down to rural SE Missouri to TheHowserHouse and get the lawn mowed before the rains arrive tomorrow evening and Thursday. We also have a evening with the Hanners planned before they get called out for another catastrophic emergency in some far-off region of our country which will require their expert adjusting for damages.

So.......until tomorrow......

Sunday, May 22, 2005

GREAT.....Rain is falling!!

What a wonderful sight, smell, and sound......awakening to those three "s" sensations!!! Then reality sets in and I realize that I left the patio cushions on the chairs, etc., etc. and that it will take days for them to "drain" and dry......ugh!! Oh well, win some-lose some. And....we DID need the rain.

Went to early church service.....the "relaxed" service where almost any style of dress is acceptable. Seems that I can notice that the good Methodists are becoming even more liberal......their church-going clothes have really, really changed. And....the change is for the best, I believe. As to the music......well, I am trying to be open-minded, however, I have been so indoctrinated in "reading" the music that I have problems with doing everything by rote.....the really OLD style of singing! But....I refuse to let the times pass me by....like OLD people always do......and so I am working really hard at accepting and participating in this new way of singing in church. I'll keep you posted on this task......

The 1st Lady of TheHowserHouse is preparing to go to the Moser Estate to spend until Wednesday with the new granddaughter. And....at the same time, she is trying to load...and I DO mean load.....the RV with her wardrobe for the mts., which means take everything you own....almost. On the other hand.....I will take my turn tomorrow, or later this week, and by that time I will probably only have enough storage space for my personal items........oh well, such is Life.

Just now gave up.........I had the patio cushions draped over the chairs to drip and dry, and it just started pouring again. Sooooo, a quick dash to "rescue" the cushions from the latest deluge and get them into the garage to drip dry.....literally.

Tomorrow is the day that the medics will confer and report to me about my beloved pc.....the "Demon-infected" one. What will the news be???? I will most likely not sleep all night tonight as I toss and turn awaiting the news.......will I have to make a decision as to the medical procedure OR let my pc go the way of soooo many other pcs of the world......smashed and trashed.????? Only time will tell......


The day comes to end without much accomplished. I worked on becoming familiar with my lappie......this is taking much longer than I thought it would. Then became guilty for working at my desk soooo long, so went and did some lawn work........just detailing it basically. It was tooo wet to do too much.

Returned to the house......and, played "old man". I laid down and took a Sunday afternoon nap!!!! Now....I feel worse......and guilty for not loading the RV as I should have done. Soooo, I am now behind with my scheduled plans......UGH. But....in thinking this thru.....I will have time to load it on Thurs prior to graduation.

So.....I have rationalized out my nap and my guilt, so now to watch a bit of TV......not sure just what......never anything of value on there. Anyway.......may read a book that I have been trying to read since Easter.....HA!!!


Saturday, May 21, 2005

BUSY, BUSY day.....

Why is it that when we have house guests that you can't relax and enjoy them and the conversation??? It seems that it always a hurried, hectic pace to get things done, fix meals, and not quite be yourself........when it should be just the opposite. And, of course, that seems to be the way it has been around here today.

I took Rachel to see Mike and then brought her down to our house a few brief hours so she could be with her "Grammy" and her "Granny" (the 1st Lady of TheHowserHouse, and her great-grandmother that is visiting here). Lunch was on the patio as even tho it is a cloudy day, the temp is just perfect.

I took a few pics of them......but will have to get a program downloaded on here before I can get them published on this post........keep watching!

oops......my presence is needed in the kitchen (dirty dishes????).........


I am going to get those pics on here....yet. The 1st Lady of TheHowserHouse is not feeling well......a rather painful headace has put her down on the couch for the remainder of the afternoon.......so, I'll have my new lappie to play with. Need to be outside......the sun finally broke through the gray clouds/haze and it is really nice outside.

A nice evening.........enjoyed coffee on the patio with a very good friend and his brother, who dropped by later during the evening. Two brothers, one year apart in age, but.........way, way apart in personality and lifestyle........really interesting to observe and listen to the large
difference in brothers who grew up in the same household at the same time, and yet, there are soooo different. What an interesting study they would make for somehow who needs to write a psych. paper.

Still getting adjusted to this lappie........the keyboard is narrower and I am constantly have to rewrite some of the letters/words after years of using a larger keyboard. Guess you HAVE to teach on old dog new tricks.......so, as I wag my tail, I will keep "pawing" this keyboard and trying to do better.

The pics are of our houseguests: the 1st Lady of TheHowserHouse's mother and sister, and our nephew. Also pictured is our granddaughter Rachel. There will be more .........

Trying out TheHowserHouse (on wheels) Posted by Hello

GREAT to see Granny!!! Posted by Hello

Mother/Daughter in TheHowserHouse RV living room Posted by Hello

Friday, May 20, 2005

Our guests arrived......

The 1st Lady of TheHowserHouse's mother, sister, and nephew arrived about 10pm last night, so it has been a lazy, breakfast on the patio, morning. The weather is beautiful and very conducive to relaxing with coffee in hand under the umbrella above the table. While there aren't many flowers to enjoy.....I didn't put many out this year......it was very enjoyable. This afternoon we will go visit Mike for awhile......the main purpose of their trip down here.

They received the "grand tour" thru the new RV as they had not seen it yet. It is beginning to fill up with the necessities of life-on-the-road.......as it is about time to hit the road. The 1st Lady had to be at school with the kids for the last hours this morning, and then retirement luncheon for all school employees at noon today. So.......guess it is up to me to "entertain"......hahaha.....not a problem, as I am never at a loss for words.......(am I??).

This journal will probably be shorter in length today.......toooooo much for this old man to do. I have to have dinner on the table by 1pm today, so.......there is prep time that is necessary for the menu that I have created......nothing fancy....just some good Howser eats.



WOW......what a GREAT DAY!!!! Right after I left here, my new Toshiba arrived by express delivery......the only way to fly!!! And, does this little lappie ever fly!!!! I could hardly stop trying to acquaint myself with this new little member of our family in order to get lunch for our guests, but I did. We ate right on the appointed time......hahaha, still sticking to exact band director schedules.....hahaa. Went to Bonne Terre to visit Mike; good visit, came back early BECAUSE......

I took my desktop IBM computer, which has been inhabited by that awful gleeful Demon, to the pc hospital!! After much discussion with the "medical staff", I made a decision. As I have always leaned to being "pro-choice" I made the choice to have that demon removed from my pc......hopefully. The medics will have to examine the pc and see if this choice can be accomplished.......the pc's problem may be too far advanced for help.........this bothers me alot....and I have to wait until Monday afternoon for the results. Can I wait........I don't know....

Soooo, I came back

Thursday, May 19, 2005

The PC DEMON is asleep....for awhile!!

My God.....I can get on the internet!!!!! Has this little internal pc demon given up on the battle to win, or has he just fallen asleep after being up at least past midnight........we fought each other for hours last night until I conceded late last night after many cursewords .....from me!!!! Everytime I try to get on the net.....or when I do manage......the demon simply shuts down my pc with a gleeful laugh. Over and over and over again it has been happening.........damn frustrating on my part. I tried scandisk, defragmenting, etc., etc.......everything that this older man knew what to try, and nothing worked..........he won every time. However, while he is asleep, or at least before he returns to aggravate me, I will try to get a post online.

Ok.....just published the above paragraph.....just in case I woke him up! Yesterday I went to the mighty, mighty SuperCenter in Farmington......and, as I was informed last night, spent toooooo much retirement money. BUT, I only purchased the absolute necessities, of course!! I received notice that my new laptop is on its way by express air........the sooner I receive it the better, cause the demon may return. I will not let him jump from his desktop home to my laptop home......NO WAY!!!

Then after the sun changed angles, I finished waxing TheHowserHouse on-wheels. The white rubber roof needs a bit of TLC, but I gave out by dusk. Fixed that wonderful dinner, had my nightly dose of dark red medicine in the stemmed glass, and started my evening's battle, as I have described above.

Now.....just finished running the swifter over the hardwood floors, ran the "suck up the crap" machine over the carpets, mopped the kitchen, bathroom, and garden room floors, and have about done all I am going to do for our expected house guests this evening.......except cook dinner. The 1st Lady of TheHowserHouse will be upset because I knocked over the large pot of Shamrocks which have been growing, and blooming, for several years. The heavy pot just fell completely upside down......breaking many of the fragile little stems. It was very upsetting to me because I did really enjoy the always-blooming plant......I transplanted it, said some kind and soft words to it, and will give it as much TLC as I can over the next few days. We'll see.......

Well, will publish this quickly......feel very, very lucky that I have my moments to ramble without being interrupted......by you know who!!

3 pm

He/it has returned!!!!! I have been shut down several times since I was last here. I DO have a recommendation from a friend as to who he had work on his pc........probably will have to take it Farmington to this guy. BUT.....must ask the 1st Lady of TheHowserHouse first!

I have not rambled on about Jeremy (Jay, as he is known)......and not mentioning him is his request. However, some of you have ask about him recently. He has spent the past two years living in Miami Beach.......what a really difficult place to have to live in! He and a friend have had their own political research and communication firm there, and to say the least, it has been very successful. In fact, so successful that they found that this type of work gave them absolutely NO time for themselves........they were always busy working and traveling for others who gave them their paychecks. Now.....to me, the traveling sounds GREAT, however, after having visited Jay every few months in Miami Beach, I can understand why he/they decided to make a change. Jay was glued to his computer day and night.........no beach time, no female time, no social time for himself. Sooooo.......

Jay has now found himself in a much, much smaller city: Evansville, IN. He has become the campaign manager for an individual who plans to run for Congress from Indiana. I imagine the move to Evansville will take some adjusting on his part...........Where is the beach......Where are the restaurants......Where are the clubs........Where do I live.........Where are the tanned and bikini-clad females??????? WOW.......such a change. Even tho he was busy.......and didn't have as much time to himself as would have liked.......he did manage to sneak away and from time to time enjoy a few of the perks of living in M.B.

Me?? I now can't run down to M.B. every 3-4 months for some sun and surf, incredible food, a really great ambiance..........and wonderful eye-candy!!!!! Just can't believe that Evansville will provide all of that for me. I'll survive.............(??).


The late afternoon and early evening went quickly. The Demon has been at work and is doing his best to put my frustration level at a new high..........this pc has to be taken to a pc hospital VERY soon.......tomorrow perhaps??? Oh well......it is just a machine ( I think??).

We are awaiting the arrival of Marsha's sister who is bringing her mother down for a day or so. They stopped at the Moser Estate this afternoon and didn't get back on the road until 8pm, so it will be 10 before they arrive here. Her mother will be about done in......at 82 she doesn't travel as well and as easily as she did a few years ago.

As a reprise to the above discussion on Miami Beach........it WILL be GREAT to have Jay so much closer.....about 175 miles if you take the two lane highways. We have to find a good restaurant to meet half-way, so we can get together more often..........I HOPE so anyway!!!

Will close this journal post. I continue to be amazed at the number of readers who have visited this site.......I thought I would be writing for my own benefit.......hahaha....guess not!

Easter in South Beach Posted by Hello

South Beach cool down time!! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

NO....I didn't oversleep....

WOW.....this is the latest that I have been since I started this journal!!! Excuse???? Well, I have always said that "excuses are for losers, solutions are for winners"......but, the only solution I can find is that I shouldn't be sooooo damn busy. And, how does a person change that part of your life??? I WISH I knew.

Just returned from a hurried trip to Farmington for a bit of shopping....and looking. Trying to find some smaller recliner chairs for the RV....we want to change out the ones which came with the rig and put in some that are a bit more comfortable for shorter people. Hmmmm, wonder who those people might be??? I BLAME it all on my mother who at 92 years of age is getting smaller.....Than she has been all her life. She never reached 5' in her entire 92 years, and who knows what she has shrunk to by now........the incredible shrinking Eveready battery who just keeps on going and going and going. Not only with age, but still getting smaller....hahaha.

Anyway......I didn't find any chairs like we want, but did find a couple of good looking steaks for supper. Not often we break our diets, but couldn't resist these. Along with a couple of good baked potatoes, some hot french bread just out of the oven, and a glass (or 2) of dark cabernet.......yummm....can't wait.

It has been like Christmas this morning around here........I have had TWO deliveries: Fed Ex and UPS. Both bringing goodies for the RV!!!! QVC sent us our new Kitchen Essentials set of pans, and Circuit City sent us the Mobile Office Kit for our cell phone so I can continue this aimless chatter while we are on the road!!! Aren't you excited about that.......I BET!!!!

Soooo, I think I will take a break from my journalistic endeavors, have a cup of coffee on the patio, and read about this kit that I need to use to connect my computer with the cell phone. I have a dark, dark feeling that this may entail more than my aging mind can understand........modern technology is almost as bad as a foreign language......in fact, it is WORSE!!!! I can speak, a bit, of several different languages.....but sure as hell can't understand how to wire/hookup some silly tech stuff! (which leaves me sooooo damn frustrated)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A slow start today...

I was up rather late last night following a rather lengthy school bd. meeting, so today has been rather slow in getting up my steam......hahaha(or am I just getting lazy(ier?). At least one matter has been cleared up......the former student of mine identified herself, AND.....I had guessed it correctly!!! I, too, Chris have many fond memories of when you were in band in Eldon.....those were very good years for me, thanks to the outstanding band students. My job was soooo easy, thanks to you guys!! We are STILL "family"!!

Today......what's on my plate?? I was going in to STL to purchase a laptop, however, we are not certain that we have made a firm decision on exactly which one to buy. Why is it that the older I get, the more difficult it is to make a decision????? And, it is not just me,......the 1st Lady of TheHowserHouse always has problems deciding what she wants to eat when we are at a restaurant, or even at the DQ for ice cream!!! I often tell her that it is NOT her "last supper" and she will have another opportunity to try/eat another choice at a later date......hahaha. Anyway....these decisions become more difficult with our age instead of easier.....especially when it involves purchasing something (big ticket items). We should be just living for today....and not worrying about tomorrow, shouldn't we????

Sooo, a realignment of my plans for today.......hmmmm, think I will have another cup of my excellent Gevalia French Roast coffee on the patio.....meditate about today.....and then perhaps I will get started........perhaps! One sure thing: tonight is Am. Idol and I have followed this from the git-go, and so I am anxious to see the ending on this. I already miss not having The Amazing Race to watch.......my very favorite......why???? Because of the wonderful and exciting places they go around the world........and many of them I have been to and enjoy seeing again.

Yep....Chris, travel is my middle name. I feel certain that I must have been an explorer in a previous lifetime........always wanting to see what is beyond the horizon and around the next curve or over the next hill. So far......I have "explored" 41 countries during this lifetime as well as all 50 states. Sounds great, but there are some 160 countries left, and don't think I will have enough time during this life to get to all of them......(or the $$$).

Now.....to that coffee and the patio.....


While having that great cup of coffee....hmmmm....wonder how many cups I have had today???......anyway, I realized that I had another exciting comment on yesterday's post....from another former student. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!!!! Anyway, he gave me a scare a couple of months ago when he called with a bad health report. BUT, after several rounds of treatment for that DREADED disease...cancer....he is reporting to be fine!!!!! If nothing else, this young man and a good friend of mine, would make that tumor disappear with his power of positive thinking!!!! WOW.......he, and his growing family of females, are definitely "one of a kind"......how lucky his four daughters are, and will be, to have a father (AND mother) like them!!

That cup of patio coffee......not only did it lead to thinking (meditating, as I said earlier), but it led me to that wonderful machine.......the lawn mower. Yep.....another week went by quickly and I realized that with the weekend rain, I would soon be seeing animals trying to sneak thru the tall grass like going on a safari in Africa(which I HAVE to do during this Life). Soooo, my heart and my BP got their daily workout with two hours of pushing the power mower. NO....I don't have one that goes thru the grass by itself.........I NEED the exercise and so I bought one that has to be pushed ......and I do love doing it when it is not hot and humid!

So, it is time for a few more minutes of that patio......and some iced tea........


And so the day goes......(away). Late afternoon and I found myself on the patio of my neighbor.....whom I NEVER see. What a comic she is......she was sitting visiting with a friend and when I went over there with my dark red medicinal cabernet in hand, she asked if we could socialize since she is the school librarian and I am on the school bd!!! I won't repeat what I said to her in reply. A very fun-filled discussion kept me over there so long that I almost missed dinner.

WOW......not certain how I would have voted tonight for the three on Am. Idol!! They are all soooo good.....by this time. Not toooo much longer for this edition......

And so, I ordered my new laptop this evening. Hope I got the right one.........soooo difficult to decide even tho we spent several hours "playing" with different ones at various computer stors in STL. Ordered a Toshiba with a Centrino processor..........will just keep my fingers crossed for good luck on this! Anyway......having it shipped to me within the next three days so won't have to run up to the city to get it.

I didn't go the HS band concert tonight......first time to miss one here in 17 years!!! I did hear who received the John W. Howser Award...........and I think they made an excellent choice of those two students!!!!!!

Enough for today/tonight............!!

Monday, May 16, 2005

What a day....(as usual!!)

As I started to say before my computer took over with its OWN mind, this has been a very frustrating day......and I must say this quietly, but it is ......shhh.....shhh....it is this computer's fault!!!!!!! Hope it can't read what I am writing!!! It seems to be taking over and I seem to have almost no control over it.......I feel like a relative of "Hal" has moved into the pc and is imitating him! I been fighting problems all day long.....trying to write a post here, get into my email, post on the Cedar Creek Club site with some questions......and, it seems to shut down on its own......refuses to boot up......shuts down when it finally gets going.....etc., etc., etc., etc. DAMN!!! I am about to give up on it and throw it in the trash can. I only hope I can get this posted and not lose it before it takes over again and just closes me out.

I have worked in the yard with weed killer, and may have shortened my own life doing this as well as the weeds. I have checked over my trout fishing gear in prep. for leaving for some mt. stream trout fishing, and.......guess what?? Most of my gear has laid around soooo long that it is not practicable to try to use, so.....shopping I must go! (The 1st Lady of TheHowserHouse will have a small fit).

A bit of good news.....a great comment arrived from someone named "Chris" who has been reading these posts. Seems she is a former student of mine.......notice, Chris, that I didn't say "old student of mine". BUT.....the problem is that I have had many former students with the name of Chris......and I am not certain who this person(you) are!!!!! I have some ideas in my aging mind, but would like to respond to the correct person. Sooo, whomever you are.....can you stand up please, and indentify yourself???? THANKS!!!

Must close and post this before the unnamed demon in my pc wakes up and cuts me off and I lose all of this!!! More later.........if the demon allows me back on!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

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"The stage is all mine!!" Posted by Hello

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Rachel's color books for sale.... Posted by Hello

Cool and beautiful.....

This sometimes begins to sound like a daily weather report......doesn't it??? On a day such as this it is worth talking about......the temp in the low 50's and the sky is cloudless. Here on the Moser Estate, the morning is moving along slowly......we remained OUT of bed until late last night/early this morning just talking and visiting. Marsha and I will be leaving to take Rachel home around noon, and then for some serious laptop computer shopping this afternoon!!!! There are sooooo many choices.........ugh!!

It is only two weeks until we leave for the western moutains and I have sooo many things to do prior to our leaving. Sure glad that our security system at home was installed this spring........one important item was completed at that time!!!!!! So now all of you avid readers will know better than to attempt to "visit" us while we are gone......otherwise your visit will be abruptly interrupted and halted very quickly!!!

Coffee replenishment time........and I need lots of it this morning. If you are reading this, drop me a line anytime through this website or my email. Always glad to hear from old friends and anxious to meet and make new friends!!


Wow....this day FLEW by!! I worked with son-in-law Darrel on his billing for his new business prior to leaving the Moser Estate around 1:45pm. Then after taking Rachel home, Marsha and I hit the computer stores in south STL to buy a laptop. Of course, once in the stores, big confusion set in for both of us and then the discussions between us didn't help!! haaha. AND, of course, the sales personnel are not always the most knowledgeable......just a job for most. Anyway, armed with Toshiba model numbers, we came home to do more research with the goal of owning one before Friday!!! We'll see.............

Anyway.....now that I'm back in the HowserHouse (foundation one), I have a couple of pics of the granddaughters' weekend activities!!! And it was a busy weekend with them. The newest one, Ava Moser who is not quite three weeks old, is gaining weight as she is meant to be and has put on close to a pound since birth......GREAT. I am a real wuss(sp??) about babies......they make me soooo nervous when they are soooo little!!! Am I....do I .....take lots of "heat" from the rest of the family about this???? What do you think??? Oh well.........such is Life.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Beautiful rainy morning in the Moser woods

Awaking at the Moser Estate to wonderful, gentle rain falling throughout the surrounding wooded acreage.......the moisture is needed so much in this area of Missouri.....it is the driest spring on record........BRING ON the rain!!!! It seems so peaceful here with the rain slowly seeping through the leaves around the house, but.....the temp has dropped considerably since the past few days. OF COURSE......all I have with me are several pairs of shorts...HAA!! How old am I??? Should have known better.

Yesterday evening we were in the west ST Louis area to attend the fund-raising event for granddaughter Rachel's gifted class at school. WHAT an event!!!! There were sooooo many people there to purchase items which were all made by the children. They had been studying birds this semester and everything they made was related to that study........and BIRDS!!! Really some cute items! It was fun.

So, today we are attending our other granddaughter Meghan's first dance recital. She is five and always bounces off the walls with energy, so this should quite fun to watch. An aesthetic experience???? Well, that might be pushing it a bit, but I'm certain that my camera will be recording some of the "dances" for all to see. Of course, Grammy and PaPa have to get there "early" to save seats close to the state for the rest of the family........hahaha. Now I am in a reverse role after those 30 years of being on the stage........and this is NICE!!

An interesting email arrived overnight.......from a reader of this journal who is currently traveling in southern Mexico! I have been following their trip for the past several months......wrote to her about her not posting this past week, and she responded. Sooooo, my published journal is being read internationally!!!! And, after only ONE week. WOW!!! My site counter is telling some interesting things to me.......there are more people looking/reading this than I had ever thought there would be.........GREAT!!

OOPS.......the coffee pot is empty......and I CAN'T allow that to happen so early on this rainy morn. Time to make some more.......


Ahhhh, the dance recital..........well, it was an interesting 2.5 hour experience. Meghan was really cute and was an adorable 5 year old "dancer" with her little group of 10. During the afternoon, her group performed twice.......and the rest??? Well, it became a long afternoon, to say the least. I didn't see anyone that I believe has any chance of becoming a Radio City Music Hall Rockette or a Broadway musical dancer, but they all gave 100% in effort and all parents, grandparents, and family/friends were enthralled with their girl's performances......and that is as it should have been!!

This evening at the Moser Estate is really pleasant........the scenic wooded landscape is beautiful with the darkening shadows. Kind of a "let's relax" type of evening here, and that is just what the granddaughters need after the "high" of the dance recital and the following "celebratory" dinner. I will post some pics from the recital when we return home tomorrow.......Jenifer doesn't have the program on the pc that my camera requires.

Later.......(WHAT later???......I don't know. Just my way of closing, I guess)

Friday, May 13, 2005

Enjoy the morning? Nope...work to do

How in the world did I get everything done when I was working fulltime......no, MORE than fulltime. The world of public school band directing is NOT a 40 hour per week occupation......it is a job that never ever is finished. There are always rehearsals to hold for performances that are to be given, individual and small groups of students to work with and prepare them for solos, ensembles, and in the long haul.....they are getting prepared to be a better player in the band. So, back to my original question: How did I get it all done here at home during those 30 years???

Well, the answer is: I didn't!!! Soooo, it just went undone and the tasks/projects/work just stared at me everytime I would walk by.....I would see that it was crying out to me to finish these projects/tasks, but the students were making more crys for assistance, so that is where I went and what I did. During those 30 years of teaching in three different school districts, I seemed somehow to create my own monster at school (the band), and then it would invariably consume me!! I could never get away from it and, consequently, my duties at home went undone, for the most part. I have never figured out how an individual can be a successful band director and not let it interfere with a home life.......it is difficult.

Now....I get up this morning, it is a nice morning with a lovely breeze, and so I fix my Gevalia coffee, which just arrived, and head to the patio to enjoy the peacefulness of the morning. BUT....what do I see??? More plants begging, wilting.......those that I have not yet put into pots or the ground......and instead of students crying out for help, it is now those damn plants that I brought home and that are stuck in their too-tight little containers that cannot hold water. I just watered them yesterday.....and today their brilliant flowers are not so brilliant any more.....but bowing down and asking for help (plant religion??). Soooo, instead of sitting and sipping, I get busy......cleaning out the fountain(ooops....did I tell you that the bowl of the fountain was not stolen.....hehehee....OLD AGE again.....it is all one piece and it was just upside down!!!!!!HAHAH)
Then I decide to help the praying plants and repot them, fertilize them, and give them a good soaking bath. Hopefully, they will forgive me my sins of letting them go unattended, and will grow and flourish with flowers to brighten my patio!!!!! Sure.........

Now, it is off to our itsy-bitsy WalMart to pick up some things that I/we cannot live without!! Can't wait.......a new Super WalMart is being built here in town........will the town "boom" now that we have that??? Well,.......we'll see, won't we?

So........I'll be back......
AND, here I am....

WM was packed with shoppers......it isn't Christmas....wonder why soooo many people!! Anyway, as I squeezed thru the very, very narrow aisles, I managed get the things I just had to have. Sure WM is very happy that I spent a bit more of my retirement money with them!!!!! Soon, I may have to become a "door greeter".....at least I qualify with my age!!

Headed north when the 1st Lady of TheHowserHouse gets home from school. We have an event of Rachel's to attend.....her gifted program's fund-raiser, I believe. School is almost over for everyone, including our school.......next week is the last week for students and then graduation is the following week. Better close this and get a few things ready to head north. More at a later date/time......

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Why does this happen.....always????

Got my rear out of bed early and WITHOUT coffee, I climbed up on the roof and spent the next couple of hours working on the gutters.........can't imagine how in the world they become sooooo filled with the crap of nature. It was not a pleasant job for such an early hour, but it was better than being in the HOT sun today, with NO breeze.

Then......as the title says........I looked onto the patio and had to clean up some "stuff" that I didn't get into the sack on the roof, and before long I was moving all the things in the little alcove that goes from the patio into the laundry room. Sooooooo, the next thing was I noticed some mold starting on the siding.....and I was soon hosing and brushing off the siding under there. This then led to sorting and throwing away some of the things that somehow got stored there and I realized I had not put out the fountain this year. Well........ guess what? Someone has stolen the fountain bowl that catches the water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is not to be found anywhere around TheHowserHouse!!!!! DAMN!!!! Can't believe this crap.

And now, the morning is over and I have just finished showering and now I have "duties" and "honey do" lists to complete. It always seems that one thing leads to another and then another.....and before long the day if over. Well.......I must get busy before the 1st Lady of TheHowserHouse gets home. The lists are not finished yet.....hers or mine!

Until a bit later.....

This day has been busier than it is supposed to be when this writer is RETIRED!!! Not only am I REtired, but I am TIRED!! I spent this afternoon working on pics from our digital camera.....not physically exhausting at all, but mentally......well, you know how it is when these little things become so frustrating. Anyway.....think I can post a couple or more of the un-interesting pics of the International Cedar Creek RV Rally which we attended in Branson, MO. about two weeks ago. They will be of interest to only those with CC 5ers (5th wheel trailers), but I will post them anyway for all to examine this evening.

Had a great email from my life-long friends John and Gail McDonald, who have been wintering in Casa Grade, AZ. They have their home in Alaska, but have also purchased a places in Casa Grande and in Thayne, WY and we plan to visit them next month in Wyoming. After living in Alaska since 1974, they announced that they are selling their home and returning to the "lower 48".........what a shock!!!! Surely it is not age.........is it???? However, I would not enjoy making that drive down and back as often as they have been doing in the past few years......so I don't blame them at all. They are responsible for the 1st Lady of TheHowserHouse and I falling in love with the mini-Schnauzer dogs.......they have had them for several years and we are ready to purchase/adopt one when the right time comes along (preferably after our summer vagabonding).

The Cedar Creek Rally brought in 62 Cedar Creek rigs and their owners......and their dogs.....hahaha, from all over the USA!! Newly made friends, Larry and Cindy from Olathe also have a mini-Schnauzer and have given us the name of the kennel where they purchased theirs. We had a really GREAT time at the Rally, our first one to attend, but we plan on being at as many as we can as it was such great fun and so educational when you have that many CC owners getting together and discussing any and all problems they have with rving.

Whoops......a slight time out here.....well, that wasn't too long. Anyway.....for better or worse, I am attaching a couple of pics. Well, they arrived and are now published for all cyberspace readers to enjoy(????). Think the fellow Creekers will enjoy, but sure they have many good ones themselves.

This photo fine-tuning DOES take time......more than I thought. Perhaps I just need to get more experience at it......???? Always difficult to teach an OLD dog (me) some new tricks! But, practice makes perfect......at least that is what I preached to the kids for 30 years......and some of them didn't practice enough.....hahaha!!!!

Gonna get out of here now.....been a LONG day of many tasks, but got my list completed. Now, I have to get started on the vagabonding list. But......it WILL be worth all the time and effort.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Hey.....a GREAT way to begin the day.....

Received a call about 20 minutes ago......an invitation for coffee, etc. Who else calls and makes an early invitation but Sue H.?? What a fun way to start off a hot and humid day.......and to keep me from having to clean out the gutters this morning.....hahaa! Of course I accepted!!! Stay tuned for a report on all topics discussed over coffee.........errrr, maybe just SOME of the topics....heheee.

And...it was a great way to have the day begin......pleasant conversation over coffee and a pastry! Main topic: retirement and rving.........the two DO go together.

Home again this morning and need to clean the gutters before my two piano students arrive after school. There are always projects that must be completed.........it never ends. But such is life.......without these projects and/or problems, Life would be boring.

This is ANOTHER miserably hot/humid day. I was up on the roof crawling around and digging out the crap that was living inside the gutters and I suddenly realized that my a-- was burning each time I sat down......the shingles were soooooo hot that the heat went right through my jeans. After completing about three-fourths of the gutter, which is 474 feet in length around the house, I gave up. The tiny beads of sweat became waves of moisture running into my eyes and I began to realize I couldn't see enough to clean out the remainder of the gutter. Sooooo, perhaps at 6AM in the morning.......????

WOW......the 1st Lady of TheHowserHouse will not be tooo happy this afternoon when she gets home. My initial order from Gevalia Coffee arrived.....a new stainless steel coffeemaker plus two boxes of coffee. Of course.....the entire shipment was only $10 as it was a special offer from the company. This coffee is very good......have tried it several places, and it had BETTER be, as the price is pretty steep......but I'll probably ration it out to my special coffee loving friends.

This afternoon is going to be my last afternoon of giving private lessons to students for this school year. I enjoy the contact with the kids but I have sooooo much to do to get things accomplished before we leave for our vagabonding journey. Really getting anxious to leave.......

I'll be back.....


And I am. Lessons completed. Dinner (salmon salad) completed. A few perennials planted. Happy to see Federov of American Idol leave tonight. Now......read a few RV forums and get my Thurs "to do" list ready, and then find a quiet corner to read for a couple of hours. Exciting evening.....huh??? (after all, I have to be on the roof by 6 in the morning before it gets to hot). Talk to you tomorrow.....providing I don't fall off the roof....haha.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

WHEW......Get me to the mountains!!

The title says it all: I just finished 2.5 hours of mowing the lawn....thinking when I started that it was a nice, beautiful day and how I would enjoy pushing the mower through grass. WAS I WRONG!! The heat index slipped upwards, the temp rushed higher, and so did my body temperature.......I detest heat/humidity.....hate it, always have....always will. And....I almost overdid it......became hot and dizzy at one point and had to take a break. Good God!!! The more I write in this journal, the more I find myself thinking I am getting old(er)......is it an excuse or is it reality??? PLEASE don't answer that question.....it was a rhetorical one...ok?? (I think I know the answer anyway)

Soooo, as I said above, "get me to the mountain!!"....and I do mean that. It is only two weeks until we leave for our extended summer vagabonding throughout the northwest, and if the temperature gets up to the 90's tomorrow, then those two weeks won't pass quick enough.

Prior to the start of my morning of sweaty labor, I had two early morning phone calls......and both at the most inopportune time....hehehe (only the callers know the REAL story). But, it was good to hear from both of these people........long time friends Sue Hanner and Andrew Gipson. As usual in the Life of Sue Hanner, she is running around like a chicken with its head cut off doing all that needs to be done for family and friends. I have no idea how she keeps everything going and on track........watching her go through all of the things she does gives absolutely no clue to how she manages to handle her life.....hehehee. But, she does and everything falls into place......sometime it just falls, but later will go into place.

Andrew.....well, he is about to complete his first year of being a Band Director in the Edwardsville, IL, school district. So, our conversations often turn to his experiences......my experiences....and the resolving and solving of problems. I always thought I was busy with my position here at F'town High School, but........it was nothing compared to the schedule he keeps each day(and night). Sure glad it is him and not me. No matter the hectic schedule, he has been highly successful this year as a first year teacher.......in fact, he was voted the Outstanding Beginning Teacher of the Year for the large Edwardsville District!! CONGRATS!!

I am pissed.....already....at the Social Security people!!!!! I filed to get the BIG check started in March, received confirmation that all paperwork was good and complete, and that I would get a check automatically deposited on April 25......the very first one for this aging man of 62. Guess what??!! NO CHECK!!!!! Sooooo, now what do I do?? I was going to use it to pay for my monthly wine allotment(medicinal only), and now I have no medication!! My heart may not make it and I am toooo young for Medicare, so what the hell do I do??? It has to be those damn Republicans in Washington......they KNOW somehow that I ran on the Democratic ticket last year for Mo State Rep!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, now to play the phone tag game of reaching a human being....a real living entity....to resolve this issue and get me my Cabernet medicine! So, I will close for a bit, get on the phone, play tag, and suffer withdrawal symptoms from not having my evening dose of Cabernet!

I'll let you know how this goes..........(we already know, don't we???).


I knew it! Nothing on that phone call but a machine that listened to me talk about my problem, but didn't reply back to me with any answer........I hate talking/working with machines. I am a "person" person but that oftentimes puts me in a position that is not enjoyable these days.

The 1st Lady of TheHowserHouse is a senior class sponsor and had to attend the Senior Dinner this evening, so I fixed some quick fried chicken breasts to go with some rice cooked in chicken broth and this was all topped with some stir-fried broccoli.......VERY GOOD, if I say so myself.
Later while watching The Amazing Race finale I fixed some hot chocolate pudding.....yummm!
The Race finish was very exciting and I really hate to see it end........probably one of my all-time favorite TV shows. Prior to that it was American Idol........never know about the outcome on this .....the voters are unpredictable.

So.....the day draws to a close. At least, the yard is mowed!!!!!!! (and I survived)

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Monday, May 09, 2005

Peaceful .......

RAIN......and we do need it around here!! So nice to see and hear it here in SE Missouri. But, it appears as the morning as progressed that we didn't get enough for a bird to bathe in, nevermind water my plants, flowers, etc. All it did is stop me from mowing the lawn as it is getting rather tall (after our fertilization this spring) and just wet enough to leave clumps behind, even with my mower mulcher. Oh well..........there is always tomorrow for this retired guy!

Been working on an application for our new school medical insurance coverage for next school year. Even though I'm retired........I can purchase the plan the school uses and this year.....WOW...we have three choices to select from. Of course.....it is a roll of the dice.......as the deductibles increase with a lower payment option, but guess I will live Life on the edge and go for the highest deductible. It will make my monthly payments a bit more than $100 per month less than what I have been paying..........will I bank it? HAHAHA.....what do you think???? Even tho I said above "there is always tomorrow......", I also realize that I need to enjoy each and every day that is left......."never know what will happen tomorrow", sooooo......I'll probably wind up purchasing another old man's toy (RV equipment, etc.,) with the extra $$.

Only a bit more than three weeks until we leave for most of the summer.........heading west to the mountains, less humidity, plentiful trout streams to walk and fish in, relaxing with mt. views from our new House on Wheels, etc., etc. Am I getting anxious???? What do you think???? Damn right, I am!!

We/I still have a few things to put into the new RV.....things that wore out in the previous one which we kept for 19 years.....using it way beyond the normal life span of a trailer. We have purchased new dishes (plastic), and now need to get a new set of good pans that are not tooooo heavy. Also need to update our fishing equipment.......I'm sure the line on the reels is rotten and I know that I will lose all of my trout if I don't replace the line. I've inventoried the tackle box and believe it is stocked well.......knowing that I will have to replace some lures, spoons as I lose them along the streams.

Oops......time to get my butt out to the school admin. office and get this paperwork completed. I'll have to be out there tonight for the School Bd. meeting........at least I DID get elected to that last year.....hehehee......as if I could have done anything in the Mo. House of Representatives THIS term!! More later today........


A busy afternoon kept this old man on the go........makes me feel better than just sitting around....I'm a person that has always been busy. Lots to do around the house.....laundry, cleaning the hardwood floors, etc., etc. Nothing worth reporting to the world thru cyberspace about.

A good friend and former student and my former band associate(all the same person) dropped by for a late afternoon cup of java and some talk. It always refreshes me, and my mind, when we have an hour or so to discuss the events that have occurred since we were last together. That is what a friend is for.........to have a person feel good/better when they have finished being with that friend.......and that is what Michael Goldsmith always does for me! I often reflect upon the friends I have now who years ago were sitting in my band making music. These students have become life-long friends..........the kind of friends that are always there when needed!

Over my lifetime I have sat on many "boards", committees, held many top offices in organizations, and am now currently serving on the school board. It has been in interesting progression from a classroom teacher to being on this board of directors.........and this is a position that I do enjoy as I feel that my 30 years in the classroom can bring some insight into some of the decisions that we must make for the good of the school and community. And so, tonight I spent over two hours doing just that.........

The 1st lady of the HowserHouse now wishes me to order some new kitchen pans, of which some will be housed in the HowserHouse-on-Wheels to be used as we travel the roads of our great country. So, this mind-rambling excercise of mine needs to come to a close..........

Sunday, May 08, 2005

A WILD HowserHouse!

How can it be??? Four years ago, I had almost 120 students in one band class and I had complete control. Now??? I have two granddaughters, ages 5 and 7, and I cannot get them under control........what has happened to me?? Again, I find myself asking the same question: "Is it age?" This IS beginning to worry me as I find myself reflecting and thinking about my control techniques with all of those students, and yet, now it is only two little children that I am taking care of. Oh well.......they are a joy no matter what!!!!! I wouldn't want to exchange them for that classroom for all the money in the world!

It is Mother's Day and I feel soooo lucky and fortunate to have a mother that is still enjoying her life.....at the age of 92 years! She is still living alone, albeit with daily "checking on" by my sister who deserves so very much credit for Mom being able to live by herself. Her mind is just as quick and alert as she was when I was still living at home.......MANY years ago. Her entire family calls her the "EverReady Battery", as she just keeps going and going and going.

Today looks like it will be just as hectic as it was when we returned home yesterday afternoon. The 1st Lady of the HowerHouse has taken our oldest granddaughter, Rachel, to visit with her Daddy this morning.

When they return, Rachel and Meghan will once again have a few hours of play time which they both enjoy and look forward to all of the time. They are as close as sisters could possibly be as they have spent so much time together over the past few years. It is a wonderful relationship for each of them. Then I will meet Darrel at Festus and he will pick up both girls so that Rachel can get back home to Fenton, and then they will go on to the Moser Estate outside of Washington, MO.

There is also the Azalea Festival Parade this afternoon which I hope to be able to watch. It is nice to realize on this day that I no longer have to walk in the parade alongside the high school band, even though I was ALWAYS so proud and prideful of those wonderful groups of kids.

More later........I am needed to play with Meghan!


Just returned from delivering the two granddaughters to Festus to catch their connecting ride to their homes before bedtime. It was a good afternoon: watched the hour-long parade, went to the playground to run off some pent-up energy, returned home and prepared to make the "delivery trip". I have about decided that if anyone ever asks me to work in a day-care center for small children.......well, you can guess my answer......hahahaa.

Enough rambling writing for today. My thoughts are rather jumbled up with "how much farther is it?", "can we eat now?", "I need to go pee......NOW!!", and other well-known phrases. So, until the next chapter in this on-going journal of TheHowserHouse...........

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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Jeni and Darrel's new home Posted by Hello

Wow.....my second day!

Well, I never did get back to my writing last night.........was it the Cabernet, you are asking? No, just too many family obligations in being a grandpa. (Plus, I did have to finish the Cabernet so it wouldn't "spoil"). This morning in the Moser Estate is a beautiful one....70 degrees, great sky, and the birds singing in chorus in the surrounding wooded acreage. Jenifer and Darrel really did select a wonderful site for their new house......away from the high traffic roads and buried in a subdivision with soooo many wooded acres! I'm jealous.......

All is well with the 9day old Ava! She seems to be running her life, and ours, just like clockwork. That does seem to bring some stability into this house that last week was in upheaval over the very quick addition of the new member. It is an exciting time for the Moser family!

Today, we return home to take Meghan and Rachel to the annual Azalea Festival.......the local event of the year. They will enjoy the carnival rides, the fun food, and the thrill of a few hours of something different in their lives.

This expose of my mind is going to be put on hold for now as we prepare to leave later this morning. Continue to monitor this site for further thoughts from the HowserHouse author.


Where did this great day go?? We are now at home and awaiting the arrival of Rachel, our granddaughter by Mike and Becky, and her maternal grandparents, along with Becky. Rachel will remain overnight with us, go to the carnival with Meghan, and then we will get her home tomorrow evening.

Shortly after 6, we were off to the Festival and the infamous carnival rides!! I took the girls on the Ferris Wheel.......first time in many years, and my God, but did this ride on the wheel go around FAST!! Whew......surely it isn't my age, is it?? It sort of reminds me of my life.......going around soooo quickly.......plus, it jerked with a few bumps just like my life has done. Interesting thought......my life like a ferris wheel! Hope I keep spinning around.......

After seeing and visiting with many former students and meeting some of their families and children, I visited briefly with the Goldsmith family.......parents of the Festival Queen 1st runner-up!! They were sooo proud of her, and that is as it should be........plus the scholarship money she received was wonderful.

Brought the girls home, tired....and cranky! Hmmmm, is that a reflection of how I am feeling, or is it REALLY the girls???? Think it was a bit of both....

So ends the second day of my efforts to put my thoughts into cyberspace........surely when my summer travels begin this will be more interesting to any and all who cast their eyes upon this blog.......I HOPE!

Friday, May 06, 2005

Our first post...

Hmmmm........am I really doing something like this??? Why am I doing this??? WHO would want to read something about me, my family, my life???? Why waste their time on me??? Am I drunk????? Did I have toooooo much wine tonight???? Maybe........

Anyway, here it is the day after Cinco de Mayo and I am leading my oh-so normal life and now posting this life report in cyberspace for EVERYone to read. I will be anxious to see if anyone does read this........how will I know???? I wonder......???

I am currently seeing my newest granddaughter, Ava Moser, at her new home. She is only 8 days old and wakes up every two hours or so to see her new parents.........parents who are different than those that created her. Those parents didn't seem to want her so my daughter and her husband became the adopted parents that they have been trying to become for over a year.......and they are sooooo excited!! But then.....aren't we all??? She is so tiny.....less than six pounds with very long legs.......I'm sure she will become a track star or a basketball player, OR.....perhaps a Drum Major for her high school band.......now that IS a great idea!

Her new older sister, Meghan, is so excited that she bounces off the walls of their new house.She is only five and feels soooo much older than Ava. Her first reaction when seeing a picture of her mom and dad holding the little sister was: "well, I can see that you guys don't love me any more!" Haha......sounds just like what Meghan might say.

Hey.....I have been called downstairs to the lower level to watch Ava smile.........hmmmm, it must be something new that she is doing. I will add more to this first writing later........if I don't have more Cabernet.