Sunday, April 30, 2006

Another birthday party day!!! (Check the pics!)

Above, and below, says it all for today!! The morning went by quickly at the Moser Estate....and soon it was time to head towards the suburbs of STL. We made a quick trip to Crate and Barrel and also to Pier 1 to do some shopping....and then it was time for a quick sandwich on the road.......the road to the Birthday Party for granddaughter Rachel's 8th bd. As you can see in the was a grande Fiesto and a great time was had by all those who were there. It was a very cool idea for a party.......and a timely one, also. There were sooooo many Mexican touches to the party......favors, food, costumes, games, etc., etc. Mucho fun by everyone there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday, RACHEL!!!

We left soon after the party was over, and after the family gifts had been opened by Rachel. The 1st Lady and I were a wee bit tired.....a busy three days.....and not much sleep. Arrived home about 6 pm....and with all of the leaves and sticks in the yard, we must have had plenty of wind during the afternoon. More picking up to do tomorrow.....UGH!!! is supposed to rain and rain and rain for the next day or so.......and nevertheless......

Life is GREAT.....and I hope it is for all of you, also!!!1

A birthday Fiesta!!!

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Sombreros for EVERYONE!!

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LOTS of gifts!!

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Pinning the sombrero on the donkey

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BREAK that pinata, Rachel!!!

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Hit it HARD, Meghan!!!!

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The pinata breaks......YEA!!!!!!

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8 years old!!!!

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Cake and ice cream for all....

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Trampoline time for the birthday girl....

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My new birthday wheels!!!

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Grammy and Ava

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Ava and "Mommy and Daddy"

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Darrel, Meghan, Ava, and Dr. Jeni

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What's this on my hands?

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Yummmmm......this is FUN!!

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RAIN....RAIN....RAIN....and more rain

Hmmmm......we will not need much moisture if the predictions hold up......about 2 inches expected tonight in F'town and more tomorrow. However, we are not in F'town but up at the Moser Estate today. We came up here this morning........picked up Rachel in Fenton and then came on out here to this beautifully landscaped area of Missouri. Simply breathtaking!!!! Shortly after lunch, we celebrated Ava's 1st birthday.....and wow, did she ever enjoy diving into that cake....hahaha! I will try to post some pics if I can get it through with all of the storms and rain here.

Soooo, it was a lazy day......rain, wind, cloudy, rain...rain...rain. Jeremy arrived about the middle of the afternoon to visit and to attend Rachel's birthday party tomorrow afternoon. Nothing really happened except visit and watch the granddaughters play and enjoy being together.

Tomorrow.......we have a bit of shopping to do before the next birthday party at 1pm. More cake....more ice cream......more weight!

But, even with the crappy weather..........

Life is Great.......and I hope it is for all of you, also

Friday, April 28, 2006

The prettiest this one has ever been!!

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Another gorgeous day....and it faded into rain! appears this weekend here in SE Missouri will be a washout......rain is predicted for the entire weekend......starting tonight....and it HAS!

This morning I scurried around getting some things done around the house and making preparations for having a visit and dinner with Mike. After getting some food prepared/ordered, I took my coffee on the patio and enjoyed the Azaleas.....thinking that they might be destroyed in the rains that are to arrive soon.

Left about 1pm for the short trip north to see Mike and we were joined by his wife, Becky. Had a great visit and a very good dinner......ate most of the afternoon and am now looking like a bloated pig! UGH.....should have known better.

Tomorrow we leave for the weekend to spend the weekend in the STL area.......two of our granddaughters are having birthdays: Ava was 1 year old yesterday and Rachel was 8 years old yesterday, also. Soooo, it is BD party time at each household and we will be there!!!

Raining tonight......need the rain, but will miss the lovely sun and blue skies we have been having. usual......

Life is Great......and I hope it is for all of you, also!!1

Thursday, April 27, 2006

A BEAUTIFUL DAY........!!!

WOW......such a grand day for the 27th of April......absolutely great!! Took my morning's Fr. Roast cup of steaming hot coffee on the patio. While I haven't put out any annual flowers, as I usually do, the Azaleas that I have planted over the years are in full bloom. In fact, I believe they have more flowers than every before.......could it be "global warming"???? Any way.......they are certainly worth enjoying early in the mornings.

With a heavy dew on the lawn, I decided that this was a good day to put on the Scott's 2+2, as well as some weed killer. The next hour was spent in pushing a little spreader around the yard....with little white granuals slipping out of the bottom, holding on to the wet blades and leaves. Hopefully, the granuals will do what they are supposed to do........they don't come cheap...HA!

Then, it was time to get the clippers and invade the fountain grass which has been a beautiful straw color all winter long.......HOWEVER, the green has been shooting up and the dead grass needed to be cut out. WELL......not an easy task!!!! It took about 2.5 hours to get the job done......UGH!!!! I could have just cut it all back, but didn't want to lose the new shoots of grass that had grown up between last year's dead stuff. Sooooo, I finally drug out a child's chair and sat my broadening ass upon it and began clipping and tossing the dead stuff. When I finally finished I hauled it all around to the rear of the yard and began to burn it......illegally!!! Yep.....not allowed to do this in town except during October. Soooo, I kept hoping the wind would continue to blow to the north......away from the city center. And it did........would have hated to been given a ticket for illegal burning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This afternoon I did some more trimming around the edges, checking on my herb garden, and making a quick trip to WalMart. Finally it was time for some dark red medicine on the patio as the afternoon began to disappear. The 1st Lady had to go to the annual sorority Founder's Day banquet, so I fixed one of my favorite low-cal dishes.......and one that is loaded with flavors!!! Rice cooked in chicken broth, and topped with steamed broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots......along with some marinated tomatoes......yummmmy!!!!!

I did call my mother twice today: Today she is 93 years young!!!!! This evening when I talked with her she said she had twelve phone calls and many, many cards. She was sooooo excited about all of this!!!

Sooooo, another day has passed, and as usual,

Life is GREAT......and I hope it is for all of you, also.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hmmmm......back to the reality of being in the stick and brick!!

Awakening with the 1st Lady's alarm clock at 6am this morning, I quickly realized that I was no longer in TheHowserHouse on wheels, hooked by the umbilical cords to the energy and water sources, and enjoying the Life of leisure. Woe is me......I was not in Tennessee(as I was yesterday morning). There was necessary work to be done so I once again defied the pulling of gravity and raised my aging hulk out of the bed and headed to the kitchen to grind some Fr. Roast coffee beans. Before long the aroma of fresh steaming coffee was drifting throughout the house. Ummmmm.......

After several cups of coffee, I was ready to get to some of the items on the list I had made last night. Some paperwork needed to be done on some financial matters, I needed to find a portable charger for my cell phone which unexpectedly died while I was on the trip to Memphis, and I needed to get some letters and cards mailed this morning. My mother's BD card was one of those.......she will be 93 on Thursday.

Then this afternoon.......well, it was time to get the lawn mowed. It had been two weeks and much rain had fallen with very warm temps, sooooo.....yep you guessed it!!! The grass was VERY high and the mowing project took me several hours to complete. Before I was finished the 1st Lady arrived home from school....changed into her gym clothes and headed over for her workout.....and was home again before I had finished the project. While mowing.....the temps dropped....and dropped....and must have been into the upper 40's before I put the mower away. My shorts were not the correct attire by that skinny chicken legs were feeling like they had been frost bitten.

Tonight......sandwiches and a glass of dark red medicine. AND.......American Idol, well without a doubt Chris Dougherty(sp?) was the most outstanding.....AGAIN!!!! He had staged it well and his accompaniment on the guitars was super!!! A GREAT PERFORMANCE!!!

So......another day in TheHowserHouse kept me busy with domestic duties. Tomorrow??? Let's see what the day brings..........and as always....

Life is Great......and I hope it is for all of you, also!!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

A real "WOW!!!" weekend!!! was definitely THAT kind of a weekend. I....and everyone else there.....had a terrific weekend, if you didn't know that already by looking at the pictures. that give you the correct picture??? By the pics, you can see that it appears we were eating ALL the time.....HAHA. Welllllllll, I am certain that when I get on the scale in the morning I will be able to testify that we WERE eating all the time. Perhaps I should have pushed TheHowserHouse up the highway for those 215 miles today.

Yesterday was a day of relaxing and......eating!!! Last night it was a Chili supper.......once again prepared with loving care by AG Caldwell of S. Carolina. WHAT A COOK!!!! He is soooo good and does it with such ease and enjoyment......makes me jealous!

Then this morning, it was time for coffee and farewells. With Cedar Creek RVs there from Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, New York, Delaware, and California........there were sooooo many friendships that were formed for the first time and others that were deepened as the days went by. And when it came time to leave yesterday and this morning, it was bittersweet......!

Amazing how close older adults can become......all because of one over-riding interest: rving/camping/traveling. All three are the same.......the are all related. One leads to another. And.....they all lead to great fun and camaraderie.

Soooo, after four days of all of the above, it is now back to the "joys" of everyday living in a house that is not yet completed with the remodeling.......CLOSE, but still lacking.

And as always, even tho I am a bit tired:

Life is GREAT.....and I hope it is for all of you, also!

Chef AG serving the South Carolinian Chili

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WHEN can we eat??????

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A visit with our new President of the CCRVOC!!

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WHAT would we do without our laptops at a Rally???

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"THIS chili is GREAT!!" one goes away hungry at this Rally!!

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International President: Mr. Ray Sager at the Chili Supper

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Just a very few of the many, many Cedar Creeks at the National Rally!!!!

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