Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wed, Dec 29, 2010: Changes are coming!!!!!!!

OK....the title will be explained later..... hell of a long day!!!!! I set my alarm for 2:00AM....and when that damn thing shouted at me....and, the 1st Lady.....I fumbled around trying to locate the tiny little switch on the side to shut the damn thing off, in the darkness of the room. Finally, success!!! I then moved quickly to the bathroom.......wet down my hair, which looked like I had been electrocuted during the night.....dressed my tired body.....and moved into the kitchen, not before I had turned over a glass of water next to the quilt-pallet which had been made in the media room for the three granddaughters. Oh well......the carpet soaked up the water...and, thank God, it was just clear water!

WHAT a surprise as when I came into the living room, many of the lights were on...and there was Anne-marie and Becky working on getting everything of Anne-marie's into her large backpack. Jeremy was on the living room sofa,, I went into the kitchen and flicked the switch to make the coffee.

At 2:30, I woke Jeremy and he was soon scurrying around getting the rest of his things organized and thrown into his large backpack. The 1st Lady then came into the kitchen and before long, good-byes were being said along with kisses and hugs. We loaded the bags into the trunk of the car...and by 3:08, we were leaving the driveway for St. Louis.

No traffic at all!!!!!!!!!! By 4:45AM we were at the airport!!! Sooo, without any problems we pulled up into the unloading zone in front of the doors to the ticketing counters.....and both of them jumped out. I said "without any problems", however.....there were soooooo many cars disgorging people to catch planes that it took a few minutes to locate a spot to slip the car into so they could unload! We said our goodbyes.....and off they went into the main ticketing terminal.

I was back on the interstate and headed home before 5AM.....and I arrived back at the sticknbrick at 6:15AM. I quick 200 mile round trip to the airport and back.

Soooo, as their flt to Atlanta was to leave STL at 7am.......I was correct in assuming that they made it since I didn't get any phone calls. THAT would be difficult for them as they had disconnected their cell phones, not taking them to the other side of the world where their charges would have been outrageous! They probably will pick up cell phones for short term usage in the countries they will be traveling through.....

The rest of the day......I spent in attempting to remain awake! I finally did take a nap during the afternoon. The day was spent in the kids playing all through the house, we eating left-overs and finishing off the Christmas cookies along the way. A few games were played during the late afternoon/early evening........and then Becky/Rachel left......followed the Darrel, Dr. Jeni, and the three little ones. And.....I fell into bed quite quickly and was soon gone from the world........

WEDNESDAY: Today??? One of Misery's finest examples of winter weather: cold, grey, gloomy, rainy, cloudy, UGLY!!!!! Soooo, the 1st Lady and I just relaxed, did a few odd pick-ups around the house, and then just kicked back and read or did nothing! to the above: I am in the process, literally, of changing to another blog site on the web. Much work, muchmuchmuchmuch more education on my part needs to be done, BUT....I have established it and made my first test posting. I will be changing it around, adding things, and learning how to post pictures. I also believe that it will be possible to import to the new blog site all of my 6300 posts from here, and hopefully all of the pictures. The header picture I used is just a standard issue and I will be changing that soon, I hope!!!

If you wish to go there, the address is: I am getting excited about it, but never fear......I will NOT leave you out in the cold not knowing where I have slipped away, I will continue to post on here, until I get this site firmly established and all changes made. The LAST post on here will direct everyone to the new site......but, that may be a few days, or even more than that. Soooo, stay tuned.......

OK....this afternoon I did receive an email from Jeremy and Anne-marie....and they were in Hanoi, Vietnam!!!! Here is their email from today/tomorrow, depending on the date line:

"We made to Hanoi after 28 long hours of travel. Landed in Vietnam at 10:30pm local time, which is 9:30am Central Time.

Plane ride was super long. 14 hours to Seoul and another 5 hours to Hanoi...after a two hour flight to Atlanta. Ate about five airplane meals...rice and chicken...bean curd...and bibim bop. It all sucked pretty bad.

South Korean Airlines rocks. Beautiful Korean ladies dolled up in classy outfits.

We had a bulldog for dinner and it sure was delicious.

Got our hotel for super cheap. Went out for $1 beers at a little place this evening, ignoring the Communist curfew. Was fun. Met a wild old Australian man and a few Brits who were hanging out.

Super tired. We are going to bed now.

Will email again in the next few days.


jay and anne-marie"

Soooo, they made it without a hitch to the other side of the world and seem to be getting their "boots on the ground" over there. I am soooo insanely jealous!!!! is their trip and it will be an adventure they will never forget!!!!

And soooo, as always.......

LIFE IS JUST REALLY AMAZINGLY GREAT!!!!!!.....And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!!

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glenandgayla said...

I can certainly remember my flight to SOUTH Vietnam; January 1969. It IS a long flight. I have some interst in a visit to the area in the south --- maybe later.

Glen Hickey